Neighborhood Names Beginning with the Letter M

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  1. M E Beebe Historic District, Fargo City, ND
  2. Mabbettsville, Washington Town, NY
  3. MacArthur Park Historic District, Little Rock City, AR
  4. Mackenzie Meadows, Richardson City, TX
  5. Macoby Run, Upper Hanover Twp, PA
  6. Macoby Woods, Upper Hanover Twp, PA
  7. Macon Place Historic District, Decatur City, IL
  8. Madison Common, Madison Boro, NJ
  9. Madison Estates, East Caln Twp, PA
  10. Madison Green Historic District, Madison Town, CT
  11. Madison Heights, Cranberry Twp, PA
  12. Madison Mills, Columbus City, OH
  13. Madison Place, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  14. Madison Ridge, Towamencin Twp, PA
  15. Madisonburg, Miles Twp, PA
  16. Madonna Acres Historic District, Raleigh City, NC
  17. Magnolia Crest, Gardendale City, AL
  18. Magnolia Hill, Bristol Twp, PA
  19. Magnolia Hill, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  20. Magnolia Park, Coppell City, TX
  21. Magnolia Place, Kennett Square Boro, PA
  22. Magnolia Place, Lowell City, NC
  23. Magnolia Ridge, Gardendale City, AL
  24. Magnolia Walk, Dunwoody City, GA
  25. Mahlons Acres, Plainfield Twp, PA
  26. Maiden Lane Historic District, Raleigh City, NC
  27. Maidencreek Estates, Maidencreek Twp, PA
  28. Maidencreek Ridge, Maidencreek Twp, PA
  29. Main Street Crossing, Trappe Boro, PA
  30. Main Street Historic District, Afton Village, NY
  31. Main Street Historic District, Bozeman City, MT
  32. Main Street Historic District, Bristol City, CT
  33. Main Street Historic District, Cromwell Town, CT
  34. Main Street Historic District, Danbury City, CT
  35. Main Street Historic District, Durham Town, CT
  36. Main Street Historic District, Geneseo Village, NY
  37. Main Street Historic District, Huntington Town, NY
  38. Main Street Historic District, Manchester Town, CT
  39. Main Street Historic District, Marbletown Town, NY
  40. Main Street Historic District, McGraw Village, NY
  41. Main Street Historic District, Poughkeepsie Town, NY
  42. Main Street Historic District, Roslyn Village, NY
  43. Main Street Historic District, Roxbury Town, NY
  44. Main Street Historic District, Whitehall Village, NY
  45. Main Street Historic District, Windham Town, CT
  46. Main Street Village, Downingtown Boro, PA
  47. Main-Albertson-Park Place Historic District, Hyde Park Town, NY
  48. Main-Broad-Grove Streets Historic District, Oneida City, NY
  49. Main-Partition Streets Historic District, Saugerties Village, NY
  50. Mainland Ridge, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  51. Mainland Square, Towamencin Twp, PA
  52. Mainville, Main Twp, PA
  53. Maisfield, Schuylkill Twp, PA
  54. Maison Place, Voorhees Twp, NJ
  55. Makefield Brook, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  56. Makefield Brook II, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  57. Makefield Chase, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  58. Makefield Crossing, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  59. Makefield Estates, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  60. Makefield Glen, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  61. Makefield Hamlet, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  62. Makefield Manor, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  63. Makefield Place, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  64. Makefield Ridge, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  65. Makefield Road Village, Falls Twp, PA
  66. Makefield Terrace, Bristol Twp, PA
  67. Makefield Terrace, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  68. Makefield Village, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  69. Malin Station, East Whiteland Twp, PA
  70. Mallard Cove, Barrington Town, RI
  71. Mallard Creek, Florence Twp, NJ
  72. Mallard Mill Run, Nether Providence Twp, PA
  73. Mallard Pond, Montgomery Twp, PA
  74. Mallard Pond, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  75. Mallard Woods, Tabernacle Twp, NJ
  76. Maloney House, Lockport City, NY
  77. Malvern Hills, Malvern Boro, PA
  78. Malvern Hunt, East Whiteland Twp, PA
  79. Malvern Woods, Malvern Boro, PA
  80. Manalapan Hunt, Manalapan Twp, NJ
  81. Manatawny Village, Pottstown Boro, PA
  82. Manayunk, Philadelphia City, PA
  83. Manchester, New London Twp, PA
