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Tuesday, 09/27/2022

East Ludington Avenue Historic District

East Ludington Avenue Historic District — the extent and variety of resources, ranging from the very grand Victorian-era mansions to simple American bungalows, the significant architecture of several institutional buildings, the presence of mature trees lining the street, the vast number of contributing resources dispersed throughout the district all identify the District as an identifiably special place in the history of Ludington, Michigan.

Monday, 09/26/2022

Jefferson Historic District

Jefferson Historic District — the town of Jefferson (Marengo County, Alabama) served, and continues to serve, as the center of a scattered agricultural community, and houses within two to five miles of the village center are considered to be "of Jefferson."


Neoclassical Architectural Style — Thomas Jefferson spent much time studying the natural sciences, ethnology, archaeology, agriculture, and meteorology. He was a superb architect, almost single-handedly introducing the neo-classical style to this country.


According to Wikipedia, Gaineswood (Demopolis, Alabama) is considered to be "Alabama's finest neoclassical house" and one of America's most unusual Neoclassical mansions.

Sunday, 09/25/2022

East Providence, Rhode Island

The City of East Providence, part of the heavily urbanized Providence metropolitan region, covers an area of 13.7 square miles in northeastern Rhode Island.

Saturday, 09/24/2022

Hickory, North Carolina

The City of Hickory (Catawba County, NC) takes the number one spot on the U.S. News & World Report study titled 2022‑2023 Best Places to Live.

Hickory, North Carolina

The initial period of development in the Oakwood Historic District (Hickory, NC) lasted from 1882 to 1901. In this period a number of people purchased relatively large lots on which both modest frame and large brick and frame houses were built. Initial ownership of large lots would also shape, in some respects, the direction of development in the district.

Wednesday, 09/21/2022

Harbor Oaks Residential District

The Harbor Oaks Residential District (Clearwater, FL) is an example of the rapid development of new residential subdivisions in Florida between World War I and the onset of the Great Depression in 1929. The District was listed on the National Register in 1988

Roser Park Historic District

Roser Park Historic District — Born in Elryia, Ohio in 1864, Charles Martin Roser foresaw the opportunities that came with purchasing land in Florida during the land boom. He believed that this location would draw the northerners, who lived in very cold climates most of the year, to the warm and sunny climate of what is now Roser Park in St. Petersburg. Roser probably earned most of his fame and fortune from selling the recipe or baking process of the Fig Newton cookie, to National Biscuit Company (Nabisco).

Monday, 09/19/2022

The number of single family homes for sale in Bucks County, PA is virtually double what it was 6 months ago. As of this morning Bright MLS shows 698 active listings here.

Saturday, 09/17/2022

ity of Conway

The City of Conway (Faulkner County, AR) was created and platted in 1871 when Colonel Asa Peter Robinson, an official with the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad, was offered a section of land as a reward for his services to the company as the chief engineer.

Wednesday, 09/14/2022

Medway Village Historic DIstrict

The Medway Village Historic District — the village is a large settlement cluster within the Town of Medway (Massachusetts), located along the Charles River and including over 200 historic buildings.

Tuesday, 09/13/2022

McDonoghville Historic District

McDonoghville Historic District — Established in 1815 by John McDonogh, businessman and philanthropist makes the neighborhood the City of Gretna's earliest subdivided development. The District is characterized by modest residences set back on sizable lots and a lack of commercial corridors, recalling its originals as a residential farming community.

Monday, 09/12/2022

L and J Gardens Neighborhood Historic District

The layout of L & J Gardens Neighborhood Historic District (Virginia Beach, VA)is a result of several property subdivisions. In 1946, Walter "Crow" Riddick, in partnership with investors and the Portsmouth-based builder Herolin DeLoatch, created the L & J Sites subdivision, which was further subdivided by plats made in 1946 and 1954.

Sunday, 09/11/2022

Flowers Mill

Never Forget

Shortly after dawn on September 11, 2001, our friend Philip was on his way to work in Montgomery County, PA. Like us all, unsuspecting of what lie ahead later that morning. He stopped to capture what now appear to us as haunting, prophetic images. This is one of them. [ ]

Zebulon Historic Distrcit

The Zebulon Historic District (Wake County, NC) early architectural styles are concentrated in the southern section of the district, which developed first, and include Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, transitional Queen Anne/Colonial Revival, Georgian Revival, Italian Renaissance Revival, Craftsman Period Cottage and vernacular residential buildings, as well as primarily vernacular commercial buildings and one example of commercial Italianate architecture. The town expanded north in the mid-twentieth century, therefore this section of the historic district is dominated by archetypal, Colonial Revival, and contemporary Ranch-style houses, with a smaller number of Minimal Traditional, Modernist, and vernacular buildings also present.

