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Friday, 09/17/2021

2nd Quarter % of Sold Homes that Were “Flips”

Thursday, 09/16/2021

Harrison County, KY farmer, Troy Bradford, is leasing 200 acres of his farm for solar panels. Farmer Pam McCauley will be leasing land as part of Recurrent Energy's “Blue Moon” project. Farmers along the county's Ruddles Mill Road have signed leases to convert 1,784 acres for a solar array. [ ]

Harrisburg’s Sears store closing; real estate redevelopment ahead. Redevelopment details will be announced on a future date as they are finalized. [ www/ ]

In a refreshing bit of news, Sumter County, FL commisioners voted to cut the county tax rate. In the City of Busnell (county seat) sold home prices have increased almost 30% over the past year. [ ]

Yardley Avenue, Fallsington

This circa 1910 Colonial in the Village of Fallsington (Falls Township, Bucks County) sold for $20,000 over list price after being on the market for one week (7 days).

Moxham Historic District

The Moxham Historic District, in southern Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, is a neighborhood of architecturally distinguished homes, former carriage houses and horse barns, vernacular single and double houses and church buildings mostly dating from 1890-1930.

The Borough of Pleasantville (Venango County, PA) was originally called Benedictown after early pioneer, Aaron Benedict, who came to the area from New York in 1819.

In Garrett County, MD, home sales jumped nearly 37% last year while average prices rose 26% to $436,946, according to data from the Maryland Association of Realtors. The trends accelerated during the first quarter of 2021. In March, sales in Garrett were up 71% compared with the previous March, while average prices more than doubled to $567,688. That’s a big turnaround from 2018, when sales in Garrett declined 3.4% and prices slid 8.4%. [ ]

Wednesday, 09/15/2021

Kirk Brown of the Greenville News takes an in‑depth and cautionary look at the state of real estate in Greenville County, SC. [ ].

As of a week ago, listings in the Village of Rhinebeck (Dutchess County, NY) ranged from a three-bedroom, two-bathroom 1837 Victorian, priced at $599,000, to an 1860s Victorian on a coveted street in the village, with a Wolf stove and stainless-steel appliances, priced at $1.5 million, with annual property taxes of $20,114. In July, the average sale price of homes in the village was $859,000, a 39 percent increase over September 2020, according to data provided by Mondello Upstate Properties. The average sale price for a home in the village in 2019 was $545,000. [ ].

Remote workers are flocking to midtier cities nationwide, leading to a surge in home and rental price in these areas. For example, in Boise, Idaho — one locale seeing a jump in remote workers’ relocating—saw its median home price surge 41% compared to a year earlier. The median sold home price is $469,100 there. Home prices rose by more than 35% compared to a year ago in the second quarter in pockets across the country, such as the Gulf shores of Florida to Idaho’s Treasure Valley and Massachusetts’ Berkshire County, according to National Association of Realtors®’ data. All three of these locales have a higher-than-average share of out-of-state views of their real estate listings. [&nbso; ]

Remote Workers — Some remote workers are showing willingness to live further than just the suburbs or exurbs of the metro area where they currently reside. For example, West coasters are showing a greater desire for areas in Boise and Las Vegas. New Yorkers are increasingly hunting for listings in Miami and Tampa. In Washington, residents are looking at Baltimore and Philadelphia. [ ]

RealtyTrac's business online marketplace for foreclosures, and in its latest Rental Property Risk Report for the first half of 2021, it says the average risk of default for such rental properties among the nation's largest 100 counties fell by nearly 16% in the first half of the year. At the top of the list were: New York County (Manhattan), Myrtle Beach, SC, Bakersfield, CA, and Dayton, OH. [ ]

Tuesday, 09/14/2021

Trust ... But Verify — Sarasota Florida real estate deal provokes a lawsuit. [ ]

According to Shawn Ostlie, the average sale price in the Fargo, ND / Moorhead, MN area is about $275,000. That’s up 11% from last year. Ostile is the President-elect for the North Dakota Association of Realtors, which is in partnership with the FM Area Association of ]

Highest Homeownership Rate — At 74.7% the homeownership rate in the State of Indiana was 13.9% higher than the National Average for the first quarter of 2021. [ ]

Best Time to But a Home — According to the survey Best Time to Buy Report, this week kicks off the best time of year particularly for home shoppers in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Portland. Between Sept. 12 and Oct. 17, the majority of housing markets nationwide will reach their “sweet spot” with a higher number of homes for sale, lower prices, and less buyer competition compared with the average week of the year. [ ]

Brownstown Township is the seat of government for Jackson County, Indiana.

Monday, 09/13/2021

Herron-Morton Place Historic District

The Herron-Morton Place Historic District (Indianapolis, IN) is significant for its outstanding collection of late 19th and early 20th century residential architecture.

Crosswicks neighborhood

This circa 1955 Cape Cod on Carmut Road in the Crosswicks neighborhood (Montgomery County, PA) sold for $50,000 over list price after being on the market for less than one week (6 days).

The City of St. Augustine, FL was founded by Spanish admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés in 1565. It ranks number one as the city with the most historical homes (11,231 registered homes per capita). A massive 22% of all homes in St. Augustine are historical. The City is dubbed America’s oldest city and is chock full of centuries‑old houses in its downtown historic district as well as other locationss. [ ]

Two of the ZIP codes (07501 and 07522) in the City of Patterson, NJ are among the fastest-appreciating areas for real estate sales in North Jersey. [ ]

In the first half of 2021, Florida median prices for single-family homes rose 20.8% in Charlotte County, 29.3% in Lee County and 37.5% in Collier County over the same months last year. [‑ ]

Sunday, 09/12/2021

Wallingford PA

Circa 1955 Cape Cod on Springhaven Road, Wallingford, PA; sold in 3 days for $50,000 over list price.

