Neighborhood Names Beginning with the Letter H

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  1. H Street Corridor, City of Washington, DC
  2. Haaf Farms, Violet Twp, OH
  3. Haarig Commercial Historic District, Cape Girardeau City, MO
  4. Habersham Grove, Cumming City, GA
  5. Haddam Center Historic District, Haddam Town, CT
  6. Haddon Hills, Haddon Twp, NJ
  7. Haddonfield Historic District, Haddonfield Boro, NJ
  8. Hadley, Perry Twp, PA
  9. Hadlyme Ferry Historic District, Lyme Town, CT
  10. Hadlyme North Historic District, East Haddam Town, CT
  11. Hagamans Mills, Amsterdam Town, NY
  12. Hagersville, East Rockhill Twp, PA
  13. Hague, Hague Town, NY
  14. Haight Village Historic District, Rockford City, IL
  15. Haines Acres, Springettsbury Twp, PA
  16. Hainesport Chase, Hainesport Twp, NJ
  17. Halcottsville, Middletown Town, NY
  18. Halcyon Place Historic District, Yonkers City, NY
  19. Halfmoon Gardens, Halfmoon Town, NY
  20. Halifax Historic District, Halifax Town, NC
  21. Hall Development, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  22. Hall of Waters Historic District, Excelsior Springs City, MO
  23. Hall Street Historic District, St Joseph City, MO
  24. Halletts Woods, Upper Mount Bethel Twp, PA
  25. Hallowell, Horsham Twp, PA
  26. Halpine Estates, New Milford Town, CT
  27. Halsey Farm, Tewksbury Twp, NJ
  28. Halve Maen Manor North, Halfmoon Town, NY
  29. Halve Maen Manor South, Halfmoon Town, NY
  30. Hamburg Bridge Historic District, Lyme Town, CT
  31. Hamburg Historic District, Davenport City, IA
  32. Hamilton Acres, Zebulon Town, NC
  33. Hamilton Court, Trappe Boro, PA
  34. Hamilton Crossing, Florence Twp, NJ
  35. Hamilton Lakes, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  36. Hamilton Meadows, Columbus City, OH
  37. Hamilton Park, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  38. Hamilton Park Estates, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  39. Hamilton Springs, Louisville City, KY
  40. Hamilton Village Historic District, Hamilton Village, NY
  41. Hamilton Woods, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  42. Hamilton Woods, West Goshen Twp, PA
  43. Hamlet, Limerick Twp, PA
  44. Hamlet at Village Shires, Northampton Twp, PA
  45. Hamlet in the Park, Morrisville Town, NC
  46. Hamlet of Warrensburg Historic District, Warrensburg Town, NY
  47. Hamlin Park Historic District, Buffalo City, NY
  48. Hammersmith Farm, Warrington Twp, PA
  49. Hammersmyth Farms, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  50. Hammond Heights, Deptford Twp, NJ
  51. Hamnett Historic District, Wilkinsburg Boro, PA
  52. Hamorton Historic District, Kennett Twp, PA
  53. Hamorton Woods, Kennett Twp, PA
  54. Hampden Cove, Swansea Town, MA
  55. Hampden Heights, Reading City, PA
  56. Hampden Station, Hampden Twp, PA
  57. Hampshire at Haverford, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  58. Hampshire Woods, Cranberry Twp, PA
  59. Hampton Bridge, Middletown Twp, PA
  60. Hampton Chase, Warwick Twp, PA
  61. Hampton Crossing, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  62. Hampton Estates, Northampton Twp, PA
  63. Hampton Farms, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  64. Hampton Green, Matthews Town, NC
  65. Hampton Green, Montgomery Twp, PA
  66. Hampton Greens, Warrington Twp, PA
  67. Hampton Hill Historic District, Hampton Town, CT
  68. Hampton Hills, Ewing Twp, NJ
  69. Hampton Hills, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  70. Hampton Hills, Northampton Twp, PA
  71. Hampton Lakes, Southampton Twp, NJ
  72. Hampton Moore, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  73. Hampton Place, Greenfield City, IN
  74. Hampton Pointe, Rolesville Town, NC
  75. Hampton Pointe Estates, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  76. Hampton Ridge, Logan Twp, NJ
  77. Hampton Terrace Historic District, Tampa City, FL
  78. Hampton Village, Granby Town, CT
  79. Hampton Woods, Northampton Twp, PA
  80. Hampton-Pinckney Historic District, Greenville City, SC
  81. Hamptons, Harrison Twp, NJ
  82. Hamptontowne, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  83. Hancock Historic District, Lawrence City, KS
  84. Hancock Hollow, Burlington Twp, NJ
  85. Hancock Village Historic District, Hancock Town, NH
  86. Hand-Hale Historic District, Elizabethtown Town, NY
  87. Handels, Youngstown City, OH
  88. Hanger Hill Historic District, Little Rock City, AR
  89. Hanover at Breton Bay, Leonardtown Town, MD
  90. Hanover Estates, New Hanover Twp, NJ
  91. Hanover Greene, New Hanover Twp, PA