  84. Manchester Farms, East Fallowfield Twp, PA
  85. Manchester Historic District, Manchester Town, CT
  86. Manchester Historic District, Pittsburgh City, PA
  87. Manchester Historic District, Richmond City, VA
  88. Manchester Walk, Lawrenceville City, GA
  89. Maney Historic District, Oklahoma City, OK
  90. Mango Court, Washington Twp, NJ
  91. Mango Promenade Historic District, West Palm Beach City, FL
  92. Manheim Borough Historic District, Manheim Boro, PA
  93. Manlius Village Historic District, Manlius Village, NY
  94. Manning Farms, Dunwoody City, GA
  95. Mannington Square, Johnson City, TN
  96. Manor Creek Farms, Cranberry Twp, PA
  97. Manor Hunt, Upper Oxford Twp, PA
  98. Manor Lane, Middleport Village, NY
  99. Manor Overlook, Adamstown, MD
  100. Manor Park, Morrisville Boro, PA
  101. Manora Estates, Tuscaloosa City, AL
  102. Manorkill, Conesville Town, NY
  103. Manors at Chillemi Court, Berlin Boro, NJ
  104. Manors at Saratoga, Harrison Twp, NJ
  105. Mansard House, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  106. Mansfield Center Historic District, Mansfield Town, CT
  107. Mansfield Hollow Historic District, Mansfield Town, CT
  108. Mansfield Hunt, Mansfield Twp, NJ
  109. Mansfield Square, Mansfield Twp, NJ
  110. Mansion Hill, Ewing Twp, NJ
  111. Mansion Historic District, Albany City, NY
  112. Mantua Woods, Mantua Twp, NJ
  113. Manville Heights, Iowa City, IA
  114. Maple Avenue Historic District, Elmira City, NY
  115. Maple Avenue Historic District, Hannibal City, MO
  116. Maple Brook Estates, Montgomery Twp, PA
  117. Maple Glen, Lower Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  118. Maple Glen, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  119. Maple Glen, Upper Dublin Twp, PA
  120. Maple Glen Hollow, Horsham Twp, PA
  121. Maple Grove, Lumberton Twp, NJ
  122. Maple Hill, Perkiomen Twp, PA
  123. Maple Hill, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  124. Maple Hill Farm, Whitpain Twp, PA
  125. Maple Knoll, Warrington Twp, PA
  126. Maple Point, Middletown Twp, PA
  127. Maple Ridge, Dryden Village, NY
  128. Maple Ridge, Lower Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  129. Maple Ridge Historic Residential District, Tulsa City, OK
  130. Maple Shade, Bristol Twp, PA
  131. Maple Valley, Horsham Twp, PA
  132. Maple View Estates, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  133. Maple View Estates, Middletown Twp, PA
  134. Mapleflower, Wallace Twp, PA
  135. Mapleridge, Halfmoon Town, NY
  136. Maples, Cranberry Twp, PA
  137. Mapleton, Mansfield Twp, NJ
  138. Maplevale, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  139. Maplewood, Doylestown Boro, PA
  140. Maplewood, Plymouth Twp, PA
  141. Maplewood Estates, Horsham Twp, PA
  142. Maplewood Estates, Port Orange City, FL
  143. Maplewood Historic District, Rochester City, NY
  144. Maplewoods, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  145. Marble Spings Historic District, Ocean Springs City, MS
  146. Marbledale, Washington Town, CT
  147. Marchwood, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  148. Marcom Place, Fuquay-Varina Town, NC
  149. Mardot Village, Newtown Twp, PA
  150. Marengo, Galen Town, NY
  151. Margarita Place Historic District, Phoenix City, AZ
  152. Margaux, West Deptford Twp, NJ
  153. Margherita Court, Windsor Twp, PA
  154. Margo Gardens, Bristol Twp, PA
  155. Marguerita Lane Historic District, Pasadena City, CA
  156. Marianna Farm, Danbury City, CT
  157. Marianna Historic District, Marianna Boro, PA
  158. Mariaville Historic District, Duanesburg Town, NY
  159. Marielle Drive, Upper Merion Twp, PA
  160. Marielle Drive, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  161. Marietta Historic District, Marietta Boro, PA
  162. Marilyn Park, Haverford Twp, PA
  163. Marina Historic District, Delray Beach City, FL
  164. Marina Park Historic District, Bridgeport City, CT
  165. Marine Villa Neighborhood Historic District, St Louis City, MO
  166. Mariners Watch, Bear, DE
  167. Marion Historic District, Southington Town, CT
  168. Mark Twain Historic District, Hannibal City, MO
  169. Market Street Historic District, Palmyra Village, NY
  170. Market Street Historic District, Potsdam Village, NY
  171. Market Street Mansion District, Wilmington City, NC
  172. Markham, Concord Twp, PA
  173. Markham Place Historic District, Pasadena City, CA
