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Milford Shipyard Area Historic District

Milford City, Sussex County, DE

The Milford Shipyard Area Historic District [‡] was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 as part of the Milford Multiple Resource Area.

The shipyard area of Milford lies on the south bank of the Mispillion River and covers an area that includes the original Vinyard Shipyard (now Delaware Marine & Manufacturing) and surrounding workers' houses for this firm, as well as for the Abbott Shipyard, which no longer exists. It extends for only a few streets south of the river and east of the shipyard. The structures are all residences, except for the shipyard buildings, and include 18 buildings. With the river on its north end, the district is surrounded by a mix of residential buildings and commercial/industrial properties. The focus of the historic district is the only surviving shipyard left in Milford which forms the northern and western boundary of the historic district, and the river which is the northern boundary. The remainder of the district includes workers' houses that have only been altered by the addition of new exterior wall coverings. They still retain their original plan and form. Those houses beyond the bounds of the district have been changed from their original form to such an extent that they no longer convey the original architectural character of the shipyard workers' residences. The total acreage is 4 acres.

‡ Stephen G. Del Sordo, Historian, Delaware Bureau of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Milford Multiple Resource Area, Kent and Sussex Counties, Delaware, nomination document, 1980/1982, National Park Service, National Register of Historic places, Washington, D.C.

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