Cliveden Estates Bucks County

Cliveden Estates (Newtown Township, Bucks County, PA) — circa 1986 home on Clivedennbsp;Drive sold over list price; on the market for less tham a weel (4 days).

Saturday, 09/11/2021

The City of Hastings is the seat of Adams County, Nebraska.

Albuquerque, NM: New Listings decreased 1.0 percent for Single-Family Detached homes but increased 18.9 percent for Single-Family Attached homes. Pending Sales increased 5.2 percent for Single-Family Detached homes and 27.6 percent for Single-Family Attached homes. Inventory decreased 36.4 percent for Single- Family Detached homes and 39.7 percent for Single-Family Attached homes. [ ]

ZIP 37067 (Franklin, TN) has a very active housing market. The median years of residence for owner-occupied homes is 7.5 years, whereas the U.S. median is 13.3 years. Homes here have a median listing price of $847,000, which is 97% and 120% higher than the metro and U.S. medians, respectively. [ ]

Charlestown Hills neighborhood

This circa 1998 colonial in the Charlestown Hills neighborhood (Hunterdon County, NJ) sold for $51,000 over list price after being on the market for less than one week (5 days).

Orchard Hill Neighborhood, Bucks County, PA

This circa 1969 split level in Orchard Hill (Northampton Township, Bucks County) sold for $68,000 over list price after being on the market for less than one week (5 days).

Langhorne Gardens neighborhood

This circa 1963 split level on 1st Street in the Langhorne Gardens neighborbood (Middletown Township, Bucks County) sold for $21,000 over list price after being on the market for just 3 days.

In August, the median price for a home in Denver, CO was $540,000, which was about the same as July. But that’s 17 percent higher than it was a year ago. [ ]

Monument, Colorado, Palmer Lake and the unincorporated community of Woodmoor came to be known as the Tri‑Lakes area because of the three community lakes: Lake Woodmoor, Monument Lake and Palmer Lake.

Friday, 09/10/2021

Bentonville, AR is growing into one of the top mountain biking destinations in the country. The Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike Park is taking the world by storm with its soft and challenging trails for both experienced and beginner riders.

Berkshire County, MA: — the number of homes sold in August dropped more than 38% to 132 properties. This is below the 2019 county of 159 hones. [ Berkshire Realtors® MLS†]

The year-over-year median price of single-family homes in Massachusetts jumped nearly 15% in August to $480,000, [ ]

Suburban migration is growing and will likely increase
City residents started heading for the suburbs to work remotely when the pandemic hit, and they are continuing to do so. Many in this demographic are largely moving to suburbs close to cities—such as New Yorkers moving to New Jersey or Connecticut—leaving the option to return to the office part time. A suburb close to the city also offers access to urban amenities. Experts say demand will continue to grow for single-family suburban houses. [ ]

Thursday, 09/09/2021

Harrison Hill Historic District, Fort Wayne, IN

The Harrison Hill Historic District (Fort Wayne, IN) is an instructive example of the busy building years of the first decades of the 20th century and greater Fort Wayne's history.

Hatboro, PA

Borough of Hatboro (Montgomery County, PA): home on East Moreland Avenue sold for $20,000 over list price after being on the market for less than one week (6 days).

Numbers released Tuesday by the Ohio Realtors trade association showed that 16,311 homes were sold last month, compared to 15,656 homes sold in August 2019. The average home price was $222,797, a 12.3% increase from the same month last year, according to a news release.

The Prichard House (Huntington, WV) — most likely encouraged by the fast growing economy and his interest in building, Frederick Prichard started the construction of his small but costly home in 1921. His builder, John J. West, known for his attention to quality and detail.

The City of Bloomington (Monroe County, IN) was first incorprated as a town in 1826 and re-incorprated as a city in 1866.

Boone, NC

Town of Boon, NC — named for one-time resident and legedary frontiersman, Daniel Boone, the town is the seat of Watauga County, NC.

Solebury, Pennsylvania

Solebury Township (Bucks County, PA) —the township abounds with assets that inspire its residents and attract visitors from throughout the mid‑Atlantic region.

The white-hot Seattle-area housing market has started to cool, by some measures. Last month, fewer new listings hit the market here and home prices dipped compared to a month earlier, according to data released Tuesday by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. [† ]

The real estate market around Hagerstown, MD is among the hottest in all of Maryland, drawing buyers from the Washington, DC suburbs. For those just starting out, the Hagerstown Neighborhood Partnership has HUD-backed programs to help first-time home buyers. [ ]

Wednesday, 09/08/2021

Seven most-afforfable Metro Housing Markets

Franklin-Rosemary Historic District — the single family homes, multi-family and fraternal residences, and institutional buildings in the neighborhood represent a broad complement of architectural styles spanning more than two centuries. (Chapel Hill, NC)

U.S. States with the highest property taxes:

Tuesday, 09/07/2021

Springfield, Ohio

The City of Springfield (Ohio) was founded in 1801 when James Demint platted 95 lots on his land for a new town, named for the numerous springs in the area.

In July of 1843, Joseph Robidoux filed the town plan for the City of St. Joseph with the clerk of Common Pleas in St. Louis. Two surveyors had submitted plans for his consideration. Simeon Kemper's plan, named "Robidoux", utilized wide streets and parks. Frederick W. Smith, who had grown up in Germany, preferred narrow streets and used those in his plan. To help increase Smith's chances for selection, he named the east-west streets for Robidoux's children. Robidoux did indeed prefer the narrow streets of Smith's plan, which was called "St. Joseph" after his patron saint. However, his decision had more to do with economics than with sentiment. He wanted to sell as much of his quarter section as possible, "not give it away in streets."