  92. Hanover Heights Neighborhood Historic District, Kansas City, KS
  93. Hanover Hills, North Hanover Twp, NJ
  94. Hanover Historic District, Hanover Boro, PA
  95. Hanover Hunt, Pennsbury Twp, PA
  96. Hanover Place, Indian Land, SC
  97. Hanover Pointe, New Hanover Twp, PA
  98. Hanover Square, Pottstown Boro, PA
  99. Hanover Square Historic District, Horseheads Village, NY
  100. Hanover Village Historic District, East Hanover Twp, NJ
  101. Hansen Court, Narberth Boro, PA
  102. Harbin Oaks, Dacula City, GA
  103. Harbor Lane-Eden Street Historic District, Bar Harbor Town, ME
  104. Harbor Oaks Residential District, Clearwater City, FL
  105. Harbor Road Historic District, Huntington Town, NY
  106. Harborside Lofts, Hoboken City, NJ
  107. Harbortown Condos, Prospect City, KY
  108. Hardin Residential Historic District, Hardin City, MT
  109. Hare Glen, Gordonsville Town, VA
  110. Harker Village, West Deptford Twp, NJ
  111. Harlan Park, Rockwall City, TX
  112. Harley Glen, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  113. Harleysville, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  114. Harmann Estates, Bridgeton City, MO
  115. Harmony Acres, East Greenwich Twp, NJ
  116. Harmony Estates, East Greenwich Twp, NJ
  117. Harmony Hill, York Twp, PA
  118. Harmony Hills, West Grove Boro, PA
  119. Harmony Historic District, Harmony Boro, PA
  120. Harmony Meadows, Cheyenne City, WY
  121. Harmony Meadows, Marengo City, IL
  122. Harmony Mills Historic District, Cohoes City, NY
  123. Harmony Towne, Skippack Twp, PA
  124. Harmonyville, Warwick Twp, PA
  125. Harpers Crossing Apartments, Middletown Twp, PA
  126. Harriman, Bristol Boro, PA
  127. Harrington Meadows, Raleigh City, NC
  128. Harrington Village, Franconia Twp, PA
  129. Harrison Boulevard Historic District, Boise City, ID
  130. Harrison Estate, Newtown Twp, PA
  131. Harrison Estates, Harrison Twp, NJ
  132. Harrison Hill Historic District, Fort Wayne City, IN
  133. Harrison Meadows, Harrison Twp, NJ
  134. Harrisonville Mobile Home Park, South Harrison Twp, NJ
  135. Harrisville Historic District, Harrisville Town, WV
  136. Harriton Farm, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  137. Harriton Farm, Skippack Twp, PA
  138. Harrods Crossing, Crestwood City, KY
  139. Harrods Glen, Prospect City, KY
  140. Harrogate, New Garden Twp, PA
  141. Harrogate North, New Garden Twp, PA
  142. Harrow, Nockamixon Twp, PA
  143. Harrowgate, Tabernacle Twp, NJ
  144. Hart Run, Hatfield Twp, PA
  145. Hartefeld, New Garden Twp, PA
  146. Hartfield, Chautauqua Town, NY
  147. Hartfield Estates, Shiloh Village, IL
  148. Hartford Woods, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  149. Hartman Crossing, Shiloh Village, IL
  150. Harts Corner Historic District, Burlington Town, CT
  151. Hartsville, Warwick Twp, PA
  152. Hartsville Manor, Warwick Twp, PA
  153. Hartsville Park, Warminster Twp, PA
  154. Harvard-Belmont Historic District, Seattle City, WA
  155. Harvest Acres, Northampton Twp, PA
  156. Harvest Estates, West Lampeter Twp, PA
  157. Harvest Hills, Henrietta Town, NY
  158. Harvest Run, Bensalem Twp, PA
  159. Harvest Run West, Bensalem Twp, PA
  160. Harvey Run, Chadds Ford Twp, PA
  161. Harwinton Heights, Harwinton Town, CT
  162. Harwinton Village, Harwinton Town, CT
  163. Hastings Ferry, Jonesboro City, GA
  164. Hastings Hill Historic District, Suffield Town, CT
  165. Hatboro Station, Hatboro Boro, PA
  166. Hatchery Brook, Berlin Town, CT
  167. Hattertown Historic District, Newtown Town, CT
  168. Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood District, Hattiesburg City, MS
  169. Havavue, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  170. Haven Hills, Guilderland Town, NY
  171. Haven Ridge, Whitehall Twp, PA
  172. Havenridge, Kaufman City, TX
  173. Havenstone, New London Twp, PA
  174. Havenwood, Cranberry Twp, PA
  175. Haverfield, East Vincent Twp, PA
  176. Haverford Hill, Haverford Twp, PA
  177. Haverford Place, Hoffman Estates Village, IL
  178. Haverford Reserve, Haverford Twp, PA
  179. Haverford Towers, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  180. Haverford Village, Haverford Twp, PA
  181. Haverford Walk, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  182. Haverhill, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  183. Haverhill Corner Historic District, Haverhill Town, NH
  184. Haverwood, Haverford Twp, PA
  185. Haverwood Townhomes, Haverford Twp, PA
  186. Hawk Ridge, Buckingham Twp, PA
  187. Hawkins Avenue Historic District, Sanford City, NC
  188. Hawley-Green Street Historic District, Syracuse City, NY