Saturday, 09/10/2022

Flowers Mill

Circa 2000 twin townhome on Black Eyed Susan Road in the Flowers Mill 55+ community (Middletown Twp) for sale ($457,500) by The John McClintock Team. [ contact ]

Friday, 09/09/2022

Chapel Hill Town Hall

Don't Expect a Crash in the Triangle Home Market
Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill make up the North Carolina Research Triangle. While the housing boom here may be over, there is not a housing market crash expected. Instead of double-digit home price in the area's market, mortgage officer John DeHart expects to see the region return to price appreciation consistent with historical data, somewhere between 1% to 3%. [ ]

Wednesday, 09/07/2022

Brookstone Townshome

Circa 1991 townhome on Lynbrooke Drive in the Brookstone community (Lower Makefield Twp) sold by The John McClintock Team. [ contact ]

Tuesday, 09/06/2022

Highland Gate Colonial

Circa 1986 colonial on Peel Drive in the Highland Gate neighborhood (Middletown Twp) sold by The John McClintock Team. [ contact ]

Downtown Oswego Historic District — the last 177 years of commerce and trade history and development of Oswego is depicted through the notable and well-preserved commercial structures of the District, from 1845, the date of the oldest building in the district, through the end of the period of significance in 1972. (OswegoIllinois)

Thursday, 09/01/2022

Downtown Oswego

Downtown Oswego Historic District — the last 177 years of commerce and trade history and development of Oswego is depicted through the notable and well-preserved commercial structures of the District, from 1845, the date of the oldest building in the district, through the end of the period of significance in 1972. (OswegoIllinois)

Monday, 08/29/2022

Gaffney Residential Historic District

The Gaffney Residential Historic District comprises an eighteen-block area. Although seme infill construction has taken place in the past 80 or so uears, the majority of the resources were built between ca. 1890 and ca. 1930. (City of Gaffney, SC).

Milledgeville Historic District

The Milledgeville Historic District includes essentially the same area which was planned as the capital of Georgia in 1803 and which was so designated by the State Legislature in 1804. (City of Milledgeville, GA).

90+ Subdivisions/Communities built by Toll Brothers in Bucks County, PA.

Phoenix Arizona — "People don't expect [home] prices here to increase fast, or at all, anymore. The median metro Phoenix price fell the last two months. If prices continue to fall for long enough, people will eventually expect prices to continue to fall in the future and then we could see the flip side of the 2021 housing market," John Wake, an independent real estate analyst based in Phoenix, tells Fortune.

Saturday, 08/27/2022

At the metro level, a number of fast-growing cities are rapidly adding housing stock to meet growing demand. Booming metros like Nashville, Austin, and Charlotte are among the U.S.’s top cities for housing growth over the last decade as they contend with an influx of new residents. [ ]

Friday, 08/26/2022

Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville Alabama rises from the #3 spot to #1 in the U.S. News 2022 Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Wednesday, 08/24/2022

Allenhurst Historic District

The Allenhurst Residential Historic District, located in the , is a late 19th‑century shore community which features well-preserved resort architecture that was speculatively designed and built to attract an upper middle class clientele. The Borough's development was influenced by the rise of business fortunes, the growth of an affluent middle class, the corresponding expanse of leisure time, and improved transportation. (Borough of Allenhurst, NJ)

Considering buying or building a "Tiny Home?"
The Planning Commission of Lancaster County (Pennsylvania) says, "Tiny Homes already exist, or will be coming soon to your community." To address that position, they created tool, a packet that provides a list of questions and topics for local zoning officials to consider when talking about tiny homes. [ Download PDF ]

Tuesday, 08/23/2022

Idaho Falls, ID

According to Zillow, as many markets are certainly going to see home prices decrease, the City of Idaho Falls is poised to see an 8% increase in home prices over the coming year.

Miami, Florida

The Miami metro (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties) ranked as the #1 city in startup activity in the US (Kauffman Index) and a #3 top emerging tech hub (Mashable) [ ]

Home on 11th Street, Idaho Falls

The Eleventh Street Historic District (Idaho Falls, ID) embodies the ideal American residential neighborhood of the early 20th-century. Single family homes, most with front porches, are separated from the narrow streets by sidewalks and treed planting strips.

