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Mills Mill

Greenville City, Greenville County, SC

This former mill, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been converted to residential condos. The development (The Lofts at Mills Mill) has an outdoor swimming pool and indoor fitness center included in the amenities available to homeowners.

Mill History [1]


Constructed in 1894-1895, the Mills Mill building is a three-story, brick building. The building is in the shape of an ell and contains over 100,000 square feet. The exterior features round arch windows and the five-story tower has corbelled brickwork. On the east facade is a five-story square tower with arched windows and an open arcade. Two one-story, brick buildings with arched windows and a brick smokestack are also located on the property. The original steam engine has been removed.


Mills Mill was one of the major mill complexes located within the city of Greenville in the nineteenth century. It was built by Captain Otis P. Mills after the formation of the Mills Manufacturing Company in 1894. The mill opened with a capacity of 5,000 spindles but was expanded to include 27,000 spindles and 740 looms by 1903. Products of the mill were fine cotton sheeting, twills and satins. The Mills company also built an adjacent mill village which included 120 houses, a YMCA, two churches and a public library. By 1903, over 500 people were employed by the Mills Manufacturing Company. In 1918 the mill was purchased by Reeves Brothers, Inc., and they operated the mill until 1979.

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