Neighborhood Names Beginning with the Letter W

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  1. Waddington Historic District, Waddington Village, NY
  2. Wadesboro Downtown Historic District, Wadesboro Town, NC
  3. Wadhams Mills, Westport Town, NY
  4. Wainwright at Whitemarsh, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  5. Waiting Rock, Bethel Twp, PA
  6. Wake Forest Historic District, Wake Forest Town, NC
  7. Wakefield Estates, Cranberry Twp, PA
  8. Wakefield Meadows, Zebulon Town, NC
  9. Wakefield Village Historic District, Wakefield Town, NH
  10. Wakefields Oak Grove, Zebulon Town, NC
  11. Wakelon Townhomes, Zebulon Town, NC
  12. Walden Chase, Winslow Twp, NJ
  13. Walden Fields, Bethlehem Town, NY
  14. Walden Glen, Evesham Twp, NJ
  15. Walden Pond, Cranberry Twp, PA
  16. Walden Ridge, Charlotte City, NC
  17. Walden Square, Newtown Twp, PA
  18. Walden Woods, Horsham Twp, PA
  19. Walden Woods, Toms River Twp, NJ
  20. Waldron and Young, Bellingham City, WA
  21. Walker Square, Charlottesville City, VA
  22. Walkers Acres, Perkasie Boro, PA
  23. Wallace Drive, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  24. Wallace Woods Area Residential Historic District, Covington City, KY
  25. Wallingford, Nether Providence Twp, PA
  26. Wallingford, Seattle City, WA
  27. Wallingford Center Historic District, Wallingford Town, CT
  28. Wallingford Hill, Seattle City, WA
  29. Wallingford Way, Shamong Twp, NJ
  30. Wallingford-Meridian Streetcar Historic District, Seattle City, WA
  31. Wallins Corners, Amsterdam Town, NY
  32. Walmere Manor, Whitpain Twp, PA
  33. Walnut Bank Farms, Richland Twp, PA
  34. Walnut Creek, Frankfort Village, IL
  35. Walnut Crossing Apartments, Limerick Twp, PA
  36. Walnut Farms, Limerick Twp, PA
  37. Walnut Glen, Harrison Twp, NJ
  38. Walnut Glen, New London Twp, PA
  39. Walnut Grove, Limerick Twp, PA
  40. Walnut Grove, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  41. Walnut Grove, New London Twp, PA
  42. Walnut Hill, Abington Twp, PA
  43. Walnut Hill Historic District, New Britain City, CT
  44. Walnut Manor, Maidencreek Twp, PA
  45. Walnut Meadows, Towamencin Twp, PA
  46. Walnut Park, Ocean Springs City, MS
  47. Walnut Park Historic District, Syracuse City, NY
  48. Walnut Pond, Middletown Town, MD
  49. Walnut Ridge, Doylestown Twp, PA
  50. Walnut Ridge, Newtown Twp, PA
  51. Walnut Ridge Estates, Lower Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  52. Walnut Shade Farm, Milford Twp, PA
  53. Walnut Street Historic District, Oneonta City, NY
  54. Walnut Street Historic District, Springfield City, MO
  55. Walnut-Chancellor Historic District, Philadelphia City, PA
  56. Walterboro Historic District, Walterboro City, SC
  57. Waltham Woods, Shamong Twp, NJ
  58. Walton Pond, Whitpain Twp, PA
  59. Wanaque Reserve, Wanaque Boro, NJ
  60. Wannalancit Street Historic District, Lowell City, MA
  61. Wappingers Falls Historic District, Wappingers Falls Village, NY
  62. Warfield Estates, Chester, VA
  63. Warm Springs Avenue Historic District, Boise City, ID
  64. Warminster, Warminster Twp, PA
  65. Warminster Heights, Warminster Twp, PA
  66. Warminster Village, Warminster Twp, PA
  67. Warner Meadows, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  68. Warren Historic District, Warren City, PA
  69. Warrensburg Hamlet, Warrensburg Town, NY
  70. Warrenton Historic District, Warrenton Town, NC
  71. Warrington Glen, Warrington Twp, PA
  72. Warrington Hunt, Warrington Twp, PA
  73. Warrington Lea, Warrington Twp, PA
  74. Warrington Oaks, Warrington Twp, PA
  75. Warrington Pointe, Warrington Twp, PA
  76. Warrington Ridge, Warrington Twp, PA
  77. Warrington Springs, Warrington Twp, PA
  78. Warrington Station, Warrington Twp, PA
  79. Warrington Village, Warrington Twp, PA
  80. Warsaw Historic District, Warsaw Town, NC
  81. Warwick Estates, Warwick Twp, PA
  82. Warwick Furnace Farms, Warwick Twp, PA
  83. Warwick Gardens, Red Bank Boro, NJ
  84. Warwick Greene, Warwick Twp, PA
  85. Warwick Grove, Warwick Village, NY
  86. Warwick Manor, Warwick Twp, PA