Monday, 08/22/2022

Country Club Placce, Topeka

Country Club Residential Historic District (Topeka, Kansas) — The Country Club Place plat was signed by J.R. Burrow, president, and Chester Woodward, secretary, of the Central Trust Company. The Central Trust Company was chartered April 8, 1914 by several individuals who had a controlling interest in the Central National Bank and Trust Company.

Van Buren, Arkansas

Crawford County, Arkansas: City of Van Buren, county seat [updated]; City of Mulberry, [added].

Sunday, 08/21/2022

Bacon-Fraser House

The City of Hinesville (seat of Liberty County, Georgia) is located 20 miles west of Riceboro City, location of the recent Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck wedding extravaganza.

Golden Hill Historic District

Although unfamiliar to many long-term residents of Indianapolis, the Golden Hill Historic District has existed as a neighborhood since 1915. It contains an outstanding collection of period revival architecture and community planning that interlaces houses and greenspaces along curving, tree-lined lanes.

Categories of Street Names found on Living Places that are referenced on Living Places.

Saturday, 08/20/2022

Zane Gray House

U.S. Census Bureau 2021 Pennsylvania estimates shows Pike County having the largest population increase (2.1%).

Friday, 08/19/2022

Hamorton Historic District

The Hamorton Historic District is a village primarily of brick, frame and stone residences constructed between 1780 and 1930. It is located at the intersection of old Baltimore Pike (Route 1) and the Wilmington Road (Route 52) in Kennett Township.

Emery-Price Histori District

Much of the Emery-Price Historic District was settled after 1840 by German and Irish immigrants. One block south of the district at 12th and Greenup German residents built St. Joseph's Church (now demolished) which was a center for German residents for much of the 19th century. (Covington, KY)

Wednesday, 08/17/2022

Byrd Street in Helentown

The Helentown Historic District contains an excellent collection of pre-1900 residential architecture constructed in the Greek Revival, Queen Anne, Italianate and Colonial Revival designs. (Covington, KY)

Hearn House

The City of Covington and its partners are creating the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades (CAHT), a preservation trades school that will energize the local economy and direct investment to older and historic properties. This report provides a baseline snapshot of current conditions in a defined Study Region that includes Kenton County, Boone County, and Campbell County in Kentucky, and the neighboring Hamilton County in Ohio. Place Economics - Download PDF ]

Tuesday, 08/16/2022

Jefferson Parish Louisiana

Jefferson Parish Louisiana was established in 1825 and was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson commemorating his role in purchasing the Louisiana territory from France in 1803.

Green River Plantation House

The Town of Columbus (seat of Polk County, NC) was born overnight, deliberately carved from 100 acres of pure wilderness on what was then known as Foster Race path in the shadow of Fosters Mountain, known today as Chocolate Drop Mountain.

Spirit Lake City

The City of Spirit Lake is the largest city in Dickinson County, Iowa and the capstone of the Iowa Great Lakes. The city is noted #2 on's list titled 10 Most Affordable Lake Towns..

Saturday, 08/13/2022

North Douglas Historic District

The North Douglas Historic District is a distinct and cohesive residential area integrally associated with and representative of the significant trends that contributed to the settlement and development of Douglas, Wyoming from 1886 through the 1950s.

Morton Mansion Douglas Wyoming

The City of Douglas was first conceived as 24 rectangular plats on a drafting board in the Chicago offices of the FE&MV Railroad. The Railroad named their new town "Douglas," in honor of former Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas (who, amongst other claims to fame, had been a vigorous exponent of westward expansion).

Friday, 08/12/2022

South South Street Historic District

The South South Street Historic District illustrates patterns of growth and development found in small urban areas between 1840-1920. (Wilmington, Ohio).

Norwood Avenue Historic District

The Norwood Avenue Historic District homes were mostly built between 1892 and 1933. It is significant as an example of a typical pre-World War II suburban subdivision whose development spans the streetcar and early-auto eras. (Cranston, RI)

Thursday, 08/11/2022

Brookwood-Irvington Place Historic District

The Brookview-Irvington Park Historic District (Fort Wayne) has an outstanding collection of residential architecture from the early to mid 20th century, with a wide variety of styles, sizes, and building costs as it developed between 1906-1965.