The National Association of Realtors, ranks the 18018 ZIP code as No. 12 in the nation’s hottest ZIP codes for 2021. The ZIP code, which includes several Bethlehem neighborhoods, outranked other sought-after places in cities ranging from Charlotte to Denver. The Realtors gave the Number 1 spot to the 80916 ZIP code in Colorado Springs, Colorado. [ ]

The Northwest Indiana real estate market had a good August 2021, but nothing fantastic. Prices remain strong but appreciation rates have normalized to the high end of the typical range. August 2021 had a 6% decline in the number of homes sold compared to a year ago. Inventory is building which is good. [† ]

Monday, 09/06/2021

Home in Gadsden, AL

City of Gadsden, county seat, Etowah County, AL — the 1880s and 1890s saw Gadsden virtually explode into a major boom town.

Examples of the types of building that are typically nominated for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places:

Sunday, 09/05/2021

The City of New Berlin, WI was established in 1959, but early settlers made New Berlin their home long before then. The first settlers, Sidney Evans and P.G. Harrington and his wife, came in 1836.

Liberty, Missouri: On the East side of Liberty Square is the Jewell‑Lightburne District, stretching from the Square to William Jewell College. This district contains excellent examples of Queen Anne Victorian, Georgian, and Tudor Revival architecture.

Saturday, 09/04/2021

Jonathan Drive, Robbinsville, NJ

This home in Robbinsville's Cranbury Estates neighborhood sold by Tony Rosica, Realtor® in less than 3 weeks for $100,000 over list price.

A report titled 15 Real Estate Markets Expected to Grow the Most Next Year identifies only two of the States that are not in the West — Tampa, FL where it predicts home prices will increase nearly 19% and Pittsburgh. PA having an expectation of home prices increasing by nearly 20%. The other States in the report are all located in the West plus Texas in the South. [ ]

More Starter Homes Are Finally Hitting the Market — Starter home listings have risen the most in Virginia Beach, VA, where FL% more entry‑level properties hit the market than last August. Milwaukee, WI and Tampa, FL rounded out the top three markets with 16.7% and 13.7% increases, respectively.

New listings rose 5.1% in the 50 largest metros. The largest increases were in Columbus, OH (up 25.6%); Louisville, KY (up 22.8%); and Cleveland (up 21.6%), according to'®'s newly released Monthly Housing Report.

Friday, 09/03/2021

Plumsead Township (Bucks County, PA): There were 10 detached detached single family homes sold during August, 2021. Median sold price was just under $663,000; median days on market was 5 days. [ source: Debra Granite, Realtor® ]

Markets which are seeing the largest year-over-year growth in newly listed homes include Columbus (+25.6%), Louisville (+22.8%), and Cleveland (+21.6%). Markets which are still seeing a decline in newly listed homes compared to last year include Raleigh (-18.8%), Nashville (-18.5%), and Hartford (-12.3%). [ ]

Expect the Suburbs to Remain Hot
“The millennial generation is now moving into its thirties in really large numbers: 4.8 million this year alone, and another 4.8 million for the next two years,” estimates’s senior economist, George Ratiu. “So far what we’re finding as millennials mature, as they have families, they have children, [is that] they are absolutely looking for higher quality of life and good schools, and the suburbs is where most of that attraction lies,” he says. [ ]

Thursday, 09/02/2021

The City of Frisco, part of the fast‑growing Dallas‑Fort Worth metro area, tops the list released Tuesday by personal-finance website WalletHub. Austin takes second, while three more Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs — McKinney, Denton and Allen — hold down the Nos. 4, 5 and 6 spots. (Gilbert, Arizona, in the Phoenix metro area, is third.) [ ]

The Mountain Division of the U.S. Census Western Region has posted some of the strongest appreciation over the last four quarters, posting a nearly 23% increase between the second quarters of 2020 and 2021, and a 6.8% increase in the second quarter of 2021, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency House Price Index. [ ]

Wednesday, 09/01/2021

The Hanger Hill Historic District is a residential area located in the eastern half of the city of Little Rock in Pulaski County.

Denville, New Jersey is listed as Number one in Top 11 Family-Friendly Suburbs Where Parents Will Actually Want To Live, 2021 Edition.

40 Consecutive Quarters of Home Price Increases
A quarterly house price index from the Federal Housing Finance Agency showed that the country has seen 40 consecutive quarters in which home prices have risen. Notably, prices rose in every state nationwide, led by Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Montana and Rhode Island.

Tuesday, 08/31/2021

The Town of Clarkson, NY (Monroe County) — in the early 1800's, Clarkson was noted for inhabitants who were judges, lawyers, doctors, and teachers and for the Clarkson Academy where many were educated.

There were 29 single family homes sold in Towsnon, MD during July ranging from a 1 bedroom flat for $105,000 to a 4 bedroom, 4 bath detached single for $1,275,000. Median sold price was $300,000 (down from $342,000 in July, 2020). Median days on market was just over one week (8 days), 11 days faster than in 2020 which was over 2 weeks (19 days)..

Monday, 08/30/2021

Harrison Boulevard Historic District

The Harrison Boulevard Historic District (Boise, ID) displays a rich variety of architectural styles with large mansions in Queen Anne, Tudor Revival, Mission Revival, Colonial Revival, and Art Moderne style alongside more modest bungalows and cottages. A variety of building materials including brick, wood shingle, wood siding and stone are represented.

The Harrison Boulevard Historic District displays a rich variety of architectural styles with large mansions in Queen Anne, Tudor Revival, Mission Revival, Colonial Revival, and Art Moderne style alongside more modest bungalows and cottages.