  87. Warwick Village Historic District, Warwick Village, NY
  88. Warwick Woods, Warwick Twp, PA
  89. Wasatch Vista Estates, Riverton City, UT
  90. Washington Avenue Historic District, Evansville City, IN
  91. Washington Avenue Historic District, Marietta City, GA
  92. Washington Farms, Cranberry Twp, PA
  93. Washington Green Historic District, Washington Town, CT
  94. Washington Greene, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  95. Washington Heights, Morrisville Boro, PA
  96. Washington Historic District, Washington City, NC
  97. Washington Hunt, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  98. Washington Leas, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  99. Washington Park Historic District, Albany City, NY
  100. Washington Park Historic District, Troy City, NY
  101. Washington Park Historic District, Winston-Salem City, NC
  102. Washington Place, Washington Twp, NJ
  103. Washington Residential Historic District, Dubuque City, IA
  104. Washington Ridge, New Milford Town, CT
  105. Washington Spring Road-Woods Road Historic District, Orangetown Town, NY
  106. Washington Square, East Norriton Twp, PA
  107. Washington Square Landmark District, Pasadena City, CA
  108. Washington Street Historic District, Middletown City, CT
  109. Washington Village, Newtown Boro, PA
  110. Washington Woods, Washington Twp, NJ
  111. Water Mill, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  112. Water Street Historic District, Lock Haven City, PA
  113. Water Street Historic District, Torrington City, CT
  114. Water Street-River Side Drive Historic District, Augusta City, KY
  115. Water Witch Club Historic District, Middletown Twp, NJ
  116. Waterberry Cove, Medford Twp, NJ
  117. Waterbury, London Britain Twp, PA
  118. Waterford, Chadds Ford Twp, PA
  119. Waterford, East Goshen Twp, PA
  120. Waterford, Tuscaloosa City, AL
  121. Waterford Court, Upper Saucon Twp, PA
  122. Waterford Crossing, Towamencin Twp, PA
  123. Waterford Estates, Newtown Twp, PA
  124. Waterford Estates, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  125. Waterford Gardens, Tuscaloosa City, AL
  126. Waterford Green, Winslow Twp, NJ
  127. Waterford Greene, Limerick Twp, PA
  128. Waterford Historic District, Waterford Boro, PA
  129. Waterford Place, Shiloh Village, IL
  130. Waterford Village Historic District, Waterford Village, NY
  131. Waterfront Estates, West Lampeter Twp, PA
  132. Waterfront Park Place Condos, Louisville City, KY
  133. Watergate, Maple Shade Twp, NJ
  134. Waterglen, Pocopson Twp, PA
  135. Waterman Farms, Noblesville City, IN
  136. Waterman Place-Kingsbury Place-Washington Terrace Historic District, St Louis City, MO
  137. Waters Edge, Evesham Twp, NJ
  138. Waters Edge, Newtown Twp, PA
  139. Waterside, Bensalem Twp, PA
  140. Waterside at Dillons Creek, Island Heights Boro, NJ
  141. Waterside Estates, Cartersville City, GA
  142. Waterstone, Louisville City, KY
  143. Watertown Center Historic District, Watertown Town, CT
  144. Waterview, East Goshen Twp, PA
  145. Waterview Place, New Hope Boro, PA
  146. Waterville Triangle Historic District, Waterville Village, NY
  147. Watervliet Shaker Historic District, Colonie Town, NY
  148. Waterworks, New Hope Boro, PA
  149. Watson Heights, Weisenberg Twp, PA
  150. Watson Run, Leacock Twp, PA
  151. Watson-Curtze Mansion, Erie City, PA
  152. Watsons Mill, London Britain Twp, PA
  153. Watsonville, Fulton Town, NY
  154. Waughtown-Belview Historic District, Winston-Salem City, NC
  155. Waumbek Cottages Historic District, Jefferson Town, NH
  156. Wauregan Historic District, Plainfield Town, CT
  157. Waverley Historic District, Enid City, OK
  158. Waverly, Lumberton Twp, NJ
  159. Waverly at Northampton, Northampton Twp, PA
  160. Waverly Court Condos, Farragut Town, TN
  161. Waverly Historic District, Abington Twp, PA
  162. Waverly Meadows, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  163. Waverly Place, Queensbury Town, NY
  164. Wawaset Park Historic District, Wilmington City, DE
  165. Waxhaw-Weddington Roads Historic District, Monroe City, NC
  166. Wayland Circle, Bensalem Twp, PA