  189. Hawthorne, Raleigh City, NC
  190. Hawthorne Estates, New Hanover Twp, PA
  191. Hawthorne Historic District, Huntington City, WV
  192. Hawthorne Lane, West Brandywine Twp, PA
  193. Hawthorne Park, Willingboro Twp, NJ
  194. Hawthorne Ridge, Lancaster Twp, PA
  195. Hayes Barton Historic District, Raleigh City, NC
  196. Hayes Colony, Delaware City, OH
  197. Hayesville, Lower Oxford Twp, PA
  198. Haymarket Square, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  199. Haymount Historic District, Fayetteville City, NC
  200. Hayner Heights, Halfmoon Town, NY
  201. Haynersville, Brunswick Town, NY
  202. Hayti, Valley Twp, PA
  203. Hayverhill at Medford, Medford Twp, NJ
  204. Hazelwood Farms, Cranberry Twp, PA
  205. Heacock Meadows, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  206. Headley Manor, Bristol Twp, PA
  207. Headley Trace, Newtown Twp, PA
  208. Headwater Village, Medford Twp, NJ
  209. Hearthstone, Buckingham Twp, PA
  210. Hearthstone, Evesham Twp, NJ
  211. Hearthstone, Franklin Twp, NJ
  212. Hearthstone, Pemberton Boro, NJ
  213. Hearthstone at Wedgewood, Winslow Twp, NJ
  214. Hearthstone at West Bristol, Bristol Twp, PA
  215. Hearthstone Village, Colonie Town, NY
  216. Hearthwood, Concord City, NC
  217. Heartsease, Birmingham Twp, PA
  218. Heather Bush, Shamong Twp, NJ
  219. Heather Estates, New Hanover Twp, PA
  220. Heather Fields, East Nottingham Twp, PA
  221. Heather Glen, Bensalem Twp, PA
  222. Heather Glen, East Coventry Twp, PA
  223. Heather Glen, Limerick Twp, PA
  224. Heather Grove, West Grove Boro, PA
  225. Heather Heights, Waukegan City, IL
  226. Heather Hills, Decatur City, IL
  227. Heather Hills, Delaware City, OH
  228. Heather Hills, Franklin Twp, PA
  229. Heather Hills, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  230. Heather Knoll, Montgomery Twp, PA
  231. Heather Knoll, Muhlenberg Twp, PA
  232. Heather Lea, Montgomery Twp, PA
  233. Heather Meadows, Hatfield Boro, PA
  234. Heather Ridge, Garner Town, NC
  235. Heather Ridge, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  236. Heather Ridge, Montgomery Twp, PA
  237. Heather Springs, Garner Town, NC
  238. Heather Valley, Richland Twp, PA
  239. Heather Valley at Village Shires, Northampton Twp, PA
  240. Heather View, Trappe Boro, PA
  241. Heather Woods, Garner Town, NC
  242. Heather Woods, Lockport Town, NY
  243. Heather Wynd East, East Brandywine Twp, PA
  244. Heatherfield, Franconia Twp, PA
  245. Heatherfield, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  246. Heathergate, Mint Hill Town, NC
  247. Heatherleigh, Buckingham Twp, PA
  248. Heathermere, Winslow Twp, NJ
  249. Heatherstone, Hayden City, ID
  250. Heatherton Estates, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  251. Heatherton Heights, Davenport City, IA
  252. Heatherwood, McKinney City, TX
  253. Heatherwood, Washington Twp, NJ
  254. Heatherwood Estates, East Norriton Twp, PA
  255. Heathrow, Evesham Twp, NJ
  256. Heatons Mill, Middletown Twp, PA
  257. Hebron Center Historic District, Hebron Town, CT
  258. Hebron Meadows Historic District, Evansville City, IN
  259. Hebron Village Historic District, Hebron Town, NH
  260. Hecktown, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  261. Hedding, Mansfield Twp, NJ
  262. Heddington, Bristol Twp, PA
  263. Hedgerow Woods, Falls Twp, PA
  264. Heilbron, Middletown Twp, PA
  265. Helentown Historic District, Covington City, KY
  266. Hemingway Estates, Alexandria Twp, NJ
  267. Hemlock Brook Estates, Williamstown Town, MA
  268. Hempstead Historic District, New London City, CT
  269. Henley, Washington Twp, NJ
  270. Henry Albertson Historic District, Lansdowne Boro, PA
  271. Henry Barnard House, Hartford City, CT
  272. Henrys Run, Middletown Twp, PA
  273. Hensley Historic District, San Jose City, CA
  274. Hephzibah, East Fallowfield Twp, PA
  275. Hereford, Hereford Twp, PA
  276. Heritage, Deptford Twp, NJ
  277. Heritage at Chesterfield, Chesterfield Twp, NJ
  278. Heritage at Parke Farm, East Bradford Twp, PA
  279. Heritage Center, Buckingham Twp, PA
  280. Heritage Club, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  281. Heritage Creek, Warwick Twp, PA
  282. Heritage Creek Estates, Warwick Twp, PA
  283. Heritage Crossing, Ewing Twp, NJ
  284. Heritage Estates, Baton Rouge City, LA
  285. Heritage Farms, Garner Town, NC
  286. Heritage Farms, Springfield Twp, PA
  287. Heritage Glen, Alamance Village, NC
  288. Heritage Green, Upper Freehold Twp, NJ
  289. Heritage Heights, Rockwall City, TX
