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McConnell Historic District

Carnesville City, Franklin County, GA

McConnell Historic District

Photo: McConnell House outbuildings, photographed by wikipedia username:Upstateherd, 2015, creative commons, 3.0, www.wikipedia,org, accessed December, 2020.

The McConnell Historic District [†] is a historic rural crossroads community composed of farm complexes and several community resources along the Old Federal Road at its intersection with Plain View and Strange Roads. The small farm complexes that make up this community consist of farmhouses, associated outbuildings, and surrounding agricultural fields. The houses and outbuildings were constructed from about 1870 into the 1940s. The most intact complex of farm buildings is the McConnell House and associated outbuildings. The house is a one-story, hipped-roof house with a modified Georgian plan constructed c. 1906. The house is set in a landscaped yard with a wide variety of trees, shrubs, hedges, and flowers. Behind the house is a large collection of outbuildings, including several barns, a chicken house, a corn crib, a potato cellar, storage sheds, and outhouses. The property's earlier 1879 house and barn also remain on the property. The community's 1905 school building and a c. 1910 store/meeting hall are located at the crossroad intersection.

The McConnell Historic District is significant in architecture for its historic farmhouses, outbuildings, and community buildings. The houses represent the types of houses typically constructed as rural Georgia farmhouses from ca. 1870 into the 1920s. The outbuildings are examples of the types of domestic and agricultural outbuildings built on small farms in north Georgia during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The school and store are typical early 20th-century community buildings.

The district is significant in agriculture for its small farm complexes typically found in north Georgia and along this portion of the Old Federal Road. The majority of farms in the area were small subsistence farms, raising crops and livestock to sustain the families who lived there. Crops included corn, oats, wheat, and vegetables. Cotton was grown as a cash crop, but only on a small scale. Tenant farming was also done on several of this district's farms.

† The McConnell Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996; documentation was produce by staff of the Georgia Mountains Regional Development Center, in 1990, updated in 1996 by Historic Preservation Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Street Names
Plain View Road • State Route 51