Some of the most sought-after locations for homebuyers, many of the historic districts in Boise, Idaho are near downtown, offering short commutes, high walkability, desirable amenities and local flair. Whether you are looking for Queen Anne cottage, a Craftsman bungalow, or the perfect Colonial Revival style home, you’ll see a wide array of gorgeous examples in Boise's historic neighborhoods. [ ]

Two of the most popular cities San Jose and Boston are among the country’s most expensive to buy a home. It’s no surprise Millennials are the majority of buyers in those cities thanks to tech-based economies and high-paying jobs.

Some Markets that Favor Buying over Renting
Birmingham, AL; St. Louis, MO; Pittsburgh, PA; Orlando, FL; Cleveland, OH. [ ]

Sunday, 08/29/2021

City of Yonkers, NY: The median home sold price of $485,000 represents a more than 23% increase over the previous year.

Saturday, 08/28/2021

Springfield IL is the seat of Sangamon County.

Michael D. Helfrich House

Evansville, IN: Last month available invertory of homes for sale rose while the median sold price dropped to $127,000. [ www.rockethomescom ]

Friday, 08/27/2021

Martindale Central Historic District

The City of Martindale, TX is home to the Martindale Central Historic District which added to the National Register of Historic Places earlier this month.

A new survey from Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University looks at the nation’s most overvalued homes, with Boise City, Idaho, topping the list. Homes in the Gem State sell for a stunning 80.64% premium, based on a history of past pricing. [ ]

The housing market in the State of Utah has been ranked as the nation’s #1 housing market for the strongest pace of job growth, along with low unemployment, low mortgage rates, few mortgage delinquencies, and low state & local taxes, according to [ ]

Thursday, 08/26/2021

Montpelier, VT, is the country's least populous state capital.

Burlington, VT

Burlington is the seat of Chittenden County and the largest city in Vermont.

East End Historic District, Charleston, WV

East End Historic District: Long regarded as the major early twentieth century subdivision of Charleston, West Virginia's capital city, the "East End" embraces an area rich in historical sites and events antedating the "turn of the century."

States with the lowest median home prices.

  1. West Virginia ($107,927)
  2. Mississippi ($127,206)
  3. Arkansas ($129,484)
  4. Oklahoma ($131,080)
  5. Alabama ($140,991)
  6. Kentucky ($148,662)
  7. Ohio ($151,382)
  8. Kansas ($151,970)
  9. Iowa ($153,802)
  10. Indiana ($156,543)
  11. Source:

Wednesday, 08/25/2021

A real estate development firm with ties to the State of Delaware has announced plans to develop 450 acres in the Town of Milton into a 1,350-unit community that will map out the next stages in western Sussex County's residential growth. [;]

The global startup scene is accelerating, but few markets have turned on the afterburners to the same degree as Boston, Mass. The venerable startup hub is putting up record venture capital tallies across more rounds than ever. And a bevy of local investors don’t see the momentum slowing in coming quarters. [ ]

Tuesday, 08/24/2021

Dodge County, WI

Dodge County was created in 1836 and named in honor of Henry Dodge, then territorial governor of Wisconsin.

Sales of previously occupied U.S. homes rose for the second consecutive month in July, though only modestly from a year ago, suggesting the red-hot housing market may be cooling a little, a trend even more pronounced in Massachusetts where sales fell. [ ]

Monday, 08/23/2021

The Enclosure Historic District: — many of the artists clustered around an area in Nutley called The Enclosure. James R. Hay, who lived in the John Mason House in Calico Lane, probably can be credited with convincing creative individuals to settle in The Enclosure. The District was listed on the National Register in 1974.

Zip Code (Langhorne, PA 19047) includes the boroughs of Langhone, Langhorne Manor and Penndel as well as the township of Middletown. As of this morning there are 27 active listings in the multiple listing service with a median asking price of $449,900 and a median days on market of just under 2 weeks (13 days). Over the past 30 days there were 34 settled sales; median sold price was $415,000 while the median days on market was one week (7 days). [ compliments of The John McClintock Team, Realtors ].

Founded in 1818, Rochester, Michigan was not incorprated as a City until 1967.

In July, the State of Florida's housing market reported higher median prices, more new listings and a rise in all-cash sales compared to a year ago, according to Florida Realtors® latest housing data. "In a positive sign for Florida's housing market, new listings rose year-over-year in July for both single-family homes, up 12.1%, and for condo-townhouse properties, up 4.6%," said 2021 Florida Realtors President Cheryl Lambert [ ].

Sunday, 08/22/2021

Home buyers should expect to bid way over the asking price in Austin, Texas. The city has homes fetching the highest amounts over asking price in the country—$100,000 or more. [ www/ ]

Aurora, Colorado was settled in the 1870s and '80s primarily through the efforts of "The English Company" — a term loosely applied to a group of English, Scottish and American investors. This week the median list price for Aurora, CO is $559,900. [ ]

New Jersey holds the distinction of having the highest property taxes in America—a title that the Garden State has gotten used to defending. The tax rate there is an astronomical 2.21%, the highest in the country, and its average home value is painfully high, as well. [ ]/

Saturday, 08/21/2021

The Research Triangle area in North Carolina is named after the three prestigious universities of Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University. These three institutions are located in the three cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, which, if connected by an imaginary line on a map would form a Triangle. [ ].

State of Virginia: median sales prices rose 8.7 percent in July — slowing but still healthy — to $361,000 statewide, pushing sales volume for the month up 13.6 percent from a year before, to $6.7 billion [ ]/

Clear Creek County

The City of Georgetown, walled in by high barren mountains where the valley narrows at the foot of the Continental Divide, is the seat of Clear Creek County.

Friday, 08/20/2021

Cameron County, PAreated on March 29, 1860 from parts of Clinton, McKean, and Potter Counties and named for U.S. Senator Simon Cameron.

Captains Houses

The Town of Centreville, MD was established in 1782 when the Maryland General Assembly called for the removal of the county seat from Queenstown and construction of a new courthouse (Queen Annes County) on a small parcel of land at or near the head of the Corsica River.