  290. Heritage Hill Historic District, Grand Rapids City, MI
  291. Heritage Hills, Somers Town, NY
  292. Heritage Hills, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  293. Heritage Hills Historic District, Oklahoma City, OK
  294. Heritage Hunt, Gainesville, VA
  295. Heritage Hunt, Skippack Twp, PA
  296. Heritage in the Hills, Auburn Hills City, MI
  297. Heritage Oaks, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  298. Heritage Park, Trappe Boro, PA
  299. Heritage Pines, Cary Town, NC
  300. Heritage Place, Burlington Twp, NJ
  301. Heritage Place, East Pikeland Twp, PA
  302. Heritage Place, Muhlenberg Twp, PA
  303. Heritage Place, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  304. Heritage Place at Village Shires, Northampton Twp, PA
  305. Heritage Point, Barnegat Twp, NJ
  306. Heritage Ridge, Limerick Twp, PA
  307. Heritage Strasburg, Strasburg Boro, PA
  308. Heritage Valley, Valparaiso City, IN
  309. Heritage Valley, Washington Twp, NJ
  310. Heritage Village, Evesham Twp, NJ
  311. Heritage Village, Gibbsboro Boro, NJ
  312. Heritage Village, Worcester Twp, PA
  313. Heritage Walk, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  314. Heritage Woods, Deptford Twp, NJ
  315. Heritage Woods, Skippack Twp, PA
  316. Heritage Woods, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  317. Hermitage, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  318. Hermitage, Solebury Twp, PA
  319. Hermitage, Voorhees Twp, NJ
  320. Hermitage Road Historic District, Richmond City, VA
  321. Hernando Commerce Street Historic District, Hernando City, MS
  322. Hernando Courthouse Square Historic District, Hernando City, MS
  323. Hernando North Side Historic District, Hernando City, MS
  324. Hernando South Side Historic District, Hernando City, MS
  325. Heron Hill, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  326. Heron Pointe, Evesham Twp, NJ
  327. Heron Watch, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  328. Herron-Morton Place Historic District, Indianapolis City, IN
  329. Hershey, Derry Twp, PA
  330. Hersheys Mill, East Goshen Twp, PA
  331. Hersheys Mill Estates, East Goshen Twp, PA
  332. Hertford Historic District, Hertford Town, NC
  333. Hertfordshire Way, Victor Town, NY
  334. Hess Mill Run, Franklin Twp, PA
  335. Hess Park, Decatur City, IL
  336. Heyser Estates, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  337. Hi Bug Historic District, Red Lodge City, MT
  338. Hibernia Ridge, West Caln Twp, PA
  339. Hickman Creek Pointe, Nicholasville City, KY
  340. Hickory Acres, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  341. Hickory Estates, Papillion City, NE
  342. Hickory Estates, Plymouth Twp, PA
  343. Hickory Hill, East Nantmeal Twp, PA
  344. Hickory Hill, Muhlenberg Twp, PA
  345. Hickory Hill, Papillion City, NE
  346. Hickory Hill Estates, Ewing Twp, NJ
  347. Hickory Hills, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  348. Hickory Hills, Moore Twp, PA
  349. Hickory Hills Estates, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  350. Hickory Hollow, Warrington Twp, PA
  351. Hickory Knoll, Delaware City, OH
  352. Hickory Ridge, Oneonta City, AL
  353. Hickory Ridge, Rockwall City, TX
  354. Hickory Ridge, Sellersville Boro, PA
  355. Hickory Ridge, South Harrison Twp, NJ
  356. Hickory Ridge, Warrington Twp, PA
  357. Hickory Street District, St Louis City, MO
  358. Hickory Tree Estates, Upper Salford Twp, PA
  359. Hickoryvale, New Albany City, IN
  360. Hicksville, Kiskiminetas Twp, PA
  361. Hidden Acres, Bordentown Twp, NJ
  362. Hidden Acres, Dover City, DE
  363. Hidden Acres, Tabernacle Twp, NJ
  364. Hidden Cove, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  365. Hidden Cove Estates, Northampton Twp, PA
  366. Hidden Creek, Bethel Twp, PA
  367. Hidden Creek, Horsham Twp, PA
  368. Hidden Creek, Logan Twp, NJ
  369. Hidden Creek, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  370. Hidden Creek, Northampton Twp, PA
  371. Hidden Crest, Clifton Park Town, NY
  372. Hidden Falls, Buford City, GA
  373. Hidden Farm, Caernarvon Twp, PA
  374. Hidden Forest, Caln Twp, PA
  375. Hidden Forest, Skippack Twp, PA
  376. Hidden Glen, Skippack Twp, PA
  377. Hidden Glen, Waukegan City, IL
  378. Hidden Hill, Lawrence Twp, NJ
  379. Hidden Hills, Port Washington City, WI
  380. Hidden Hollow, West Goshen Twp, PA
  381. Hidden Lake, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  382. Hidden Lake Estates, Newtown Twp, PA
  383. Hidden Lake Village, Burlington Twp, NJ
  384. Hidden Lakes, Washington Twp, NJ
  385. Hidden Meadow, Horsham Twp, PA