Ibach House, Munster, IN

The Town of Munster (Lake County, IN) was first settled around a rail stop in the 1850s as a Calumet region agricultural center. It was was formally incorporated in 1907 and named in honor of one of the area's first distinguished residents.

Glendale Park Historic District

The Glendale Park Historic District (Hammond, IN) incorporates many of the concepts of the City Beautiful Movement that grew out of the 1893 Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.

Wednesday, 08/10/2022

West End Historic District

The West End Historic District (Fort Wayne) is an area rich in architectural and socio-historical associations. The area was the site of suburban growth as early as the canal era of the 1830's, and remained a popular middle and upper class neighborhood until well into the 20th century.

Lafayette Place Historic District

The Lafayette Place Historic District boundaries follow the plat as designed by noted landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff. Influenced by classical French landscape architecture formalism and American City Beautiful urban design. The level terrain influenced the symmetrical plan and wide central boulevard of the plat, as did the interurban electric railroad that bisected the southern third of the plat. (Fort Wayne, IN)

Tuesday, 08/09/2022

Hebron Meadows Historic District

The Hebron Meadows Historic Districtis a suburban subdivision located approximately three miles east of downtown Evansville. It is a residential neighborhood characterized by a curvilinear streets.

Washington Avenue Historic District

The Washington Avenue Historic Districtis a fully developed residential area located on flat land approximately one half mile east of the Ohio River. It is separated from the river by a highway and levee and by the Riverside Historic District (Evansville, IN).

Monday, 08/08/2022

Red Wing Residential Historic District

The Red Wing Residential Historic District embodies the complex history of an important upper Midwest community, retaining a physical cohesiveness coupled with an aesthetic quality which has no known remaining counterparts in Minnesota and few in the Midwest. (City of Red Wing, Goodhue County).

Lincolnshire Historic District

The Lincolnshire Historic District is one of Evansville's most impressive architectural zones. It features a concentration of artistic 1920s and 1930s revival architecture which has no local peer.

Sunday, 08/07/2022

Spring City Historic District

Spring City Historic District: With its wide streets and square blocks. Spring City is typical of the Mormon village plan. The historic district boundaries are coincident with the city limits. and enclose about ninety-five blocks and three hundred and six structures. (Sanpete County, Utah)

Riverside Historic District

The Riversude Historic District, situated on an oxbow of the Ohio River, is a primarily residential area which was developed in the last two quarters of the nineteenth and first quarter of the twentieth centuries. (Evansville, Indiana)

Saturday, 08/06/2022

Garfield Drive Historic District

The Garfield Drive Historic District is one of the few areas on the near south side of Indianapolis, Indiana that has a single, concentrated period of building and a limited number of architectural styles that dominate the house types in the district. Many of the houses, especially the ones overlooking Garfield Park, are large and excellent examples of their types/styles.

Decatur, Indiana

The City of Decatur functions as the county seat of Adams County, Indiana and is named after Stephen Decatur, Jr., an American naval officer who served in the Barbary Wars and in the War of 1812.

Endee Manor Historic District

Endee Manor was the largest workers' housing development built in Bristol, CT in the mid-1910s. Constructed in 1916-1917, it consists of 102 frame houses of one to two stories, set on small lots on three adjacent streets.

Friday, 08/05/2022

Minne Lusa Residential Historic District

The Minne Lusa Residential Historic District is comprised of small to mid-sized homes planned and built in Omaha City, Nebraska by developer C.W. Martin, with designs for many homes attributed to architect Everett S. Dodds.

Melrose Heights-Oak Lawn-Fairview Historic District

Melrose Heights-Oak Lawn-Fairview Historic District— for Columbia, South Carolina, growth beyond the city limits began in the late nineteenth century. Shandon, located southeast of the city by 1893, holds the distinction as Columbia's first "official" suburb. Melrose Heights (1900) developed shortly thereafter, as did the subdivisions of Fairview (1910) and Oak Lawn (1925). [See: Streetcar Suburbs]

Ellensburg, Washington

The City of Ellensburg downtown has a unified and attractive appearance. Later Victorian architectural styles with a few early twentieth-century Neoclassic and Art Deco styled buildings dominate downtown. The historic character and classic urban streetscapes define the community and serves as one of its strongest assets. (Kittitas County, WA)

Ashby Manor Historic District

The Ashby Manor Historic District derives its name from Newton B. and Harriet Wallace Ashby who owned a farm encompassing the present district. Purchased by Harriet Ashby in January, 1911, the farm encompassed 20.56 acres. In succeeding years they were to become the developers and namesakes of the district. (Des Moines, IA)

Thursday, 08/04/2022

Summerseat, National Historic Landmark

Summerseat, (Morrisville, PA) built around 1770, was from 1806 to 1813 the home of George Clymer, a signer of the Declaration of Independence for Pennsylvania, a merchant, and politician

Hilton Head SC

Hilton Head Island is the second largest barrier island on the east coast. It is roughly 12 by 5 miles (or 29,000 acres).