  174. Marlboro Park Historic District, Montclair Twp, NJ
  175. Marlborough Village Historic District, East Marlborough Twp, PA
  176. Marlbrooke, East Marlborough Twp, PA
  177. Marlton Glen, Evesham Twp, NJ
  178. Marlton Hills, Evesham Twp, NJ
  179. Marlton Lakes, Evesham Twp, NJ
  180. Marlton Leas, Evesham Twp, NJ
  181. Marlton Meadows, Evesham Twp, NJ
  182. Marlton Meeting, Evesham Twp, NJ
  183. Marlton Village, Evesham Twp, NJ
  184. Marlton Woods, Evesham Twp, NJ
  185. Marna Court, East Norriton Twp, PA
  186. Marple Gardens, Marple Twp, PA
  187. Marplewood Villas, Marple Twp, PA
  188. Marplewoods, Marple Twp, PA
  189. Marquette, Muskegon City, MI
  190. Marquette Estates, Romeoville Village, IL
  191. Marquette Landing, Romeoville Village, IL
  192. Marsala at Tiburon, Naples City, FL
  193. Marsh Harbour, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  194. Marshall Creek Farms, East Brandywine Twp, PA
  195. Marshall Estates, Caln Twp, PA
  196. Marshall Heights, Cranberry Twp, PA
  197. Marshall Hunt, West Bradford Twp, PA
  198. Marshall Pond, Wallace Twp, PA
  199. Marshall Terrace, Lower Chichester Twp, PA
  200. Marshall View, Wallace Twp, PA
  201. Marshall Woods, Cranberry Twp, PA
  202. Marshall-Hillside, West Chester Boro, PA
  203. Marshallton Chase, East Bradford Twp, PA
  204. Marshallton Historic District, West Bradford Twp, PA
  205. Marshallville Historic District, Upper Twp, NJ
  206. Martin Luther King Jr Historic District, Atlanta City, GA
  207. Martindale, Claverack Town, NY
  208. Martindale Central Historic District, Martindale City, TX
  209. Martins Farm, North Coventry Twp, PA
  210. Martins Run, Marple Twp, PA
  211. Marven Gardens Historic District, Margate City, NJ
  212. Mary Dell Farms, Springfield Twp, PA
  213. Marydell Farms, East Goshen Twp, PA
  214. Marydell Farms, West Brandywine Twp, PA
  215. Maryhill Estates, Louisville City, KY
  216. Maryland Terrace Historic District, University City, MO
  217. Mashuda Plan, Cranberry Twp, PA
  218. Mason Run Estates, Pine Hill Boro, NJ
  219. Masonboro Sound Historic District, Wilmington City, NC
  220. Masonville, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  221. Masten Neighborhood Rows, Buffalo City, NY
  222. Matsonford Commons, West Conshohocken Boro, PA
  223. Matthews Meadows, West Vincent Twp, PA
  224. Matthews Ridge, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  225. Maugers Mill Estates, Upper Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  226. Maury Commons, Fredericksburg City, VA
  227. Maxton Historic District, Maxton Town, NC
  228. Maxwell Place on the Hudson, Hoboken City, NJ
  229. Mayfair at Evesham, Evesham Twp, NJ
  230. Mayfair Gardens, Washington Twp, NJ
  231. Mayfair Meadows, Sanford City, FL
  232. Mayfair Woods, Gloucester Twp, NJ
  233. Mayfield Estates, Perkiomen Twp, PA
  234. Mayflower Square, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  235. Mayors Heights, Rochester City, NY
  236. Mays Landing Historic District, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  237. Maysville, Kiskiminetas Twp, PA
  238. Maysville, West Salem Twp, PA
  239. Maysville Historic District, Mobile City, AL
  240. Maytown, East Donegal Twp, PA
  241. McAdenville Historic District, McAdenville Town, NC
  242. McClellan Farms, New Garden Twp, PA
  243. McClintock Manor, Tempe City, AZ
  244. McConnell Historic District, Carnesville City, GA
  245. McConnell House, McConnellsburg Boro, PA
  246. McConnellsburg Historic District, McConnellsburg Boro, PA
  247. McCormick Neighborhood Historic District, Missoula City, MT
  248. McCrary Estates, New Albany City, IN
  249. McCullough Ridge, Stockbridge City, GA
  250. McDonoghville Historic District, Gretna City, LA
  251. McDonough-Adams-Kings Highway Historic District, Decatur City, GA
  252. McGuigan Way, Parkesburg Boro, PA
  253. McKeans Ridge, East Brunswick Twp, PA
  254. McKeansburg, East Brunswick Twp, PA
  255. McKelvey Place, Bridgeton City, MO
  256. Mckendimen Woods, Shamong Twp, NJ
  257. McKenzie Glen, Greenfield City, IN
  258. McKinley, Abington Twp, PA
  259. McKinley Hunt, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  260. McNeilly Place, Maryville City, TN
  261. Meadow Brook, Trappe Boro, PA
  262. Meadow Brook Estates, Wentzville City, MO
  263. Meadow Crest, East Pikeland Twp, PA
  264. Meadow Estates, Clifton Park Town, NY