  386. Hidden Meadows, Northampton Twp, PA
  387. Hidden Meadows, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  388. Hidden Mill Estates, Gloucester Twp, NJ
  389. Hidden Oaks, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  390. Hidden Oaks, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  391. Hidden Pines, Northampton Twp, PA
  392. Hidden Pond, Richland Twp, PA
  393. Hidden Pond, Warwick Twp, PA
  394. Hidden Pond, West Vincent Twp, PA
  395. Hidden River, Sarasota City, FL
  396. Hidden Springs, Horsham Twp, PA
  397. Hidden Springs Mobile Home Park, Franconia Twp, PA
  398. Hidden Valley, Bensalem Twp, PA
  399. Hidden Valley, Bethel Twp, PA
  400. Hidden Valley, Solebury Twp, PA
  401. Hidden Valley, West Rockhill Twp, PA
  402. Hidden Valley Farm, Franklin Twp, PA
  403. Hidden Valley Farm, West Bradford Twp, PA
  404. Hidden Valley Farms, Davenport City, IA
  405. Hidden Woods, Gibbsboro Boro, NJ
  406. Hideaway Acres, East Allen Twp, PA
  407. Hideaway Haven, Doylestown Twp, PA
  408. Hideaway Hills, Horsham Twp, PA
  409. Higgins Farm, Delaware Twp, NJ
  410. High and Locust Streets Historic District, Lockport City, NY
  411. High Falls Historic District, Marbletown Town, NY
  412. High Gate, Whitpain Twp, PA
  413. High Grove, Warrington Twp, PA
  414. High Hill Estates, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  415. High Hill Farms, Logan Twp, NJ
  416. High Meadow, Middletown Twp, PA
  417. High Meadow, Naperville City, IL
  418. High Meadow, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  419. High Meadows, Harrison Twp, NJ
  420. High Point, Westtown Twp, PA
  421. High Pointe, Harrison Twp, NJ
  422. High Pointe at Hopewell, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  423. High Pointe Estates, Lower Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  424. High Pointe Estates, Winslow Twp, NJ
  425. High Ridge, Chadds Ford Twp, PA
  426. High Street Historic District, Burlington City, NJ
  427. High Street Historic District, Pottstown Boro, PA
  428. High Valley Lake Estates, Shiloh Village, IL
  429. High View at Hunt Valley, Cockeysville, MD
  430. Highbridge, Medford Twp, NJ
  431. Highfield, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  432. Highfields, Williams Twp, PA
  433. Highgate, Horsham Twp, PA
  434. Highgate, Warrington Twp, PA
  435. Highgrove, Aston Twp, PA
  436. Highland, Denver City, CO
  437. Highland Acres Historic District, Bismarck City, ND
  438. Highland Creek, Buford City, GA
  439. Highland Estates, Gloucester Twp, NJ
  440. Highland Estates, Greenwich Twp, PA
  441. Highland Farm, East Bradford Twp, PA
  442. Highland Farms, Abington Twp, PA
  443. Highland Farms, Northampton Twp, PA
  444. Highland Farms, Tewksbury Twp, NJ
  445. Highland Gate, Middletown Twp, PA
  446. Highland Glen, New Garden Twp, PA
  447. Highland Heights, Moore Twp, PA
  448. Highland Historic District, Middletown City, CT
  449. Highland Historic District, Waterloo City, IA
  450. Highland House, Wilmington City, DE
  451. Highland Manor, Tuscaloosa City, AL
  452. Highland Meadow, Coppell City, TX
  453. Highland Oaks, Coppell City, TX
  454. Highland Park, Bartlesville City, OK
  455. Highland Park, Birmingham City, AL
  456. Highland Park, Black Forest, CO
  457. Highland Park, Brentwood City, TN
  458. Highland Park, Brooklyn Boro, NY
  459. Highland Park, Chattanooga City, TN
  460. Highland Park, Columbia City, MO
  461. Highland Park, Columbia City, SC
  462. Highland Park, Decatur City, GA
  463. Highland Park, Des Moines City, IA
  464. Highland Park, Doylestown Twp, PA
  465. Highland Park, Gloucester City, NJ
  466. Highland Park, Grand Rapids City, MI
  467. Highland Park, Greensboro City, NC
  468. Highland Park, Holyoke City, MA
  469. Highland Park, Hopkinton Town, MA
  470. Highland Park, Johns Creek City, GA
  471. Highland Park, Los Angeles City, CA
  472. Highland Park, Marietta City, GA
  473. Highland Park, Middletown Twp, PA
  474. Highland Park, Mobile City, AL
  475. Highland Park, Montgomery City, AL
  476. Highland Park, Morrisville Boro, PA
  477. Highland Park, Murfreesboro City, TN
  478. Highland Park, Norfolk City, VA
  479. Highland Park, Oakland City, CA
  480. Highland Park, Omaha City, NE
  481. Highland Park, Pittsburgh City, PA
  482. Highland Park, Rochester City, NY
  483. Highland Park, Saint Paul City, MN
  484. Highland Park, San Antonio City, TX
  485. Highland Park, Tulsa City, OK
  486. Highland Park, Upper Darby Twp, PA
  487. Highland Park Estates, Olathe City, KS
  488. Highland Park Historic District, Lafayette City, IN
