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Moriah Town, Essex County, NY

Beginnings [1]

Mineville: While most early settlements occurred near the lakeshore at Port Henry and two to three miles inland in the vicinity of Moriah Corners, a small number of pioneers made their way seven miles inland to the area which became known as Mineville. In 1805 Deacon Sanford, the first settler associated with mining at Mineville, purchased a tract of land in that area which contained some of the richest iron ore deposits in the world. When he had the site surveyed in 1810, the presence of ore greatly disturbed the surveyor's needle, especially along the common lines of those lots which became identified as #21, 23, 24, and 25. However, because iron was not generally recognized as a marketable commodity, it was a number of years before any effort was made to obtain iron from this site.

Lot #25 was the earliest to be dug when, in 1824, Mr. Sandord sold two quarter shares to Harry Sherman and Elijah Bishop for the purpose of beginning work on a mine. Their operations were started on the northeast corner of what later became known as the Old Sanford Bed. Lots 23 and 24 also received early attention when the owner, Jeremiah Cook, began exploration on the line between lots 23 and 25. He also sold interests or shares for the purpose of developing a mine; excavation began in 1825.

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