Pine City, Minnesota

Settlement of the Pine City, Minnesota area occurred initially as the result of the construction of the St. Paul and Duluth Railroad which was completed in 1869.

Third Street Cottages

The Third Street Cottages (Langley, WA) were the first in the United States to utilize a 'cottage housing development' land use code, allowing a 100 percent density increase for size-limited (all cottages were less than 1,000 sqft.) smaller homes in all single-family residential zones.

The buildings within the densely packed Brookings Central Residential Historic District are mostly two-story residential buildings, interspersed by several one-story homes, a number of churches, two apartment buildings and a service station.

Brookings Central Residential Historic District

The buildings within the densely packed Brookings Central Residential Historic District are mostly two-story residential buildings, interspersed by several one-story homes, a number of churches, two apartment buildings and a service station.

Plankinton, South Dakota

The Town of Plankinton (Aurora County, SD) was named the temporary county seat in August, 1881, and it won the permanent seat in a November, 1882 election.

Tuesday, 08/02/2022

Dell Rapids Residential Historic District

The Dell Rapids Residential Historic District contains the best and most intact examples of late 19th and early 20th century residences in the City of Dell Rapids, South Dakota.

Philadelphia, PA

Newcomers to Philadelphia have nearly 40% more to spend on homes than locals. Out-of-towners have bigger budgets than locals in relatively affordable destinations like Philadelphia, Atlanta and Dallas because many are remote workers moving in from more expensive places, often with high hometown salaries and proceeds from a home sale. [ ]

Danville, Indiana

The City of Danville is located along the Vermilion River, in East Central Illinois, at the border with the State of Indiana. The city is the heart of Vermilion County, serving as the core of the metropolitan area as well as the county seat. This status has been shaped in large part by Danville's rich history.

Monday, 08/01/2022

Between the fourth quarter of 2022 and the fourth quarter of 2024, Moody's Analytics predicts home prices to rise in the following cities:

  1. Albany, GA — 9.8%
  2. Casper, WY — 8.0%
  3. New Bern, NC — 7.6%
  4. Rocky Mount, NC — 7.3%
  5. Augusta, GA — 7.2%
  6. Hartford, CT — 7.1%
  7. Columbus, GA — 6.6%
  8. Farmington, NM — 6.5%
  9. Valdosta, GA — 6.4%
  10. Danville, IL — 6.3%
  11. ]

Sunday, 07/31/2022

Park Circle Historic District

Situated in the hinterland of western New York State, the Angelica Park Circle Historic District (Allegany County, NY) consists of ninety acres encompassing the village's most noteworthy buildings, an octagonal village green and county fairgrounds.

Architect Frank B. Miller was born in 1859 in St. Joseph, Missouri, son of Sinclair Miller, state Representative from Buchanan County.

Saturday, 07/30/2022

River Street Historic District

Some streets in the River Street Historic District (Wilkes‑Barre, PA) parallel the Susquehanna River and contain three-story, freestanding houses, of masonry construction, and designed in a variety of historical styles.

Friday, 07/29/2022

Cooperstown Historic District

The Cooperstown Historic District encompasses approximately three-quarters of the incorporated village and three properties north of the village line. Nearly all of the district lies west of the Susquehanna River in the town of Otsego.

Berkley North Historic District

The Berkley North Historic District (Norfolk, VA) is especially notable for its variety of turn of the twentieth‑century commercial and residential architecture, some of it designed by the area's most important firms. Four distinct, gridded plats contribute to the proposed district, and their overlay is characteristic of the urban subdivision of once-rural properties during this period.

Thursday, 07/28/2022

Euclid Heights Historic District

The Euclid Heights Historic District (Cleveland Heights, OH) is an excellent example of a suburban community of the type that developed outside many major urban areas, 1890‑1930. Originally planned for an upper‑ and middle‑class market, the village (and subsequently city) adapted to changed economic circumstances and housing markets.