Shelbyville, TN

The City of Shelbyville, located along the east bank of the Duck River, was designated the county seat of Bedford County in 1810. Median sold price over the last 12 months is $205,000, an increase of nearly 14%.

The City of Gatlinburg, TN: our number four market in 2020 has climbed the ranks, claiming the top spot on this year’s Top 25 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home report. And with a median sale price around $320,000. [ ; ]

Thursday, 08/19/2021

Hearn House, circa 1874

The City of Covington (seat of Kenton County) was initially platted in 1816, when a group of developers purchased 160 acres from Thomas Kennedy, platted the city south from the Ohio River to Sixth Street and west from the Licking River to Washington Street, and began selling lots at public auction.

L.K. Causey House, circa 1939

Situated in a bowl of hills in a bend of the Barren River, the City of Bowling Green was established and designated the county seat of Warren County, KY government in 1798.

Last month, the median list price of homes in Bowling Green was $244.9K, trending up 11.4% year‑over‑year. [ ]

More communities are turning to land banks to help address vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties. Since 2010, over 200 land banks have launched nationwide, said Brian Larkin, director of the National Land Bank Network at the Center for Community Progress. Michigan and Ohio have the largest number of properties. In Ohio, Cleveland has 3,000, while in Michigan, Detroit has the most with 82,000, 87% of parcels held by land banks are vacant lots. [ ]

Wednesday, 08/18/2021

Ridings of Newtown, Bucks County, PA

The Ridings of Newtown is a residential subdivision of detached, single family homes built by the Richards Group in the late 1970s. There were 3 homes sold to date this year in the neighborhood. Median sold price was $475,000. Median time on market was three days.

Hidden Oaks, Bucks County, PA

Hidden Oaks is a residential subdivision of more than 150 detached, single family homes built circa 1992‑1997 by Realen Homes.

Dauphin County, PA: Median sold price for homes rose 5.1% month‑over‑month and 22.2% year‑over‑year.

The Ridings of Newtown is a residential subdivision of detached, single family homes built by the Richards Group in the late 1970s. There were 3 homes sold to date this year in the neighborhood. Median sold price was $475,000. Median time on market was three days.

York County, PA: Median sold price for homes rose 3.1% month‑over‑month and 14.0% year‑over‑year.

Perry County, PA: Median sold price for homes dipped 0.5% month‑over‑month but rose 12.0% year‑over‑year.

[ Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors ]

Tuesday, 08/17/2021

Windmere Grove, Plainsboro, NJ

Windermere Grove is a residential subdivision of detached singles built circa 2004 in Middlesex County (Plainsboro), New Jersey.

Huntingdon Place

Huntingdon Place is a 250 condominium development in Lower Moreland Township, Pennsylvania.

Location change for City of Elkhorn administration: 311 Seymore Court, ELkhorn, WI 53121;

Monday, 08/15/2021

Odessa, Texas is known for its oil rigs, Friday night high school football and a working re‑creation of William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. With the lowest average monthly rent on the list, $487, retirees should have a few dollars to spare for football or theater tickets. [ 

Cleveland, Ohio is the cheapest place to retire, with the least expensive homes—the median home value is $55,300 -- and the lowest cost of living, the second-lowest annual amount spent on healthcare and the lowest annual amount spent on housing among all the cities on the list. If saving money on retirement costs is your priority, Cleveland tops the list of best places to retire in the U.S. [ ]

Port St. Lucie, Florida is the best place in the U.S. to buy and own long-term rental properties. It ranks first for Home Investment Favorability, an index in our study that comprises price-to-rent ratio, four-year change in median home value and estimated annual cash flow. [ ]

Palm Beach County, FL: The Miami Association of Realtors is reporting that Palm Beach County continued its trend of surging total home sales in 2Q 2021 as pent-up demand, more U.S. individuals and companies moving to South Florida, and record-low mortgage rates fueled transactions. The County's total home sales surged 95.1% year‑over‑year, from 6,055 to 11,813. Palm Beach single-family home transactions rose 63.8%, from 3,660 to 5,996. Palm Beach existing condo sales increased 142.9%, from 2,395 to 5,817. [ www.missourirea; ]

Hamilton County, TN home sales decreased 16.5 percent last month compared to July 2020. Home prices continued to increase, up 14.9 percent to $414,429 compared to this time last year. Available housing inventory continued to decrease in the County, down 57.7 percent. [ ]

Sunday, 08/15/2021

The Borough of Dawson was incorporated circa 1872 along the north bank of the Youghiogheny River. The City of Uniontown (sometimes known as "Beesontown," was founded in on July 4th, 1776 (the original Independence Day) by Henry Beeson. [ Fayetteville County, Pennsylvania ]

Pequea Township is located in Lancaster County, PA. There were 29 single family homes sold during the first 7 months of this year ranging from $160,000 to $850,000. Median sold price was $246,000 and the median time to sell was 5 days.

For the same period, detached single family homes across all Lancaster County (just under 2,100) had a median sold price of $305,000 and a median days on market of less than one week (6 days). [ compliments of Debra Granite, Realtor® ]

Door County lives Up to Its Nickname as the Midwest’s Cape Cod. Second-home buyers from as far away as Texas and California are transforming the peninsula on Wisconsin’s Green Bay into a high-end, year-round destination. [ ]

Saturday, 08/14/2021

Homes are in short supply from Richmond to Muncie to Lafayette and across Indiana. The experts say that if you can find a house in your desired area and for your desired price point, be ready to buy it and be ready to pay more than the asking price. [ ]

There were 14 homes sold in the Town of Otisco, NY over the past year. The average sale price increased more than $100,000 fro $188,000 to $289,000.