  265. Meadow Glen, Bear, DE
  266. Meadow Glen, Frankfort City, KY
  267. Meadow Glen, Gainesville City, GA
  268. Meadow Glen, Independence City, KY
  269. Meadow Glen, Lincoln Town, RI
  270. Meadow Glen, Lumberton Twp, NJ
  271. Meadow Glen, McKinney City, TX
  272. Meadow Glen, Mesquite City, TX
  273. Meadow Glen, Monroe City, NC
  274. Meadow Glen, Montgomery Twp, PA
  275. Meadow Glen, Shelbyville City, KY
  276. Meadow Glen, Tracy City, CA
  277. Meadow Glen, Warminster Twp, PA
  278. Meadow Glen, Wendell Town, NC
  279. Meadow Glen at Skippack, Skippack Twp, PA
  280. Meadow Lane Farms, Montgomery Twp, PA
  281. Meadow Lane Homes, Dublin Boro, PA
  282. Meadow Oak Estates, Burlington Twp, NJ
  283. Meadow Oaks, Senatobia City, MS
  284. Meadow Pointe, Wesley Chapel, FL
  285. Meadow Pointe III, Wesley Chapel, FL
  286. Meadow Ridge, Knowlton Twp, NJ
  287. Meadow Ridge, New Britain Twp, PA
  288. Meadow Ridge, Stockbridge City, GA
  289. Meadow Ridge Estates, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  290. Meadow Run, Bordentown Twp, NJ
  291. Meadow Run, Chapel Hill Town, NC
  292. Meadow Run, Concord Twp, PA
  293. Meadow Run Estates, Foley City, AL
  294. Meadow View, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  295. Meadow View Estates, Quarryville Boro, PA
  296. Meadow View Estates, Upper Dublin Twp, PA
  297. Meadow View Farms, Oley Twp, PA
  298. Meadow Winds, Newburgh Town, NY
  299. Meadow Wood, Medford Twp, NJ
  300. Meadow Wood, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  301. Meadow Wood, Warminster Twp, PA
  302. Meadow Wood Condos, Warminster Twp, PA
  303. Meadow Woods, Franklin Twp, PA
  304. Meadow Woods, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  305. Meadowbrook, Abington Twp, PA
  306. Meadowbrook, Brighton Town, NY
  307. Meadowbrook, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  308. Meadowbrook, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  309. Meadowbrook, New Milford Town, CT
  310. Meadowbrook, Valley Twp, PA
  311. Meadowbrook, West Rockhill Twp, PA
  312. Meadowbrook, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  313. Meadowbrook Farm, Willistown Twp, PA
  314. Meadowbrooke Estates, Temple City, GA
  315. Meadowbrooke Hunt, East Coventry Twp, PA
  316. Meadowcreek, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  317. Meadowcreek Estates, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  318. Meadowcreek Estates, Skippack Twp, PA
  319. Meadowcroft, Cranberry Twp, PA
  320. Meadowcroft, East Bradford Twp, PA
  321. Meadowcroft, New London Twp, PA
  322. Meadowcroft Knoll, New London Twp, PA
  323. Meadowlake Apartments, Caln Twp, PA
  324. Meadowlands Manor, Whitpain Twp, PA
  325. Meadowood Estates, Holmdel Twp, NJ
  326. Meadows, Evesham Twp, NJ
  327. Meadows at Adamstown, Adamstown Boro, PA
  328. Meadows at Carson Farms, Delaware City, OH
  329. Meadows at Chestnut Creek, Horsham Twp, PA
  330. Meadows at Lower Gwynedd, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  331. Meadows at Mansfield, Mansfield Twp, NJ
  332. Meadows at Providence Reserve, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  333. Meadows at Skippack, Skippack Twp, PA
  334. Meadows at Valley Forge, Schuylkill Twp, PA
  335. Meadows of Durham, Middletown Twp, PA
  336. Meadowview, Cinnaminson Twp, NJ
  337. Meadowview Estates, Clinton Twp, NJ
  338. Meadowview Estates, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  339. Meadowview Farms, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  340. Meadowyck, Southampton Twp, NJ
  341. Meadville Downtown Historic District, Meadville City, PA
  342. Mechanic Street Historic District, Stonington Town, CT
  343. Mechanicsville, Buckingham Twp, PA
  344. Mechanicsville, Keyport Boro, NJ
  345. Medford Chase, Medford Twp, NJ
  346. Medford Commons, Medford Twp, NJ
  347. Medford Farms, London Grove Twp, PA
  348. Medford Farms, Tabernacle Twp, NJ
  349. Medford Meadows, Medford Twp, NJ
  350. Medford Mews, Medford Twp, NJ
  351. Medford Mill, Medford Twp, NJ
  352. Medford Pines, Medford Twp, NJ
  353. Medford Village, Medford Twp, NJ
  354. Medgar Evers Historic District, Jackson City, MS
  355. Medusa, Rensselaerville Town, NY
  356. Medway Village Historic District, Medway Town, MA
  357. Meetinghouse Estates, Doylestown Twp, PA
  358. Meetinghouse Estates, Plumstead Twp, PA