  167. Waynebrook Village, Honey Brook Boro, PA
  168. Waynefield, Upper Merion Twp, PA
  169. Waynes Crossing, West Norriton Twp, PA
  170. Waynesboro Historic District, Waynesboro Boro, PA
  171. Waynesborough Woods, Easttown Twp, PA
  172. Waynesbrooke East, Easttown Twp, PA
  173. Waynesbrooke West, Easttown Twp, PA
  174. Waynesburg Historic District, Waynesburg Boro, PA
  175. Waynewood, Upper Merion Twp, PA
  176. Wayside, Limerick Twp, PA
  177. Weather Vane Farms, East Greenwich Twp, NJ
  178. Weatherby, Tuscaloosa City, AL
  179. Weatherby, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  180. Weatherfield, Cary Town, NC
  181. Weatherfield, Guilderland Town, NY
  182. Weatherfield, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  183. Weatherlea, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  184. Weatherly Hills, Farragut Town, TN
  185. Weathersfield Acres, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  186. Weathersfield Estates, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  187. Weathersfield Lakes, Schaumburg Village, IL
  188. Weatherstone, West Vincent Twp, PA
  189. Weavers Pond, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  190. Weavers Pond, Zebulon Town, NC
  191. Weaversville, East Allen Twp, PA
  192. Weavertown, Amity Twp, PA
  193. Weber Park, Ewing Twp, NJ
  194. Wedgewood, Granite Bay, CA
  195. Wedgewood, Greeley City, CO
  196. Wedgewood, Lansdale Boro, PA
  197. Wedgewood, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  198. Wedgewood, New Haven City, CT
  199. Wedgewood, South Coventry Twp, PA
  200. Wedgewood, Washington Twp, NJ
  201. Wedgewood, Zebulon Town, NC
  202. Wedgewood Creek, Little Rock City, AR
  203. Wedgewood Estates, Caln Twp, PA
  204. Wedgewood Forest, Washington Twp, NJ
  205. Wedgewood Glen, Dublin City, OH
  206. Wedgewood Greene, Northampton Twp, PA
  207. Wedgewood Greens, Washington Twp, NJ
  208. Wedgewood Heights, Fort Smith City, AR
  209. Wedgewood Hills, Dublin City, OH
  210. Wedgewood of Sanibel Condos, Sanibel City, FL
  211. Wedgewood Park, Phoenix City, AZ
  212. Wedgewood Trace, Glencoe City, AL
  213. Weequahic Park Historic District, Newark City, NJ
  214. Weir Farm, Northampton Twp, PA
  215. Weisenberg Country Estates, Weisenberg Twp, PA
  216. Weiser Court, Womelsdorf Boro, PA
  217. Wekiva Crossing, Apopka City, FL
  218. Weldon Historic District, Weldon Town, NC
  219. Welkinweir, East Nantmeal Twp, PA
  220. Wellesley Hills, Warminster Twp, PA
  221. Wellesley Hunt, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  222. Wellington Court, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  223. Wellington Downes, Wyomissing Boro, PA
  224. Wellington East, Clinton Twp, NJ
  225. Wellington Estates, Bensalem Twp, PA
  226. Wellington Estates, Buckingham Twp, PA
  227. Wellington Estates, Middletown Twp, PA
  228. Wellington Estates, Noblesville City, IN
  229. Wellington Estates, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  230. Wellington Hunt, East Fallowfield Twp, PA
  231. Wellington Manor, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  232. Wellington Manor, Washington Twp, NJ
  233. Wellington North, Noblesville City, IN
  234. Wellington Northeast, Noblesville City, IN
  235. Wellington Park, Cinnaminson Twp, NJ
  236. Wellington Village, West Rockhill Twp, PA
  237. Wellington West, Cinnaminson Twp, NJ
  238. Wellington Woods, Bordentown Twp, NJ
  239. Wellington Woods, Medford Twp, NJ
  240. Wellsboro Historic District, Wellsboro Boro, PA
  241. Wellshire, Denver City, CO
  242. Welsh Ayres, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  243. Welsh Woods, Cumru Twp, PA
  244. Wendell Boulevard Historic District, Wendell Town, NC
  245. Wendover Commons, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  246. Wendy Hills, Crestwood City, KY
  247. Wentworth, Burlington Twp, NJ
  248. Wentworth, East Goshen Twp, PA
  249. Wentworth Manor, Suwanee City, GA
  250. Werleys Corner, Weisenberg Twp, PA
  251. Werner Farm, Spring Twp, PA
  252. Wertland Street Historic District, Charlottesville City, VA
  253. Wesley Chapel Acres, Wesley Chapel, FL