  489. Highland Park Historic District, Rock Island City, IL
  490. Highland Park Historic District, Salt Lake City, UT
  491. Highland Park Historic District, Saranac Lake Village, NY
  492. Highland Park Historic District, Wheeling City, WV
  493. Highland Park Plaza Historic District, Richmond City, VA
  494. Highland Park-Scottish Village Historic District, Denver City, CO
  495. Highland Pines, Middletown Twp, PA
  496. Highland Pointe, East Brandywine Twp, PA
  497. Highland Road Historic District, South Hampton Town, NH
  498. Highland Terrace, Perkasie Boro, PA
  499. Highland View, Northampton Twp, PA
  500. Highland Village, Cranberry Twp, PA
  501. Highland Woods, Chapel Hill Town, NC
  502. Highlands, Bonaire, GA
  503. Highlands, Chester Heights Boro, PA
  504. Highlands, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  505. Highlands, Holyoke City, MA
  506. Highlands, Longview City, WA
  507. Highlands, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  508. Highlands, Upper Moreland Twp, PA
  509. Highlands, West Bradford Twp, PA
  510. Highlands at Hanover, New Hanover Twp, PA
  511. Highlands at Millview, Coatesville City, PA
  512. Highlands Historic District, Louisville City, KY
  513. Highlands of Glenmoor, Palmer Twp, PA
  514. Highlands of North Creek, Southaven City, MS
  515. Highlands-Rosetree, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  516. Highlon, Buckingham Twp, PA
  517. Highpointe at Providence, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  518. Highspire, East Goshen Twp, PA
  519. Highspire, Northampton Twp, PA
  520. Highspire Estates, Wallace Twp, PA
  521. Highspire Hills, Wallace Twp, PA
  522. Highview, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  523. Highview at Montgomery, Montgomery Twp, PA
  524. Highview Estates, Taylorsville City, KY
  525. Highwood Village, Guilderland Town, NY
  526. Hill Crest, Middletown Twp, PA
  527. Hill Haven, Newtown Twp, PA
  528. Hill Historic District, Huntington Woods City, MI
  529. Hill House, Abington Twp, PA
  530. Hill View, Plymouth Twp, PA
  531. Hill-Grainger Historic District, Kinston City, NC
  532. Hillandale, Garner Town, NC
  533. Hillary Heights, Chili Town, NY
  534. Hillbrook Farms, Honey Brook Twp, PA
  535. Hillcrest, Boise City, ID
  536. Hillcrest, Chapel Hill Town, NC
  537. Hillcrest, Prospect City, KY
  538. Hillcrest Estates, Portland Boro, PA
  539. Hillcrest Estates, Washington Twp, NJ
  540. Hillcrest Farms, Northampton Twp, PA
  541. Hillcrest Glen, Plymouth Twp, PA
  542. Hillcrest Heights, Macungie Boro, PA
  543. Hillcrest Hunt, Milford Twp, PA
  544. Hillcrest Manor, Macungie Boro, PA
  545. Hillcrest Meadows, Worcester Twp, PA
  546. Hillcrestshire, Northampton Twp, PA
  547. Hilldale, Hilltown Twp, PA
  548. Hillendale, Skippack Twp, PA
  549. Hillgate, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  550. Hillhouse Avenue Historic District, New Haven City, CT
  551. Hillhurst, Pennsbury Twp, PA
  552. Hills and Dales Historic District, West Lafayette City, IN
  553. Hills at Bethel, Bethel Twp, PA
  554. Hills at Hunterdon, West Amwell Twp, NJ
  555. Hills at Northampton, Northampton Twp, PA
  556. Hills at Rivington, Danbury City, CT
  557. Hills of Bryn Mawr, Radnor Twp, PA
  558. Hills of Sullivan, London Grove Twp, PA
  559. Hills Over Pratts Dam, West Brandywine Twp, PA
  560. Hillsboro, Orchard Park Town, NY
  561. Hillsborough Historic District, Hillsborough Town, NC
  562. Hillsdale Farm, East Bradford Twp, PA
  563. Hillside, Colorado Springs City, CO
  564. Hillside Acres, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  565. Hillside Avenue Historic District, Plainfield City, NJ
  566. Hillside Drive, East Hanover Twp, NJ
  567. Hillside Estates, Foley City, AL
  568. Hillside Estates, Perkasie Boro, PA
  569. Hillside Estates, Weisenberg Twp, PA
  570. Hillside Farms, Haddonfield Boro, NJ
  571. Hillside Historic District, Waterbury City, CT
  572. Hillside Manor, Northampton Twp, PA
  573. Hillside Manor, Parkesburg Boro, PA
  574. Hillside Terrace, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  575. Hillside Terrace, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  576. Hillside Village, New Britain Boro, PA
  577. Hillside Village, Newtown Twp, PA
  578. Hilltop, Bordentown City, NJ
  579. Hilltop, Brookhaven Boro, PA
  580. Hilltop, Doylestown Boro, PA
  581. Hilltop, Senatobia City, MS
  582. Hilltop, Wilmington City, DE
  583. Hilltop at Falls Ridge, Philadelphia City, PA
  584. Hilltop Estates, Upper Moreland Twp, PA
  585. Hilltop Historic District, Lafayette City, IN