The pandemic has changed where residents of New York City live, how they work, and how they move. As of mid-July, weekday subway passenger numbers plummeted 54% from 19 days before COVID, according to a New York City partnership. The number of travelers to cities on suburban commuter trains has dropped by more than half. [† ]

Friday, 08/13/2021

Four Metro areas showed price increases of more than 40% over the past year: Boise - Nampa, Idaho; Naples, Florida; Austin - Round Rock, Texas; and topping the list at 46.5% is Pittsfiled, Massachusetts. [ ]

Thursday, 08/12/2021

Sturgis, SD

The City of Sturgis evolved from a military camp that was established near Bear Butte in 1878 under the command of General Samuel D. Sturgis. (Meade County, SD]

According to an April 2021 consumer homebuyer study from CoreLogic, the top factor (58%) driving consumers to purchase a home is the desire for a new location, especially among Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, a need for more space is the top factor driving Generation Z and Millennials to look to purchase. beginning in 2020 New York lost a good share of its potential homebuyers to affordable neighboring metros, such as Philadelphia, Bridgeport, Poughkeepsie and Allentown, and warmer metros, such as Miami, Atlanta, Tampa and Charlotte.

New York State has four of the top 10 metro areas for career opportunities. They include Rochester, Binghamton, Syracuse and ]

Legacy Hills is a massive, planned community to be built near Celina, Texas. Plans include: 100 acres of commercial development, 27‑acre sports park, 4,100 multifamily units, Championship golf course, Network of walking trails with abundant amenities, Seven amenity centers, Two 12-acre parcels for future Celina ISD schools, plus Two seven-acre fire and police stations.

Wednesday, 08/11/2021

McCall, Idaho

The history of the City of McCall, Idaho is entwined in the ebb and flow of four overlapping elements: recreation, mining, forestry, and commerce.

Eagle, Idaho

"When people think of the City of Eagle, Idaho, three things normally pop into their head: Eagle Island State Park, really nice luxury homes, and fancy luxury subdivisions." [ ]

Meeks-Green Farmstead

The City of Parowan, southern Utah's first settlement and county seat of Iron County was settled on January 13, 1851, one year after nearby iron ore deposits had been discovered.

Yardley Borough

Quaint and historic Yardley Borough — there are 10 single family homes for sale in the borough today ranging from $300K for 2 bedroom condo to $1-million for a 4 bedroom colonial to be built on the boro's last remaining North Main Street lot.

Recent Single Family Homes Sold
compliments of The John McClintock Team, Realtors® ]

Newtown Borough, Bucks County, PA, June/July 2021
The number of homes dropped from 4 to 2 while the median days on market dropped from 17 to 15 days. The median sold price dropped from $970,000 to $722,000.

Newtown Township, Bucks County, PA, June/July 2021
The number of homes sold dropped from 38 to 29 while the median days on market fell from 6 to 9 days. The median sold price dropped from $487,000 to $425,000.

Tuesday, 08/10/2021

Recent Single Family Homes Sold
compliments of Debra Granite, Realtor® ]

Doylestown Borough, Bucks County, PA, June/July 2021
The number of homes dropped from 18 to 15 while the median days on market rose from 5 to 12 days. The median sold price rose from $515,000 to $590,000.

Doylestown Township, Bucks County, PA, June/July 2021
The number of homes sold dropped from 35 to 28 while the median days on market fell from 7 to 6 days. The median sold price rose from $517,000 to $585,000.

Monday, 08/09/2021

Recent Single Family Homes Sold
compliments of The Cyr Team, Realtors® ]

West Chester Borough, Chester County, PA, June/July 2021
The number of homes dropped from 22 to 17 while the median days on market rose from 5 to 6 days. The median sold price rose from $442,000 to $495,000.

Chester County, PA, June/July 2021 — the number of sold homes fell from 938 to 861; median sold price dropped from $453,000 to $431,000; median days on market rose from 5 to 6 days. [ compliments of The Cyr Team, Realtors® ]

Sunday, 08/08/2021

The Travis Heights-Fairview Park Historic District is a large residential neighborhood spread across the northern expanse of central South Austin. It lies opposite downtown on the south side of the Colorado River which essentially divides the city into two halves.

Vermont: the July 2021 average sales price for single family homes increased 22-1/2% to $380,586 compared to July 2020. [ ]

In our reshaped economy, commuting has taken on new meaning. The end of office-based work was the impetus, and city dwellers accustomed to daily commutes and cramped apartments rushed to exurban locales outside Jacksonville, Florida, San Antonio, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina. [ ]

Saturday, 08/07/2021

Settlemeyer House

The City of Gaffney is the seat of government for Cherokee County, South Carolina. The town was incorporated on March 3, 1875.

Twin Falls, Idaho experienced the highest year-over-year increase in the country, at 40.2%. Bend, Oregon saw the second-highest home price increase in the country year-over-year, at 35.4%. States with the highest annual home price growth in June were Idaho (34.2%), Arizona (26.1%), and Montana (24.3%).

Friday, 08/06/2021

The Bureau of Land Management celebrated it's 75th birthday last month. Most of the public lands are located in 12 western States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Thursday, 08/05/2021

Potwin Place Historic District

The Potwin Place Historic District (Topeka Kansas) is an area which derives its distinctive identity from the layout of Greenwood and Woodlawn Avenues, from the deep setback of the residences which line these streets, and from the design character of the buildings themselves.

According to the website World Population Review, Massachusettes is the least conservative U.S. State (as a percentage of population) while Mississippi is the most conservative.