  254. Wesley Heights, City of Washington, DC
  255. Wesley Heights Historic District, Charlotte City, NC
  256. Wesleyan Woods, Delaware City, OH
  257. West 11th Place Historic District, Houston City, TX
  258. West 21st Street Historic District, Erie City, PA
  259. West Acres, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  260. West Alexander Historic District, West Alexander Boro, PA
  261. West Barre, Barre Town, NY
  262. West Berne, Berne Town, NY
  263. West Boulevard Historic District, Hartford City, CT
  264. West Bountiful Historic District, West Bountiful City, UT
  265. West Bristol, Bristol Twp, PA
  266. West Chapel Hill Historic District, Chapel Hill Town, NC
  267. West Conesville, Conesville Town, NY
  268. West Court Street, Doylestown Boro, PA
  269. West Davis Street-Fountain Place Historic District, Burlington City, NC
  270. West End, Providence City, RI
  271. West End Historic District, Fort Wayne City, IN
  272. West End Historic District, New Britain City, CT
  273. West End Historic District, Norristown Boro, PA
  274. West End Historic District, Winston-Salem City, NC
  275. West End North Historic District, Hartford City, CT
  276. West End South Historic District, Hartford City, CT
  277. West Fulton, Fulton Town, NY
  278. West Glen, Westtown Twp, PA
  279. West Glenville Village, Glenville Town, NY
  280. West Goshen Historic District, Goshen Town, CT
  281. West Granby Historic District, Granby Town, CT
  282. West Haven Green Historic District, West Haven City, CT
  283. West Haven Historic District, Rocky Mount City, NC
  284. West High Street Historic District, High Point City, NC
  285. West Hill, Rotterdam Town, NY
  286. West Hill Estates, Little Compton Town, RI
  287. West Hill Historic District, West Hartford Town, CT
  288. West Hill Residential Historic District, Chippewa Falls City, WI
  289. West Hills, Lawrence City, KS
  290. West Hunt, Doylestown Twp, PA
  291. West Jamaica, Jamaica Town, VT
  292. West Line Historic District, Austin City, TX
  293. West Main Street Historic District, Lincolnton City, NC
  294. West Main Street Historic District, Richfield Springs Village, NY
  295. West Main Street Historic District, Town of Forest City, NC
  296. West Main-North Chesnutt Streets Historic District, Clinton City, NC
  297. West Market Street Historic District, Danville Boro, PA
  298. West Martinsburg Historic District, Martinsburg City, WV
  299. West Meadows, West Grove Boro, PA
  300. West Middletown Historic District, West Middletown Boro, PA
  301. West Nash Street Historic District, Wilson City, NC
  302. West Neck Road Historic District, Huntington Town, NY
  303. West Ninth Streetcar Line Historic District, Des Moines City, IA
  304. West Oak Lane, Philadelphia City, PA
  305. West Overton Historic District, East Huntingdon Twp, PA
  306. West Park Historic District, Allentown City, PA
  307. West Park Place, Erie City, PA
  308. West Point, Upper Gwynedd Twp, PA
  309. West Raleigh Historic District, Raleigh City, NC
  310. West Ridge, Amity Twp, PA
  311. West Riding, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  312. West Salem Historic District, Winston-Salem City, NC
  313. West Sand Lake, Sand Lake Town, NY
  314. West Second Street Residential Historic District, Hastings City, MN
  315. West Settlers Historic District, Delray Beach City, FL
  316. West Side Historic District, Hendersonville City, NC
  317. West Side Historic District, Saratoga Springs City, NY
  318. West Sixth Street Historic District, Erie City, PA
  319. West Springfield Village, Springfield, VA
  320. West Stockholm Historic District, Stockholm Town, NY
  321. West Tahoe Park, Sacramento City, CA
  322. West Trenton, Ewing Twp, NJ
  323. West Union Residential Historic District, West Union Town, WV
  324. West Village Historic District, Buffalo City, NY
  325. West Winds, Jonesboro City, GA
  326. West Windsor Estates, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  327. West Wynd, Northampton Twp, PA
  328. West Wynn, Westtown Twp, PA
  329. Westampton Courts, Westampton Twp, NJ
  330. Westampton Woods, Westampton Twp, NJ