  359. Meetinghouse Glen, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  360. Meetinghouse Village, Horsham Twp, PA
  361. Melchers Corner, Plumstead Twp, PA
  362. Mellenville, Claverack Town, NY
  363. Melody Acres, Midland City, TX
  364. Melody Lakes Country Club, Richland Twp, PA
  365. Melrose, Pickerington City, OH
  366. Melrose Heights-Oak Lawn-Fairview Historic District, Columbia City, SC
  367. Melrose-Rugby Historic District, Roanoke City, VA
  368. Menand Park Historic District, Colonie Town, NY
  369. Mendenhall, Kennett Twp, PA
  370. Mendenhall at Twin Creeks, Concord Twp, PA
  371. Mendham Historic District, Mendham Boro, NJ
  372. Mendon, Mendon Town, NY
  373. Meravan Farms, West Deptford Twp, NJ
  374. Mercer Gate, Doylestown Twp, PA
  375. Mercer Hill Village, Whitpain Twp, PA
  376. Mercer Village, Doylestown Twp, PA
  377. Mercersburg Historic District, Mercersburg Boro, PA
  378. Merestone, New Garden Twp, PA
  379. Meriden Avenue-Oakland Road Historic District, Southington Town, CT
  380. Meridian Crossing, Bear, DE
  381. Meridian Hill Historic District, City of Washington, DC
  382. Meridian of Valley Square, Warrington Twp, PA
  383. Meridian Square, Addison City, TX
  384. Merion Golf Manor, Haverford Twp, PA
  385. Merion Hill, West Conshohocken Boro, PA
  386. Merion Manor, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  387. Merion Park, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  388. Merion Station, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  389. Meritage, Red Lion Hundred, DE
  390. Merlin Hills, East Pikeland Twp, PA
  391. Mermaid Estates, Whitpain Twp, PA
  392. Merrick Farm, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  393. Merrick Villa, Collingswood Boro, NJ
  394. Merriman Park Estates, Dallas City, TX
  395. Merrybrook, Upper Gwynedd Twp, PA
  396. Merrymet Farms, East Marlborough Twp, PA
  397. Mershon Chase, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  398. Mertztown, Longswamp Twp, PA
  399. Merwood Park, Haverford Twp, PA
  400. Mesilla Park Historic District, Las Cruces City, NM
  401. Mesta Park Historic District, Oklahoma City, OK
  402. Mews at Bailey Station, Caln Twp, PA
  403. Mews at Bedford, Bedford Town, NH
  404. Mews at Blue Bell, Whitpain Twp, PA
  405. Mews at Brookside, Newtown Twp, PA
  406. Mews at Darlington, Middletown Twp, PA
  407. Mews at Echelon, Voorhees Twp, NJ
  408. Mews at Laurel Creek, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  409. Mews at Valley Forge, West Norriton Twp, PA
  410. Mews at Whitehall, West Norriton Twp, PA
  411. Mexican War Streets Historic District, Pittsburgh City, PA
  412. Mexico Village Historic District, Mexico Village, NY
  413. Michaelsons Gate, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  414. Michaelsons Woods, Tabernacle Twp, NJ
  415. Michigan-Wacker Historic District, Chicago City, IL
  416. Middle Creek Estates, Douglass Twp, PA
  417. Middle Grove, Greenfield Town, NY
  418. Middle Haddam Historic District, East Hampton Town, CT
  419. Middlebourne Historic District, Middlebourne Town, WV
  420. Middlebury Center Historic District, Middlebury Town, CT
  421. Middlecreek Farms, Oley Twp, PA
  422. Middlefield Hamlet Historic District, Middlefield Town, NY
  423. Middleton Greene, New Garden Twp, PA
  424. Middleton Place, West Norriton Twp, PA
  425. Middletown Crossing, Middletown Twp, PA
  426. Middletown South Green Historic District, Middletown City, CT
  427. Middletown Upper Houses Historic District, Cromwell Town, CT
  428. Middletown Village Historic District, Middletown Twp, NJ
  429. Midland Acres, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  430. Midland Estates, Shelbyville City, KY
  431. Midland Meadows, Louisville City, KY
  432. Midtown, Springfield City, MO
  433. Midtown Historic District, Harrisburg City, PA
  434. Midtown Lofts, Nashville City, TN
  435. Midway Meadows, Addison City, TX
  436. Midwick Tract, Alhambra City, CA
  437. Mifflin Hills, Mohnton Boro, PA
  438. Mifflin Park, Cumru Twp, PA
  439. Mifflin Woods, Mohnton Boro, PA
  440. Mifflinburg Historic District, Mifflinburg Boro, PA
  441. Mifflinville, Mifflin Twp, PA
  442. Migeon Avenue Historic District, Torrington City, CT
  443. Milanville Historic District, Damascus Twp, PA
  444. Milestone, Worcester Twp, PA
  445. Milford, Juniata Twp, PA
  446. Milford Farms, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  447. Milford Glen, Milford Twp, PA
