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Boise City, Ada County, ID

The Hillcrest Neighborhood is comprised largely of one-story single-family residences and includes 2 elementary schools, 2 city parks, 2 churches, and the historic Hillcrest Country Club. Orchard Street is an important "gateway" for the upper bench that community visitors enter as they drive North on Orchard Street from Interstate 84 to the central area of the city.

Nearly 150 years of transportation, settlement, irrigation, subdivision of lands, and recreation help define the history of the Hillcrest Neighborhood. Stage roads and trolley lines served as transportation routes for people, goods, and services throughout the valley and beyond. Irrigation water supplied from the New York Canal through its numerous laterals made settlement on what was an arid desert above the Boise River Valley possible. Large tracts of the Hillcrest Neighborhood were homesteaded by would-be farmers as well as persons of some notoriety in Boise history only to be subdivided into smaller parcels during the depression.

The earliest settler in this section was Arthur De Witt Foote who purchased 160 acres from the federal Government in January of 1892 in the northeast corner of Section 20. Today this area includes the majority of Hillcrest Country Club, Hillcrest Elementary School, and part of Hillcrest Drive. Foote lived at this location with his wife Mary Hallock Foote, noted author and illustrator. Mary penned the books "Edith Bonham" and "Chosen Valley" at their house at this location. When the Foote's sold their property to Andrew Hervey Eagleson around the turn of the century their house and outbuildings were torn down.

Source: Hillcrest Neighborhood Association, Hillcrest Neighborhood Plan, 2007.

Street Names
Almador Way • Audubon Place • Augusta Street • Bel Air Street • Blodgett Lane West • Boone Avenue • Boone Court West • Broadmoor Drive • Catalina Road • Centerbrook Court • Centerbrook Drive • Challenger Lane South • Chandra Lane West • Cleveland Street • Country Club Drive West • Curtis Circle • Curtis Road South • Dorian Lane West • Eagleson Court South • Eagleson Road South • Elkhorn Avenue West • Encanto Street • Fontaine Street • Garden Street South • Greenbrier Drive • Hayden Way • Hillcrest Drive West • Hillcrest View Court West • Hillcrest View Drive • Hilton Lane South • Hilton Street South • Inglewood Road • Inverness Way • Laurelhurst Drive • Laurelhurst Place South • Little Eagle Court • Loyola Lane • Lynx Avenue • Lynx Place South • Lynx Way • Malad Court • Malad Street • Malibu Road • Meadowbrook Drive • Mercury Court • Meriwether Drive • Naclerio Lane • Normandie Drive • Odle Place • Odle Way • Orchard Street South • Oreana Court • Overland Road West • Owyhee Street South • Pasadena Drive • Pasadena Drive West • Pasadena Lane West • Phillippi Court • Phillippi Street South • Pond Lane South • Pond Street • Pond Street South • Pondcrest Lane West • Quicksilver Street • Roberts Road • Rockney Street • Roosevelt Street South • Saint Andrews Drive • Salmon Lane South • Sarazen Way • Seapines Place • Sheila Lane West • Spaulding Street West • Stanley Lane South • Stanley Street South • Targee Street West • Tuesday Lane • Vardon Way • Victory Road West • Wright Street West • Zola Avenue South