  331. Westbrook, Wilton Town, NY
  332. Westbrook at Weathersfield, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  333. Westbrook at Weathersfield Townhomes, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  334. Westbrook Estates, Mahomet Village, IL
  335. Westbrook Park, Clifton Heights Boro, PA
  336. Westbrook Park, Upper Darby Twp, PA
  337. Westbrook-Ardmore Historic District, Wilmington City, NC
  338. Westbury Chase, Evesham Twp, NJ
  339. Westbury Manor, Coppell City, TX
  340. Westchester Gardens, Madison City, WI
  341. Westchester Woods, Bethlehem Town, NY
  342. Western Hills, Delaware City, OH
  343. Western Union Building Condos, Philadelphia City, PA
  344. Westfield Hills, Delaware City, OH
  345. Westfield Leas, Cinnaminson Twp, NJ
  346. Westgate, Montgomery Twp, PA
  347. Westgate, South Heidelberg Twp, PA
  348. Westgate at Beaver Brook, Clinton Twp, NJ
  349. Westgate Hills, Haverford Twp, PA
  350. Westheight Manor Historic District, Kansas City, KS
  351. Westminster Estates, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  352. Westmont Historic District, Westmont Boro, PA
  353. Westmoor Addition, Fort Wayne City, IN
  354. Westmoor Park, Fort Wayne City, IN
  355. Westmoreland Historic District, Houston City, TX
  356. Westmoreland Place Historic District, Salt Lake City, UT
  357. Westmount, Westtown Twp, PA
  358. Weston Downtown Residential Historic District, Weston City, WV
  359. Weston Village, Nether Providence Twp, PA
  360. Westover, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  361. Westover Crossing, West Norriton Twp, PA
  362. Westover Harbor, West Norriton Twp, PA
  363. Westover Woods, West Norriton Twp, PA
  364. Westport, Westport Town, NY
  365. Westport Farm, Franconia Twp, PA
  366. Westport Farm, Hatfield Twp, PA
  367. Westridge, Hudson Town, MA
  368. Westridge, Phoenixville Boro, PA
  369. Westtown Chase, West Goshen Twp, PA
  370. Westtown Hillside, Westtown Twp, PA
  371. Westtown Mews, Westtown Twp, PA
  372. Westview, Northampton Twp, PA
  373. Westview Farms, New London Twp, PA
  374. Westview Heights, Franklin City, KY
  375. Westview Terrace, Womelsdorf Boro, PA
  376. Westville Grove, Deptford Twp, NJ
  377. Westville Oaks, Deptford Twp, NJ
  378. Westwinds, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  379. Westwyk, Doylestown Twp, PA
  380. Wetherburn, Manheim Twp, PA
  381. Wetherill Estates, West Vincent Twp, PA
  382. Wethersfield, Medford Twp, NJ
  383. Wethersfield, Montgomery Twp, PA
  384. Wexford Estates, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  385. Wexford Place, Louisville City, KY
  386. Wexford Walk, Burlington Twp, NJ
  387. Weyhill Estates, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  388. Weyhill Woods, Upper Saucon Twp, PA
  389. Whaleys Lake, Jonesboro City, GA
  390. Whartons Bluff, Millsboro Town, DE
  391. Wheatland Farms, New London Twp, PA
  392. Wheatland Hills, Athens City, TN
  393. Wheatland South, Wheatland Twp, IL
  394. Wheatley Meadows, Harrison Twp, NJ
  395. Wheeler Hill Historic District, Wappinger Town, NY
  396. Wheeler Landing, Jacksboro Town, TN
  397. Wheeler Pond, Creedmoor City, NC
  398. Whelan Crossing, Hampden Twp, PA
  399. Whisper Lake, Washington Twp, NJ
  400. Whisper Ridge, Warrington Twp, PA
  401. Whispering Farms, Upper Macungie Twp, PA
  402. Whispering Grove, Jackson Twp, NJ
  403. Whispering Hollow, Jonesboro City, GA
  404. Whispering Meadows, Jackson Twp, NJ
  405. Whispering Meadows, Westminster City, MD
  406. Whispering Oaks, Washington Twp, NJ
  407. Whispering Pines, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  408. Whispering Woods, Canton Town, CT
  409. Whispering Woods, Medford Twp, NJ
  410. Whispering Woods, Middletown Twp, PA
  411. Whispering Woods, Rocky Hill Town, CT
  412. White Birch, Medford Twp, NJ
  413. White Blossom, Louisville City, KY
  414. White Cedars, Winslow Twp, NJ
  415. White Chimneys, East Goshen Twp, PA
  416. White Clay Glen, London Britain Twp, PA
  417. White Creek Historic District, White Creek Town, NY
