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Wednesday, 06/29/2022

South Wayne Historic District

The South Wayne Historic District (Radnor, PA) — the Wayne Estate was one of the first late Nineteenth century planned suburban developments to spring up along the Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad that was not directly associated with or promoted by the railroad.

Tuesday, 06/28/2022

capital district

New York State's Capital District Regional Planning Commission.

Cape May County Fishing

Cape May County Fishing — New Jersey's Largest Port

home sold

Sold in Warrington Township's Fox Hollow neighborhood by The John McClintock Team, Realtors®.

Huntsville, AL

Number 1 Best Place to Live
Huntsville, Alabama — Once a sleepy farming town, Huntsville gained national recognition during the Space Race of the 1960s and is now consistently among the fastest-growing metro areas in Alabama. [ ]

Monday, 06/27/2022

Markets where homes are selling the quickest []

  1. Manchester, NH
  2. Raleigh, NC
  3. Rochester, NY
  4. Denver, CO
  5. Burlington, VT
  6. Columbus, OH
  7. Nashville, TN
  8. Columbia, MO
  9. Portland, ME
  10. Worester, MA

Saturday, 06/25/2022

Ocgen Central Bench

The Ogden Central Bench Historic District is an 80-block residential area developed between the 1860s and 1940s, By 1887 the Central Bench had started to establish itself as the dominant residential sector in Ogden.

Harrison Boulevard Historic District

The Harrison Boulevard Historic District displays a rich variety of architectural styles with large mansions in Queen Anne, Tudor Revival, Mission Revival, Colonial Revival, and Art Moderne style alongside more modest bungalows and cottages.

Cape May County Birding

Cape May County Birding — the second best spot in North America [u.s.g.s]

Friday, 06/24/2022

Framingham, Massachussetts

The Town of Framingham Both geography and transportation routes have been influential in the development of Framingham over the years. Native trails like Old Connecticut Path led the first explorers through the area. Later, .

Thursday, 06/23/2022

Chetnut Hill, Birmingham

The Chestnut Hill Historic District is majestically set on a hill overlooking the eastern end of Highland Avenue in the South Highlands area of Birmingham, Alabama.

Chetnut Hill, Philadelphia

More than 40 years after Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia) was placed on the National Regiter, the historic character of the District remains a powerful reason why it continues to attract and support a flourishing business community, as well as a passionately devoted group of residents. [ 

Cornwall Iron Furnace

Historic Pennsylvania Forges and Furnaces — Until 1682, the year of William Penn's arrival, the settlers on the Delaware River, under the Swedes, the Dutch, and the Duke of York, seem to have made no effort to manufacture iron in any form. The energy of Penn changed all that.

State of Maryland

Although rich with history, the State of Maryland doesn’t have much to offer in terms of culture and entertainment today. Also, Maryland households are the wealthiest in the country, which drives up the cost of housing and doesn’t make it easy for those retiring on a budget. [ ]

Wednesday, 06/22/2022

Counties Least At Risk of Real Estate Declines
Tennessee had eight of the 50 least at-risk counties, including five in the Nashville metropolitan area (Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson counties), while Virginia also had five, including three in the Washington, DC area (Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun counties), and Wisconsin also had four — Brown County (Green Bay), Dane County (Madison), Eau Claire County and Winnebago County. [ ]

Sweetwater Fars, Bucks County

Four bedroom Colonial for sale in the Sweetwater Farms neighborhood (Bucks County, Lower Southampton Township). Contact the Nadine Simantov and Company, Realtors.

Tuesday, 06/21/2022

Vermilion Hills, Bucks County

Four bedroom Cape for sale in the Vermilion Hills neighborhood (Bucks County, Falls Township). Contact the John McClintock Team, Realtors.

Highland Gate, Bucks County

Four bedroom colonial for sale in the Highland Gate neighborhood (Bucks County, Middletown Township). Contact the John McClintock Team, Realtors.

Old City, Bucks County

2 Bedroom condominium in the Old City section of Philadelphia in a circa 2006 mid-rise building. Contact Debra Granite, Realtor.

Saturday, 06/18/2022

Rainsford Historic District Houses

Rainsford Historic District (Cheyenne, Wyoming) — the District takes its name from New York architect, George D. Rainsford, who came to Wyoming in the late 1870's to raise horses. Like many wealthy ranchers, Rainsford built his home in Cheyenne; but unlike the others he began designing homes for his contemporaries as a hobby.

Wake County, NC

Wake County North Carolina: From January through May of this year the median home price rose $52,000 to $462,000 according to the county register of deeds.

Wednesday, 06/15/2022

Hawley Borough

West of the Borough of Hawley, farms and trim clearings form occasional breaks in the dense forests.

Tuesday, 06/14/2022

Longview City

Longview, Washington: Recognizing that his planned lumber mill needed an infrastructure to support the anticipated 10,000 employees, Robert Alexander Long laid out a city, and began building.

Monday, 06/13/2022

Coventry Lake

The Forest Hill Historic District in north Newark, New Jersey, contains an excellent collection of period revival architecture dating mostly from 1890 to 1925, with some earlier and later exceptions.

Streetcar Suburbs ... were the predominant development type within American cities from about 1890-1930. It was the most widespread development type prior to the Supreme Court's upholding of Euclidean zoning (Euclid v. Amber Realty) in 1926, which allowed municipalities to pursue greater separation of land uses. [ ]

While Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi doesn't predict national home price declines, he estimates significantly "overvalued" housing markets, places like Boise, ID and Charlotte, NC could see 5% to 10% home price declines over the next 12 months. [ ]

Sunday, 06/12/2022

Today's median list prices for single family homes in Southeastern, Pennsylvania [ Debra Granite. Realtor ]

Saturday, 06/11/2022

Glendale Arizona's first significant building boom occurred from about 1915 through 1929. Tnat period is well illustrated by the number of Craftsman Bungalow residences found in the Catlin Court Historic District.

What has 18,000 sqft. with 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a 4 car garage on 10 acres? This $45-million home for sale in Alexandria, Virginia.

For May of 2022 in Idaho, Ada County and Canyon County started to move in different directions after generally being in lockstep in recent years. The median price of a home for sale in Ada Co. hit $602,500 – up from the previous month, and crossing the $600,000 barrier for the first time. In Canyon Co, however, the median price ticked down, hitting $459,995, falling 3.5% from April. [ ]

About 62% of all properties nationwide saw an increase in annualized equity gains in the first quarter. California, Hawaii and Washington posted the highest average equity increases at $141,000, $139,000 and $114,000 respectively, according to the report. On the other hand, the states seeing the lowest equity gains were Iowa ($17,300) and North Dakota ($19,000). [National Association of Realtors,]

Friday, 06/10/2022

The Drexel-Govett Historic District consists of several dense blocks of mostly residential rowhouses located in West Philadelphia between 39th Street and 40th Street, bounded by Baltimore Avenue at the south and Delancey Street at the north.

Wednesday, 06/08/2022

That the names by which we know the sixty-seven counties of Pennsylvania were well chosen and fittingly bestowed must be apparent to anyone who has given even passing attention to the subject.