  586. Hilltown, Hilltown Twp, PA
  587. Hilltown Chase, Hilltown Twp, PA
  588. Hilltown Hunt, Hilltown Twp, PA
  589. Hilltown Ridge, Hilltown Twp, PA
  590. Hilltown Walk, Hilltown Twp, PA
  591. Hilltown Woods, Hilltown Twp, PA
  592. Hillview, Valley Twp, PA
  593. Hillwood Manor, Ewing Twp, NJ
  594. Hillwood Terrace, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  595. Hilton Hills, Moore Twp, PA
  596. Hilton Village Historic District, Newport News City, VA
  597. Hiltonia, Trenton City, NJ
  598. Hinkletown, Plumstead Twp, PA
  599. Hobo Hill Historic District, Jefferson City, MO
  600. Hockey Drive, Mansfield Twp, NJ
  601. Hogestown, Silver Spring Twp, PA
  602. Holicong, Buckingham Twp, PA
  603. Holiday Farms, Kennett Twp, PA
  604. Holiday Harbour, Canandaigua City, NY
  605. Holiday Hills, Brandywine Hundred, DE
  606. Holiday on the Green, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  607. Holiday Village, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  608. Holiday Village East, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  609. Holland, Northampton Twp, PA
  610. Holland Acres, Northampton Twp, PA
  611. Holland Farms, Northampton Twp, PA
  612. Holland Hills, Manor Twp, PA
  613. Holland Manor, Northampton Twp, PA
  614. Holland Park, Northampton Twp, PA
  615. Holland Preserve, Northampton Twp, PA
  616. Holland Ridge, Northampton Twp, PA
  617. Hollandale, Northampton Twp, PA
  618. Hollandale Apartments, Clifton Park Town, NY
  619. Hollidaysburg Historic District, Hollidaysburg Boro, PA
  620. Hollin Hills Historic District, Arlington, VA
  621. Hollis Hills, Holliston Town, MA
  622. Hollis Hills, Worcester Twp, PA
  623. Hollis Village Historic District, Hollis Town, NH
  624. Hollow Rock, New London Twp, PA
  625. Hollow Run Farm, Charlestown Twp, PA
  626. Holloway Meadows, Bordentown Twp, NJ
  627. Holloway Street Historic District, Durham City, NC
  628. Hollowville, Claverack Town, NY
  629. Holly Avenue Historic District, Winston-Salem City, NC
  630. Holly Bank Circle, Dunwoody City, GA
  631. Holly Brook, Lumberton Twp, NJ
  632. Holly Bush, Shamong Twp, NJ
  633. Holly Dale, New Britain Twp, PA
  634. Holly Farm Estates, Ivyland Boro, PA
  635. Holly Grove, Washington Twp, NJ
  636. Holly Hill, Bristol Twp, PA
  637. Holly Hill, East Norriton Twp, PA
  638. Holly Hill, Upper Dublin Twp, PA
  639. Holly Hill, West Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  640. Holly Hills, Westampton Twp, NJ
  641. Holly House, Media Boro, PA
  642. Holly Manor, Montgomery Twp, PA
  643. Holly Oaks, Farragut Town, TN
  644. Holly Park, Tabernacle Twp, NJ
  645. Holly Ridge, Charlotte City, NC
  646. Holly Springs Courthouse Square Historic District, Holly Springs City, MS
  647. Holly Trail, Chester, VA
  648. Holly Tree, Chadds Ford Twp, PA
  649. Holly Tree, Simpsonville City, SC
  650. Hollybrook, Newtown Twp, PA
  651. Hollybrook Estates, South Harrison Twp, NJ
  652. Hollybrooke, Middletown Twp, PA
  653. Hollybush, Ontario Town, NY
  654. Hollywood, Abington Twp, PA
  655. Hollywood, Erie City, PA
  656. Holmes-Foster-Highlands Historic District, State College Boro, PA
  657. Holston Avenue Neighborhood Historic District, Bristol City, TN
  658. Holtz, Windsor Twp, PA
  659. Holy Family Catholic Church Historic District, Natchez City, MS
  660. Home Acres, Brighton Town, NY
  661. Home Towne Square, Clay Twp, PA
  662. Homestead, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  663. Homestead, Mansfield Twp, NJ
  664. Homestead at Old Jefferson, Baton Rouge City, LA
  665. Homestead-Horton Neighborhood Historic District, Brattleboro Town, VT
  666. Homeville, Upper Oxford Twp, PA
  667. Homewood Hills, Athens City, GA
  668. Honeoye Falls Village Historic District, Honeoye Falls Village, NY
  669. Honesdale Residential Historic District, Honesdale Boro, PA
  670. Honey Brook Village, Honey Brook Boro, PA
  671. Honey Hollow, Solebury Twp, PA
  672. Honeycroft Village, Londonderry Twp, PA
  673. Hook Mountain Estates, Clinton Twp, NJ
  674. Hoosick Falls Historic District, Hoosick Falls Village, NY
  675. Hoot Owl Estates, Medford Twp, NJ
  676. Hope Mills, Findley Twp, PA
  677. Hopewell, East Brandywine Twp, PA
  678. Hopewell, East Nottingham Twp, PA
  679. Hopewell Grant, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  680. Hopewell Hunt, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  681. Hopewell Ridge, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  682. Hopkins House, Lockport City, NY
  683. Hopkinton Highlands, Hopkinton Town, MA
  684. Hoppenville, Marlborough Twp, PA