  418. White Gate, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  419. White Grove, Fort Mill Town, SC
  420. White Horse, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  421. White Horse, Newtown Twp, PA
  422. White Horse Pike Residential Historic District, Haddon Heights Boro, NJ
  423. White Horse Village, Willistown Twp, PA
  424. White Oak Estates, Senatobia City, MS
  425. White Oak Farm, Hilltown Twp, PA
  426. White Oak New Town Historic District, Greensboro City, NC
  427. White Oaks Crossing, Oak Grove City, MO
  428. White Pines at Skippack, Skippack Twp, PA
  429. White Springs at Providence, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  430. White Swan, West Deptford Twp, NJ
  431. White Swan East, West Deptford Twp, NJ
  432. Whiteaker, Eugene City, OR
  433. Whitebriar, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  434. Whitebriar, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  435. Whitebridge, Evesham Twp, NJ
  436. Whitegate, Upper Merion Twp, PA
  437. Whitehall Village, Fairview Twp, PA
  438. Whitehorne, Warrington Twp, PA
  439. Whitehorse, Charlestown Twp, PA
  440. Whitehorse Meadows, Charlestown Twp, PA
  441. Whiteland Crest, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  442. Whiteland Farms, East Whiteland Twp, PA
  443. Whiteland Glen, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  444. Whiteland Hills, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  445. Whiteland Ridge, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  446. Whiteland Woods, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  447. Whitemarsh, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  448. Whitemarsh Chase, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  449. Whitemarsh Hills, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  450. Whitemarsh Hunt, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  451. Whitemarsh Valley Farms, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  452. Whitemarsh Village, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  453. Whitemarsh Woods, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  454. Whitetail Deer Estates, Moore Twp, PA
  455. Whitewood, Bristol Twp, PA
  456. Whitewoods, East Whiteland Twp, PA
  457. Whitfield at Metuchen, Metuchen Boro, NJ
  458. Whitford Commons, East Caln Twp, PA
  459. Whitford Hill, Muhlenberg Twp, PA
  460. Whitford Hills, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  461. Whitford Hills, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  462. Whitford Ridge, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  463. Whitford Village, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  464. Whiting Station at Crestwood, Manchester Twp, NJ
  465. Whitley Farm, Winslow Twp, NJ
  466. Whitman Square, Washington Twp, NJ
  467. Whitney Avenue Historic District, New Haven City, CT
  468. Whitney Estates, Colonie Town, NY
  469. Whitney Fields, Kinderhook Town, NY
  470. Whitpain Farm, Whitpain Twp, PA
  471. Whitpain Hills, Whitpain Twp, PA
  472. Whitpain Woods, Whitpain Twp, PA
  473. Whitsett Historic District, Whitsett Town, NC
  474. Whittemore Estates, Londonderry Town, NH
  475. Whittington Creek, Knoxville City, TN
  476. Wicker Park, Chicago City, IL
  477. Wickersham Estates, East Marlborough Twp, PA
  478. Wickerton Farms, London Grove Twp, PA
  479. Wickerton Heights, Pottstown Boro, PA
  480. Wickham Place, Bedminster Twp, PA
  481. Wickham Road Historic District, East Haddam Town, CT
  482. Wilbourne Acres, Schuylkill Twp, PA
  483. Wilburtha, Ewing Twp, NJ
  484. Wild Goose Farms, Westtown Twp, PA
  485. Wilderness Acres, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  486. Wilderness Acres, Shamong Twp, NJ
  487. Wildwood Estates, Stockbridge City, GA
  488. Wildwood Green, Raleigh City, NC
  489. Wildwood Park Historic District, Fort Wayne City, IN
  490. Willamette Falls Neighborhood Historic District, West Linn City, OR
  491. William D Bishop Cottage Development Historic District, Bridgeport City, CT
  492. William Enston Home, Charleston City, SC
  493. William Penn Villas, Limerick Twp, PA