  448. Milford Historic District, Milford Boro, PA
  449. Milford Manor, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  450. Milford Manor, Milford Village, MI
  451. Milford Shipyard Area Historic District, Milford City, DE
  452. Milford Square, Milford Twp, PA
  453. Milford Square Estates, Milford Twp, PA
  454. Milfords Meadowood, Milford Twp, PA
  455. Milfred Acres, Fort Collins City, CO
  456. Mill at Stonecroft, Hebron Town, CT
  457. Mill Avenue Historic District, Jacksonville City, NC
  458. Mill Chase, Southampton Twp, NJ
  459. Mill Creek Estates, Falls Twp, PA
  460. Mill Creek Estates, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  461. Mill Creek Falls, Bristol Twp, PA
  462. Mill Creek Farms, Bensalem Twp, PA
  463. Mill Creek Historic District, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  464. Mill Creek Village, Bensalem Twp, PA
  465. Mill Creek Village, Warrington Twp, PA
  466. Mill Hill, Trenton City, NJ
  467. Mill Pond, Alexandria Twp, NJ
  468. Mill Pond, Selbyville Town, DE
  469. Mill Pond, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  470. Mill Pond at Village Shires, Northampton Twp, PA
  471. Mill Pond Estates, Upper Freehold Twp, NJ
  472. Mill Race Farms, Harrison Twp, NJ
  473. Mill Ridge, Warwick Twp, PA
  474. Mill Road Estates, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  475. Mill Run, Greenfield City, IN
  476. Mill Run, Hatboro Boro, PA
  477. Mill Run, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  478. Mill Run, Medford Twp, NJ
  479. Mill Run, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  480. Mill Run, Upper Gwynedd Twp, PA
  481. Mill Street Station, Bridgeport Boro, PA
  482. Mill Valley, Harrison Twp, NJ
  483. Mill View Lane, Newtown Twp, PA
  484. Millbranch at Greenlawn, Middletown Town, DE
  485. Millbrook, Delaware City, OH
  486. Millbrook, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  487. Millbrook at Greenfield Plantation, Bradenton City, FL
  488. Millbrook Manor, Brecknock Twp, PA
  489. Millbrook Park, Willingboro Twp, NJ
  490. Millcreek, East Whiteland Twp, PA
  491. Milledge Avenue Historic District, Athens City, GA
  492. Milledgeville, French Creek Twp, PA
  493. Milledgeville Historic District, Milledgeville City, GA
  494. Miller Place, Paris City, TX
  495. Miller Place Historic District, Brookhaven Town, NY
  496. Miller Street Historic District, Montclair Twp, NJ
  497. Millers Landing, Denton Town, MD
  498. Millers Run, Milford Twp, PA
  499. Millheim Historic District, Millheim Boro, PA
  500. Millhurst, Buckingham Twp, PA
  501. Millington Green Historic District, East Haddam Town, CT
  502. Millionaires Row Historic District, Seattle City, WA
  503. Millionaires Row Historic District, Williamsport City, PA
  504. Mills Corners, Broadalbin Town, NY
  505. Mills Mill, Greenville City, SC
  506. Millstone, Shamong Twp, NJ
  507. Millstone, Warwick Twp, PA
  508. Millstream Ridge, Kennett Twp, PA
  509. Milltowne Plaza, Bethlehem Town, NY
  510. Millway Farms, Middletown Twp, PA
  511. Millwood, Franklin City, KY
  512. Milton Center Historic District, Litchfield Town, CT
  513. Milton Heights, Milton Town, NY
  514. Milton Historic District, Milton Boro, PA
  515. Milton Oaks, Milton Town, NY
  516. Mimosa Lakes, Medford Twp, NJ
  517. Minden, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  518. Mindy Acres, Londonderry Twp, PA
  519. Miner Hill, Millcreek Twp, PA
  520. Minersville Historic District, Johnstown City, PA
  521. Mineville, Moriah Town, NY
  522. Mink Hollow Estates, Moore Twp, PA
  523. Minne Lusa Residential Historic District, Omaha City, NE
  524. Mint Hollow, Mint Hill Town, NC
  525. Mintwood Acres, Mint Hill Town, NC
  526. Miquon, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  527. Mira Vista Heights, Antioch City, CA
  528. Miramar Addition, Pine Bluff City, AR
  529. Mirror Lake Farms, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  530. Miry Crossing, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  531. Mission Hill, Manheim Twp, PA
  532. Mission Oaks, Naperville Twp, IL
  533. Mission Viejo, Aurora City, CO
  534. Missionary Ridge Historic District, Chattanooga City, TN
  535. Mississippi Industrial College Historic District, Holly Springs City, MS
  536. Misty Meadows, Amherst Town, MA
  537. Mitchell College Historic District, Statesville City, NC