Ingelwood Historic District

The Ingelwood Historic District (Cleveland Heights, OH) is an early twentieth century architect‑designed neighborhood envisioned by the famed Van Sweringen brothers' Shaker Heights Improvement Company.

Wednesday, 07/27/2022

Schuylkill County

Schuylkill County, PA has a current median home price of about $130,000; Year-over-year price growth last month was +36.0%. The County is located northeast of Harrisburg, and about 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The county is known for its railroads and energy production history while all in the backdrop of a more rural setting. Recent price gains were the largest gains in the Mid-Atlantic. [bright MLS].

Heritage Hill Historic District

Heritage Hill Historic District (Grand Rapids, MI) consists of around 1,300 homes of a variety of styles and sizes. Most of the homes were built between the 1840s and 1920s for single-family residences.

Broadway-Phelps Park Historic District

The Broadway-Phelps Park Historic District (Decorah, Iowa) encapsulates intact examples of virtually all of the major architectural movements found in the American Midwest from the 1850's to 1910, with scattered examples of later styles.


The Wall Street Journal/ Emerging Markets Report shows Elkhart - Goshen Indiana in the number one spot with the median home list price coming in at just under $280,000 last month.

Tuesday, 07/26/2022

Amos Palmer House

The Amos Palmer House, circa 1760 with at least 4 additions through the 19th and 20th centuries. Located just south of Yardley-Langhorne Road. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. Recorded as the Kirkbride-Palmer House in Lower Makefield Township's Historic Landmarks Guide.

John and Phineas Hough House

The John and Phineas Hough House, circa 1801, located at 20 Moyer Road, Lower Makefield Township. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

Monday, 07/25/2022

Chapline Street Historic District

Chapline Street Row Historic District — Eight homes from 2301 through 2323 Chapline Street (Wheeling, WV) have been described as the best extant example of a series of high style Victorian structures in the State. Seven of the eight buildings appear almost exactly as they were during the nineteenth century.

Sunday, 07/24/2022

East Wheeling Historic District

There are many types of architecture in the East Wheeling Historic District, however, four style dominate the residential sections: Greek Revival , Gothic Revival , Italianate and Eastlake.

National Road Corridor

The National Road Corridor Historic District is important for its broad range of architecturally significant examples of late nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture. (Wheeling, WV)

Bismarck, ND

The City of Bismarck (Burleigh County, ND) is home to the Highland Acres Historic District, newly added to the National Register.

Tuesday, 07/19/2022

Yorktown Historic District

The Yorktown Historic District (Philadelphia) is located in lower North Philadelphia and was built between 1959 and 1969. Yorktown is located immediately to the south of the Temple University campus, and is roughly bounded by Cecil B. Moore Street on the north. North 13th Street to the west, Flora and Stiles Streets to the south, and North 11th and 10th Streets to the east.

Penns Park Historic District

The Penns Park Historic District (Bucks COunty, PA) developed within a central townstead envisioned and planned by William Penn to be left open as a park owned in common by all Wrightstown residents—hence its name "Penns Park."

Monday, 07/18/2022

Yardley Historic District

The The Yardley Historic District (Bucks County, PA) is primarily urban in character with single houses spaced close to each other with a few twins or double houses. The northern end of the District is dominated by Lake Afton, a man-made millpond (ca. 1705) that creates a park-like setting. The Delaware Canal (ca. 1830) runs through Yardley parallel to the Delaware River, resulting in a linear, rectangular pattern of development.

Springtown Historic District

The Springtown Historic District (Bucks County, PA) contains a well preserved collection of houses, barns, stores and outbuildings and demonstrates rural village development in the traditional linear pattern along its Main Street.

Counties where the smallest portion of average local wages are required to afford the median-priced home during the second quarter of this year are Schuylkill County, PA (10.2 percent of annualized weekly wages needed to buy a home); Rock Island County, IL (12.4 percent); Cambria County, PA (12.9 percent); Macon County, IL (13.4 percent) and Mercer County, PA (13.6 percent). [ ]

Homes in Rochester, NY sold for 19.03% above asking price on average in June 2022. [source:]

Sunday, 07/17/2022

Old Town Historic District

The Old Town Historic District (Clearfield, PA) is the area on Front Street from Pine Street to Walnut Street and has been chosen for an historic district because it is the largest concentration of Victorian houses, the majority unaltered, built from 1860 to 1890 and all on their original sites.