  494. Williams Landing and Eastern Downtown Residential Historic District, Greenwood City, MS
  495. Williams Memorial Park Historic District, New London City, CT
  496. Williamsburg, Edgewater Park Twp, NJ
  497. Williamsburg, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  498. Williamsburg Commons, Upper Merion Twp, PA
  499. Williamsburg Historic District, Williamsburg Boro, PA
  500. Williamsburg Village, Bordentown Twp, NJ
  501. Williamsburg Village, Evesham Twp, NJ
  502. Williamsburg Village, Towamencin Twp, PA
  503. Williamston Historic District, Williamston Town, NC
  504. Willington Common Historic District, Willington Town, CT
  505. Willistown Acres, Willistown Twp, PA
  506. Willistown Chase, Willistown Twp, PA
  507. Willistown Hunt, Willistown Twp, PA
  508. Willistown Knoll, Willistown Twp, PA
  509. Willistown Woods, Willistown Twp, PA
  510. Willits Pond, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  511. Willo Historic District, Phoenix City, AZ
  512. Willow Bend, Jonesboro City, GA
  513. Willow Bend, Northampton Twp, PA
  514. Willow Creek, Creedmoor City, NC
  515. Willow Farms, Warminster Twp, PA
  516. Willow Gardens, Maidencreek Twp, PA
  517. Willow Gate Farm, New Hanover Twp, PA
  518. Willow Glen, Kennett Twp, PA
  519. Willow Glen, Ontelaunee Twp, PA
  520. Willow Glen North, Pikesville, MD
  521. Willow Greene, Northampton Twp, PA
  522. Willow Greene North, Northampton Twp, PA
  523. Willow Greene South, Northampton Twp, PA
  524. Willow Knoll, Warrington Twp, PA
  525. Willow Lake Estates, Elgin City, IL
  526. Willow Lake Estates, Foley City, AL
  527. Willow Manor, Abington Twp, PA
  528. Willow Manor, Upper Dublin Twp, PA
  529. Willow Oaks, Greensboro City, NC
  530. Willow Oaks, Hampton City, VA
  531. Willow Penn, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  532. Willow Pond Farms, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  533. Willow Ponds, New London Twp, PA
  534. Willow Ridge, Darnestown, MD
  535. Willow Ridge, Deptford Twp, NJ
  536. Willow Ridge, Evesham Twp, NJ
  537. Willow Ridge, Smithtown Town, NY
  538. Willow Run, Limerick Twp, PA
  539. Willow Springs, New Milford Town, CT
  540. Willow Springs, Stockbridge City, GA
  541. Willow Stream, Milford Twp, PA
  542. Willow Way, Upper Moreland Twp, PA
  543. Willow Wisp Farms, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  544. Willow Wood, Falls Twp, PA
  545. Willowbank, Middletown Twp, PA
  546. Willowbrook, Hendersonville City, NC
  547. Willowbrook, Horsham Twp, PA
  548. Willowbrook, Upper Chichester Twp, PA
  549. Willowbrook, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  550. Willowbrook Farms, Harrison Twp, NJ
  551. Willowdale Crossing, East Marlborough Twp, PA
  552. Willowick, Pearland City, TX
  553. Willowmere, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  554. Willowmere, Upper Dublin Twp, PA
  555. Willowmere, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  556. Willows, Northampton Twp, PA
  557. Wilmington Historic District, Wilmington City, NC
  558. Wilshire, Spring Twp, PA
  559. Wilshire Glen, Indianapolis City, IN
  560. Wilshire Glen, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  561. Wilshire Hunt, Solebury Twp, PA
  562. Wilshyre Village, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  563. Wilson Estates, East Nottingham Twp, PA
  564. Wilton Center Historic District, Wilton Town, CT
  565. Wilton Historic District, Los Angeles City, CA
  566. Wiltons Corner, Winslow Twp, NJ
  567. Wiltree, College Twp, PA
  568. Wiltshire, East Marlborough Twp, PA
  569. Wiltshire at Oxford, East Nottingham Twp, PA
  570. Wiltshire Walk, Newtown Twp, PA
  571. Wimbledon, Hatfield Twp, PA
  572. Winchester Estates, Upper Freehold Twp, NJ
  573. Winchester Farms, Cranberry Twp, PA
  574. Winchester Glen, Tabernacle Twp, NJ
  575. Winchester Lakes, Cranberry Twp, PA
  576. Winchester Park, Buckingham Twp, PA
  577. Wincrest Estates, Skippack Twp, PA
  578. Windber Historic District, Windber Boro, PA
  579. Windbrook, Knoxville City, TN
  580. Windemere, Mint Hill Town, NC
  581. Winder Village, Bristol Twp, PA
  582. Winderly, Edgmont Twp, PA