  685. Horace Mann Historic District, Gary City, IN
  686. Horizons at Woodlake Greens, Lakewood Twp, NJ
  687. Horse Country Hill, East Fallowfield Twp, PA
  688. Horseshoe Drive, Upper Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  689. Horseshoe Farm, West Vincent Twp, PA
  690. Horseshoe Pond, Erie City, PA
  691. Horseshoe Run, Harrison Twp, NJ
  692. Horsham, Horsham Twp, PA
  693. Horsham Chase, Horsham Twp, PA
  694. Horsham Glen, Horsham Twp, PA
  695. Horshamtowne, Horsham Twp, PA
  696. Hortons Creek, Cary Town, NC
  697. Hotchkissville Historic District, Woodbury Town, CT
  698. Houcks Corners, Bethlehem Town, NY
  699. Houghs Neck, Quincy City, MA
  700. Houndstooth, Medford Twp, NJ
  701. Howard Avenue Historic District, New Haven City, CT
  702. Howe Place, Noblesville City, IN
  703. Howell Farms, Acworth City, GA
  704. Howellville, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  705. Hubbardsville, Hamilton Town, NY
  706. Hudson Falls Historic District, Hudson Falls Village, NY
  707. Hudson Historic District, Hudson City, NY
  708. Hudson Meadows, Hudson City, WI
  709. Hudson Tea, Hoboken City, NJ
  710. Hughsonville, Wappinger Town, NY
  711. Huguenot Street Historic District, New Paltz Village, NY
  712. Hulmeville Terrace, Hulmeville Boro, PA
  713. Humboldt Street Historic District, Denver City, CO
  714. Hummingbird Farm, Westtown Twp, PA
  715. Hummingbird Hill, Reading City, PA
  716. Hunington Chase, Madison City, AL
  717. Hunt Club, Washington Twp, NJ
  718. Hunt Club Estates, Frankfort Village, IL
  719. Hunt Country, East Goshen Twp, PA
  720. Hunt Field, West Nantmeal Twp, PA
  721. Hunt Manor, Atglen Boro, PA
  722. Hunter Crest, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  723. Hunter House, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  724. Hunter Ridge, Skippack Twp, PA
  725. Hunter Villa, Towamencin Twp, PA
  726. Hunters Chase, Washington Twp, NJ
  727. Hunters Creek, Concord Twp, PA
  728. Hunters Creek, Cranberry Twp, PA
  729. Hunters Creek, Harrison Twp, NJ
  730. Hunters Crossing, Buckingham Twp, PA
  731. Hunters Crossing, Franklin Twp, PA
  732. Hunters Crossing, Madison City, AL
  733. Hunters Crossing, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  734. Hunters Crossing, Richland Twp, PA
  735. Hunters Crossing, Shiloh Village, IL
  736. Hunters Gate, Deptford Twp, NJ
  737. Hunters Glen, Buckingham Twp, PA
  738. Hunters Glen, West Brandywine Twp, PA
  739. Hunters Greene, Franconia Twp, PA
  740. Hunters Greene, Zebulon Town, NC
  741. Hunters Pointe, West Nantmeal Twp, PA
  742. Hunters Ridge, Lexington Town, SC
  743. Hunters Ridge, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  744. Hunters Run, Buckingham Twp, PA
  745. Hunters Run, Hatboro Boro, PA
  746. Hunters Run, New Hanover Twp, PA
  747. Hunters Run, Newtown Twp, PA
  748. Hunters Run, North Coventry Twp, PA
  749. Hunters Run, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  750. Hunters Run, Willistown Twp, PA
  751. Hunters Run, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  752. Hunters Woods, Naperville City, IL
  753. Hunters Woods, Upper Chichester Twp, PA
  754. Hunterstown Historic District, Straban Twp, PA
  755. Hunting Hills, Franklin Twp, PA
  756. Hunting Hills, Shelbyville City, KY
  757. Huntingdon Brook, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  758. Huntingdon Hills, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  759. Huntingdon Homes, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  760. Huntingdon Meadows, Northampton Twp, PA
  761. Huntingdon Place, Lower Moreland Twp, PA
  762. Huntingdon Valley, Abington Twp, PA
  763. Huntingdon Valley, Lower Moreland Twp, PA
  764. Huntington, Medford Twp, NJ
  765. Huntington Center Historic District, Shelton City, CT
  766. Huntington Estates, Plainfield Town, CT
  767. Huntington Heights, Mendon Town, NY
  768. Huntington Park, Franklin City, KY
  769. Huntington Ridge, Voorhees Twp, NJ
  770. Hurfville, Washington Twp, NJ
  771. Hurley Historic District, Hurley Town, NY
  772. Hurley Road Historic District, Southbury Town, CT
  773. Hurley Village Stone Houses, Hurley Town, NY
  774. Hurricane Historic District, Hurricane City, UT
  775. Hurstbourne, Louisville City, KY
  776. Hyde Falls, New Garden Twp, PA
  777. Hyde Park, Muhlenberg Twp, PA
  778. Hyde Park Historic District, Austin City, TX
  779. Hyde Park Historic District, Boise City, ID
  780. Hyland Park, Pocatello City, ID
  781. Hyman Heights-Mount Royal Historic District, Hendersonville City, NC
  782. Hynemansville, Weisenberg Twp, PA