  538. Mitchell Court, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  539. Mitchelltown Historic District, Kinston City, NC
  540. Mobile Estates, Southampton Twp, NJ
  541. Mockingbird Gardens, Louisville City, KY
  542. Mohawk Terrace, Halfmoon Town, NY
  543. Mohnton Lawn, Cumru Twp, PA
  544. Mohrsville, District Twp, PA
  545. Monacy Manor, West Brandywine Twp, PA
  546. Monarch Point, Glendale City, AZ
  547. Monmouth Walk, South Brunswick Twp, NJ
  548. Monroe Avenue Historic District, Greeley City, CO
  549. Monroe Center Historic District, Monroe Town, CT
  550. Monroe Chase, Monroe Twp, NJ
  551. Monroe Court, Skippack Twp, PA
  552. Montage at Hamilton, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  553. Montauk Association Historic District, East Hampton Town, NY
  554. Montauk Avenue Historic District, New London City, CT
  555. Montcalm Park Historic District, Oswego City, NY
  556. Monteith Drive, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  557. Monterey Historic District, Washington Twp, PA
  558. Monterey Street Historic District, Hollister City, CA
  559. Montford Area Historic District, Asheville City, NC
  560. Montgomery Brooke, Limerick Twp, PA
  561. Montgomery Crossing, Montgomery Twp, PA
  562. Montgomery Gardens, Charlotte City, NC
  563. Montgomery Glen, Montgomery Twp, PA
  564. Montgomery Greene, Montgomery Twp, PA
  565. Montgomery Hill, Montgomery Twp, PA
  566. Montgomery Hills, Montgomery Twp, NJ
  567. Montgomery Hollow, Montgomery Twp, PA
  568. Montgomery Knoll, Montgomery Twp, PA
  569. Montgomery Lea, Montgomery Twp, PA
  570. Montgomery Meadows, Pennsburg Boro, PA
  571. Montgomery Oaks, Montgomery Twp, PA
  572. Montgomery Place, Montgomery Twp, PA
  573. Montgomery Preserve, Montgomery Twp, PA
  574. Montgomery Ridge, Montgomery Twp, PA
  575. Montgomery Square, Hatfield Boro, PA
  576. Montgomery Square, Hatfield Twp, PA
  577. Montgomery Street-Columbus Circle Historic District, Syracuse City, NY
  578. Montgomery View, New Hanover Twp, PA
  579. Montgomery Walk, Montgomery Twp, NJ
  580. Montgomery Walk, Montgomery Twp, PA
  581. Montgomery Woods, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  582. Montgomery Woods, Montgomery Twp, PA
  583. Montgomery Woods, Montgomery Twp, NJ
  584. Montgomery-Grand-Liberty Historic District, Newburgh City, NY
  585. Montour Falls Historic District, Montour Falls Village, NY
  586. Montparnasse, Radnor Twp, PA
  587. Montrechet, Upper Merion Twp, PA
  588. Montrose Manor, Cumru Twp, PA
  589. Montrose Park, Frankfort City, KY
  590. Montrose Park, Susquehanna Twp, PA
  591. Montrose Park Historic District, Twp of South Orange Village, NJ
  592. Montrose Square, Radnor Twp, PA
  593. Montrose Village, Radnor Twp, PA
  594. Monument Avenue 3300 Block, Richmond City, VA
  595. Monument Avenue Historic District, Richmond City, VA
  596. Monument Circle Historic District, Warsaw Village, NY
  597. Monument Square Historic District, Alton Town, NH
  598. Mooncrest Historic District, Moon Twp, PA
  599. Moorehall, Schuylkill Twp, PA
  600. Moores Acres, Bear, DE
  601. Moores Corner Historic District, Leverett Town, MA
  602. Mooresburg, Liberty Twp, PA
  603. Moorestown, Moore Twp, PA
  604. Moorestown Greene, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  605. Moorestown Historic District, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  606. Moorestown Hunt, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  607. Moorestown Mews, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  608. Moorestown Town Center, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  609. Mooresville Historic District, Mooresville Town, NC
  610. Moorfield, Louisville City, KY
  611. Moorfield, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  612. Moorgate, Louisville City, KY
  613. Moravian Historic District, Lititz Boro, PA
  614. Mordansville, Mount Pleasant Twp, PA
  615. Moreau Drive Historic District, Jefferson City, MO
  616. Morehead City Historic District, Town of Morehead City, NC
  617. Morehead Hill Historic District, Durham City, NC
  618. Moreland Manor, Upper Moreland Twp, PA
  619. Morgan Creek, Richland Twp, PA
  620. Morgan Heights, Cinnaminson Twp, NJ
  621. Morgan Hill, Doylestown Twp, PA
  622. Morgan Run, Mint Hill Town, NC
  623. Morgandale, Milwaukee City, WI
  624. Morgandale, Towamencin Twp, PA