Nebraska and Utah are the two States with the lowest unemployment according to the U.S. Department of Labor's most recently published statistics. [ ]

Wednesday, 08/04/2021

11:14am The beaches in Sarasota, Siesta Key, LongBoat Key, Anna Maria Island, and along St. Petersburg and Clearwater are some of the very best in the world. Combine that with Florida's amazing economy, weather, environment, services, and tax advantages and you can understand the demand for Tampa Region real estate. [ ]

10:30am Inventory is expanding in the State of Virginia. At the end of June 2021, there were 19,346 active listings statewide, which is 17.9% lower than the level at the end of June 2020. However, the number of month-end active listings increased by 7.5% between May and June. This accprding to a Virginia Realtors® Report published in late July.

10:00am Since the pandemic, homes in Columbus Ohio sold more quickly than in any other large metropolitan US area, according to Zillow, the property website. Almost three-quarters of Columbus properties were under contract in less than a week in April. Other fast-moving areas included Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah. [ Financial Times ]

Heritage Hills Historic District

6:00am The Heritage Hills Historic District (Oklahoma City) is located atop the first range of hills which gently rise from the North Canadian River valley.

5:45am The history of the Vineville Historic District closely parallels the history of the settlement and development of the City of Macon, Bibb County, GA.

Tuesday, 08/03/2021


Town of Fuquay-Varina: by the 1920s Fuquay Springs and the Town of Varina had become major trading hubs for southern Wake County as well as neighboring Harnett and Johnston Counties. Fuquay Springs and neighborhing Varina merged in 1963.

Monday, 08/02/2021

There were 47 detached, single family homes sold in Yardley / Lower Makefield last month (July) ranging from $373,000 to $1,040,000. The median sold price was $585,000. These included one new construction home on Big Oak Road just west of West Ferry Road ($610,000). The median days on market was one week (7 days). [ Source: The John McClintock Team, Realtors® ]

Eureka, Kansas

The City of Eureka is located in the heart of Greenwood County in the Flint Hills of Kansas near the Fall River. In the early 1800s when white settlers first came to the area, it was primarily inhabited by the Osage Indians, who were forced onto a reservation in 1825 (part of which was in Greenwood County).

Location, Location, Location Redux
Some investors—a designation that included individual investors, REITs and limited liability companies—are taking away housing inventory. They’re buying more homes than they sell. Phoenix contributed most to supply shortages, taking a net total of 429 homes off the market in April. Charlotte, Miami, Tampa and Chicago followed making up the top five.

In counterpoint, investors in Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles and San Francisco are putting more houses into the market. The classic mantra, Location, Location, Location rings ever true. [ ]

Sunday, 08/01/2021

The City of Slidell was one of the last towns to be founded in St. Tamman Parish. Its birth coincided with the arrival of the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad, which surveyed the townsite in 1883. It is home to the recently designated Teddy Avenue Historic District.

Saturday, 07/31/2021

Lewistown, Montana

The City of Lewistown encompasses 5.32 square miles and serves as the county seat of Fergus County, located at the approximate geographic center of the State of Montana.

Baltimore County, Maryland, month-over-month homes (June); the number of sold homes was up 24% to nearly 10,800; the median sold price rose 13.6% to $375,000. [ ]

Friday, 07/30/2021

Chrisopher Alexander, Architect — Centers, the 15 properties of Wholeness

Thursday, 07/29/2021

Cultural landscapes are all around us. A cultural landscape reveals aspects of a region's origins and development. Communities in Greater Philadelphia are adapting cultural landscapes from their obsolete industrial‑era uses to active destinations for outdoor recreation and active transportation. The Manayunk Reach of the Schuylkill Canal is close to Center City Philadelphia. The Delaware Canal State Park connects Pennsylvania's river communities. And the Schuylkill Canal is a testament to a community's interest in historic preservation. [ www/ ]

Haddonfield has one of the oldest historic districts in New Jersey; it was the second municipality in New Jersey to establish a historical preservation district. The District was listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places in 1980 and the National Register of Historic Places two years later. Since Haddonfield's ordinance was only the second in the state, they borrowed from Cape May, the first historic district. [ www/ ]

Wednesday, 07/28/2021

Top Vacation Home County in the U.S. (based on sales growth, price growth, change in days on market, and the number of seasonal homes). Lee County, Florida is located in Southwest Florida on the Gulf Coast. Fort Myers and Cape Coral are the popular destination spots. It has the largest number of seasonal vacation homes, at 90,792, which accounts for 23% of the housing stock. (based on sales growth, price growth, change in days on market, and the number of seasonal homes) homes[ National Association of Realtors® ].

Tuesday, 07/27/2021

Introducing Rockwell Coastal — Rockwell Custom homes of Media, PA expands to the southern shores of New Jersey shores in Avalon, Brigantine, Stone Harbor, and beyond. The same quality craftsmanship, coveted locations and custom home experience you expect, just minutes from the beach, shops and restaurants. You’ll love to be at home, on island time! [ ]

Best cities for living on $15/hour are: Albuquerque (NM), Buffalo (NY), Cleveland (OH), Tulsa (OK), and Spokane (WA). [ ]

The City of Frankfort, capital of Franklin County, Kentucky, lies within the S-loops of the Kentucky River as it thrusts first against the eastern and then against the western bluffs that border its deep and narrow valley.

The City of Sandusky (capital of Erie County, Ohio) was platted in 1818 and incorporated in 1824.

Jackson Missouri year over year summary fr the first half of 2021 shows the number of closed sales up nearly 14%, the averafe sold price up by nearly 18% and the days-on-market reeduced by almost half to 26 days. [ Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors® ]

Best Cities for Singles
On opposite sides (east/west) of the 283 mile wide State of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia both appear in the top 10% of cities that were analyzed. [ ]

Monday, 07/26/2021

The Caplewood Drive Historic District was originally known as Caplewood Terrace. The subdivision was planned and developed by J. D. Caples, Sr. (1860-1934) in 1922 along a creek and the site of a natural ravine that precluded direct travel to the University of Alabama campus from the City of Tuscaloosa proper.