Dixie Mill Village

Dixie Cotton Mills and Mill Village Historic District (Trout County, GA): Houses in the mill village are single-family and duplex, wood-framed buildings with masonry foundations, front porches, and common setbacks. House types include Saltbox, Shotgun, double-shotgun, pyramidal cottages, gable-on-hip cottages, side-gabled and gabled wing cottages, all with relatively simple layouts and either no style or minimal Folk Victorian style elements.

Saturday, 07/15/2022

City of Frederick, MD

City of Frederick (Maryland) Established in 1745 as a speculative land venture, the City has evolved over the years from a small frontier settlement to the second largest in the state after Baltimore.

Friday, 07/15/2022

Parkwyn Village

Parkwyn Village (Kalamazoo, MI) is a neighborhood that was founded in the 1940s by a group of young scientists, employed at the Upjohn Company, who had a vision for a "congenial housing community." It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places last April/

Thursday, 07/14/2022

Appomattox Court House Park

Most people immediately associate the Town of Appomattox with the Civil War. A vision of Robert E. Lee meeting Ulysses S. Grant on a foggy morning in April of 1865 is what comes to mind if one has ever even heard of this small town.

The United States Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama has long been a great family destination; with the new images being revealed from the James Webb Space Telescope, it is one of this summer's must-visit destinations. From Astronaut Chats every Thursday to Cocktails and Cosmos parties, there are activities for every age, and all are far out. [ ]

Wednesday, 07/13/2022

Geisel Library Building

Geisel Library Building, built circa 1970, University of California, San Diego, California.

Dallas Texas

Dallas, Texas cracks the top 10 when it comes to building new homes. An analysis found tht it had 18.5 single-family building permits per 10,000 people in the first quarter of this year, the ninth-most per capita among major U.S. metros. [ ]

Tuesday, 07/12/2022

Quakertown Historic District

The Quakertown Historic District encompasses the majority of the incorporated Quakertown Borough, located in the upper region of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Monday, 07/11/2022

Delware and Hufson Canale

Beginning at Honesdale to the west, the Delaware and Hudson Canal entered a valley at Lackawaxen, crossing the river to Minisink Ford, then following the river downstream to Port Jervis, where it again left the valley on its route east to the Hudson River.

The Town of Northumberland (Saratoga County, NY) lies in northeastern Saratoga County, bordered on the east by the Hudson River, on the north by the Town of Moreau, on the west by the Town of Wilton and on the south by the Town of Saratoga.

Sunday, 07/10/2022

East Marlborough Township

East Marlborough Township (Chester County, PA) comprises approximately 15.5 square miles and contains commercial, retail, and residential uses at varying densities. 38% of the Township is under conservation easement.

Presidio County Courthouse

Marfa, Texas is the county seat of Presidio County. Bordering the Rio Grande river, the county was the largest in the U.S. (12,000 acres) when created in

Friday, 07/08/2022

Home Price Adjustments on the Rise
Sellers in Salt Lake City, Boise and Saramento are among the places that are adjusting their expectations. They realize many buyers are no longer able to afford the type of home they could have before mortgage rates shot up. [ ]

Monday, 07/04/2022

Ritter House, Berks County, PA

Trexler Historic District: The period of significance begins in 1790 with the erection of Ritter House, a two-story log house that served as a stagecoach stop at a ford across the Ontelaunee Creek.

Cumberland, Maruland

Cumberland, Maryland: Because of its strategic location at a gap in the mountains, Cumberland was in 1806 the starting point for the nation's first highway (the National Road), later known as U.S. Route 40. The city is the seat of Allegany County.

Sunday, 07/03/2022

South Park Cottages

South Park Cottages is a development of 29 micro homes in College Park, Georgia.

Story County IA

Story County, IowaNamed for U. S. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, the county was established in 1846.

Saturday, 07/02/2022

Carrollton, KY

Carroll County is one of the smallest in the State of Kentucky. Carrollton City is the county seat, located at the confluence of the Kentucky and Ohio rivers.

Delaware and Hidson Canal

Delaware and Hudson Canal: Built between the Hudson River at Roundout and Honesdale, near the coal fields of Pennsylvania, the Canal provided an economical means of transporting coal from the Moosic Mountains to Pennsylvania and other industrial ports.