  625. Morgantown, Caernarvon Twp, PA
  626. Morning Mist, Oley Twp, PA
  627. Morning Sun, Twin Falls City, ID
  628. Morning View, Hernando City, MS
  629. Morningdale Court, Ballston Town, NY
  630. Morningside, Edina City, MN
  631. Morningside, Pittsfield City, MA
  632. Morningside, Upper Mount Bethel Twp, PA
  633. Morrell Park, Philadelphia City, PA
  634. Morris Court, Florence Twp, NJ
  635. Morris Heights, Arlington City, TX
  636. Morris Heights, Aurora City, CO
  637. Morris Heights, Bronx Boro, NY
  638. Morris Heights, Knoxville City, TN
  639. Morris Heights, Morrisville Boro, PA
  640. Morris Hunt, Mount Olive Twp, NJ
  641. Morrisdale Estates, Euless City, TX
  642. Morristown Historic District, Morristown Town, NJ
  643. Mortimer Place Historic District, Huntington City, WV
  644. Mortonville, Newlin Twp, PA
  645. Morwood, Franconia Twp, PA
  646. Mosiertown, Cussewago Twp, PA
  647. Mott Haven Historic District, Bronx Boro, NY
  648. Mount Airy Historic District, Mount Airy City, NC
  649. Mount Airy Historic District, West Amwell Twp, NJ
  650. Mount Airy West, Philadelphia CIty, PA
  651. Mount Arlington Historic District, Mount Arlington Boro, NJ
  652. Mount Bolus, Chapel Hill Town, NC
  653. Mount Eyre Manor, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  654. Mount Holly Historic District, Mount Holly Twp, NJ
  655. Mount Olivet, Franklin Twp, PA
  656. Mount Pleasant, Foster Twp, PA
  657. Mount Pleasant Historic District, City of Washington, DC
  658. Mount Pleasant Historic District, Harrisburg City, PA
  659. Mount Pleasant Historic District, Mount Pleasant Boro, PA
  660. Mount Pleasant Historic District, Mount Pleasant Town, NC
  661. Mount Rose, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  662. Mount Union Historic District, Mount Union Boro, PA
  663. Mount Vernon Square Historic District, City of Washington, DC
  664. Mount View, Mount Holly Twp, NJ
  665. Mountain District, Montclair Twp, NJ
  666. Mountain Home Estates, Londonderry Town, NH
  667. Mountain Lakes Historic District, Mountain Lakes Boro, NJ
  668. Mountain Meadows, Ashland City, OR
  669. Mountain Park, Exeter Twp, PA
  670. Mountain Terrace, Springdale City, AR
  671. Mountain Valley Estates, Moore Twp, PA
  672. Mountain VIew, Buckingham Twp, PA
  673. Mountain View, East Allen Twp, PA
  674. Mountain View, Pine Hill Boro, NJ
  675. Mountain View, Warwick Twp, PA
  676. Mountain View Acres, Lower Paxton Twp, PA
  677. Mountain View Estates, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  678. Mountainview, Ewing Twp, NJ
  679. Mountainview, Honey Brook Twp, PA
  680. Mountainview, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  681. Mountainville Historic District, Tewksbury Twp, NJ
  682. Mourningkill Meadows, Ballston Town, NY
  683. Moxham Historic District, Johnstown City, PA
  684. Mozart, Buckingham Twp, PA
  685. Mt Hope-Highland Historic District, Rochester City, NY
  686. Mt Lebanon Historic District, Mt Lebanon, PA
  687. Mt Washington, Cincinnati City, OH
  688. Muirfield, Medford Twp, NJ
  689. Muirfield Dell, Limerick Twp, PA
  690. Muitzes Kill Historic District, Schodack Town, NY
  691. Mulberry Creek, Tabernacle Twp, NJ
  692. Mulberry Estates, Wilton Town, NY
  693. Mulberry Park, Raleigh City, NC
  694. Mullica Chase, Harrison Twp, NJ
  695. Mullica Crossing, South Harrison Twp, NJ
  696. Mullica Hill Farms, Harrison Twp, NJ
  697. Mullica Station, Harrison Twp, NJ
  698. Mumbauersville, Milford Twp, PA
  699. Mumford, Wheatland Town, NY
  700. Mumford Heights, Longmont City, CO
  701. Mumford Place, Longmont City, CO
  702. Muncy Historic District, Muncy Boro, PA
  703. Munsonville, Mayfield Town, NY
  704. Murray Addition, Caldwell City, ID
  705. Murray Downtown Residential Historic District, Murray City, UT
  706. Murray Hill, Annapolis City, MD
  707. Murray Hill, Montpelier City, VT
  708. Murray Street Historic District, Mount Morris Village, NY
  709. Muskingum Woods, Shamong Twp, NJ
  710. Myers Glen, Honey Brook Boro, PA
  711. Myers Park, Mocksville Town, NC
  712. Myers Park Historic District, Charlotte City, NC
  713. Myrtle Heights-Oak Park Historic District, Myrtle Beach City, SC
  714. Myrtle Street Historic District, Magnolia City, MS
  715. Mystic Bridge Historic District, Stonington Town, CT
  716. Mystic Ridge, Cranberry Twp, PA
  717. Mystic River Historic District, Groton Town, CT