The Northeast Residential Historic District is a residential neighborhood north of Main Street and just a few blocks from the downtown commercial area. The western half of the District is land which was divided into "out lots" when the boundaries of Lexington were created in 1791.

The Phoenix area median existing-home price was $399,900 in June, up 31.1% from a year earlier, according to the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service. That’s more than $100,000 below the median home prices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Denver. [ www/ ]

Faulkner House

The land on which the City of Santa Paula is located was originally a portion of Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy, lands granted to Manuel Jimeno Casarin in 1843.

Sunday, 07/25/2021

The Lukens Historic District consists of four buildings: Brandywine; Terracina; Graystone; and the Lukens Main Office Building. All lie on a one block stretch of First Avenue in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

Boro Main Street

Susquehanna Depot Borough was incorporated August, 1853. It is an outgrowth of the Erie Railroad, the ground for which was broken here in 1846.

Saturday, 07/24/2021

Taking the No. 1 spot in a study for the 4th year in a row, the City of Cincinnati, Ohio has many options for renters who wish to live alone. Average rent for a unit with fewer than two bedrooms is $612, the fifth‑lowest figure for this metric across all of the 100 largest U.S. cities. The city also ranks within the top 10 of the study for its relatively low cost of living, $22,721 per year. Its April 2021 unemployment rate was 4.6% and more than 28% of its occupied housing units have fewer than two bedrooms, placing in the top̩20 for both rates. [ ]

U.S. News analyzed the 150 most populous metro areas to find the best places to live. To make the top of the list, a place had to have good value, be a desirable place to live, have a strong job market and a high quality of life. The top 5 places making the list are: Boulder, Colorado; Raleigh / Durham North Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Fayetteville, Arkansas; and Austin, Texas. [ ]

The median sale price of a single‑family home in Sonoma County reached a record of $825,000 in June, signaling a continued frenzy in the housing market. [ ]

Friday, 07/23/2021

House in the Cork Hill Historic District

The houses of Davenport Iowa's Cork Hill District reflect the long history of development of the LeClaire Reserve, which began in the 1850's. This development was rather unsystematic, the result being that every block in the district presents a mixture of forms and styles.

Activity over the past year strongly shows increasing signs of Hollywood, California interests making major moves to the State of New Mexico. [ ]

Thursday, 07/22/2021

House in Longport, NY

The Borough of Longport, (Atlantic County, NJ) was incorporated in 1898. It belongs to that category of seaside resort towns that were established by developers during the late 19th century, after the areas were opened up by the railroads.

House in Longport, NY

The City of Absecon, (Atlantic County, NJ), is representative of the early eighteenth century bay fishing villages which grew up along Shore Road, the main transportation artery prior to the railroad.

Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte, are among the top regions where iBuying is highest in the U.S. [ ]

Top 10 locales for all-cash home purchases.

Wednesday, 07/21/2021

Is Baltimore going to be a sizzling real estate market for investors over the next twelve months? In comparison to the rest of Maryland, Baltimore's most recent annual appreciation rate is higher than that of half of the state's other cities and towns. [ ]

Tuesday, 07/20/2021

Housing affordability is down in all four regions of the country since last month. The Midwest had the biggest decline of 12.0%, followed by the Northeast, which fell 10.7%. The South region fell 9.8%, followed by the West region, with the smallest decrease of 8.2%. The most affordable region was the Midwest, with an index value of 202.7 (median family income of $87,285, which is more than twice the qualifying income of $43,056). The least affordable region remained the West, where the index was 113.7 (median family income of $95,103 and qualifying income of $83,616).[ ]

The City of Billings, Montana tops the list of emerging real estate markets, Median home list prices were up nearly 31% in June compared with the previous June. [ ]

Monday, 07/19/2021

South Dakota is one the most-affordable States in which to purchase a detached, single family home. In the Sioux Falls market area, the increase in median sold price (June, Y‑O‑Y) rose 9.3% to $246,000 according to RASE MLS.

While the annual increase in prices across the State is impressive, a martket tempering appears to be underfoot. For example, in the State's capital (Rapid City) the median list price dropped by 3% from June to July according to

As for the State's third largest city, Aberdeen (the seat of Brown County), we were unable to dig up any current market information online. Going back a couple of months though, coverage indicated that the city was enjoying a similar frenzied pace of real estate sales just like the rest of the State and Country.

Sunday, 07/18/2021

The Bay Area of San Francisco has long been one of the most expensive property markets in the United States, with single family homes selling for about three times the national average. That’s thanks to zoning laws that restrict construction combined with the expanding population of highly paid workers in Silicon Valley’s burgeoning technology industry. As a result, the region has one of the nation’s lowest rates of home ownership, according to census data, and purchasing any property at all has become a challenge even for the moneyed elite. [ ]

Saturday, 07/17/2021

The Pleasureville Historic District is located approximately 2 1/2 miles northeast of York in Springettsbury Township, between Codorus Creek and the ridge of hills north of the York Valley.

Rental prices in 44 of the largest 55 metros broke records last month. The largest gains were recorded in Riverside, CA; Tampa, FL; and Phoenix, AZ. Each of the three posted increases above 20% year‑over‑year, reports.

Friday, 07/16/2021

In June, the Houston market saw its 13th consecutive month of sales growth with 10,638 single-family home sales, up 13.6% compared to June 2020. Total sales of all property types increased 16.9%, with 13,090 units sold – the highest volume in history. Home sales remain 25.9% ahead of 2020’s record pace. [ ]

In Seattle’s hot housing market, nearly a quarter of sales are all cash. This is one of the most expensive housing markets in the country and nearly one in four homes is selling for all cash. [ The Seattle Times ]