  583. Windermere, Deptford Twp, NJ
  584. Windermere, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  585. Windermere, Newtown Twp, PA
  586. Windermere, Shamong Twp, NJ
  587. Windermere, Whitpain Twp, PA
  588. Windgate Farms, East Vincent Twp, PA
  589. Windham, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  590. Windham Center Historic District, Windham Town, CT
  591. Winding Brook, Bensalem Twp, PA
  592. Winding Brook Estates, Towamencin Twp, PA
  593. Winding Brook Estates, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  594. Winding Brooke Estates, Lower Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  595. Winding Creek, Douglass Twp, PA
  596. Winding Creek, Solebury Twp, PA
  597. Winding Ridge, Chapel Hill Town, NC
  598. Winding River, Phoenixville Boro, PA
  599. Windlestrae, New Hanover Twp, PA
  600. Windmere Grove, Plainsboro Twp, NJ
  601. Windmill Village, Northampton Twp, PA
  602. Windmill Village West, Northampton Twp, PA
  603. Windom Park Residential Historic District, Winona City, MN
  604. Windridge, East Caln Twp, PA
  605. Windrose Estates, Northampton Twp, PA
  606. Windrow Clusters, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  607. Windrush, Warwick Twp, PA
  608. Windsong, Warrington Twp, PA
  609. Windsor, London Britain Twp, PA
  610. Windsor, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  611. Windsor at Glen Mills, Concord Twp, PA
  612. Windsor Chase, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  613. Windsor Crossing, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  614. Windsor Crossing, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  615. Windsor Crossing, Windsor Twp, PA
  616. Windsor Estates, Shiloh Village, IL
  617. Windsor Farm, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  618. Windsor Farms Historic District, South Windsor Town, CT
  619. Windsor Forest, Washington Twp, NJ
  620. Windsor Haven, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  621. Windsor Heights, Upper Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  622. Windsor Hill, Hatfield Twp, PA
  623. Windsor Hills Historic District, City of Baltimore, MD
  624. Windsor Historic District, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  625. Windsor Historic District, Windsor Town, NC
  626. Windsor Hunt, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  627. Windsor Meadows, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  628. Windsor Meadows, Windsor Twp, PA
  629. Windsor Mill, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  630. Windsor Park, Cherry Hill Twp, NJ
  631. Windsor Park, Willingboro Twp, NJ
  632. Windsor Park Estates, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  633. Windsor Park Historic District, Brunswick City, GA
  634. Windsor Pass, Horsham Twp, PA
  635. Windsor Pointe, Clifton Park Town, NY
  636. Windsor Ponds, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  637. Windsor Regency, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  638. Windsor Ridge, Raleigh City, NC
  639. Windsor Ridge, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  640. Windsor Ridge, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  641. Windsor Square, Buckingham Twp, PA
  642. Windsor Trace, Indian Land, SC
  643. Windsor Village Historic District, Windsor Village, NY
  644. Windsor Woods, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  645. Windswept, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  646. Windtree, Plumstead Twp, PA
  647. Windward Chase, Buckingham Twp, PA
  648. Windwood Heights, Cranberry Twp, PA
  649. Windy Bush, Middletown Twp, PA
  650. Windy Bush Hills, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  651. Windy Creek, New Hanover Twp, PA
  652. Windy Hill, Pocopson Twp, PA
  653. Windy Hills, Louisville City, KY
  654. Windy Hollow, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  655. Windy Way, South Harrison Twp, NJ
  656. Winfall Historic District, Winfall Town, NC
  657. Winfield, Martinsburg City, WV
  658. Winfield on the River, Johns Creek City, GA
  659. Winfield Place, Buckingham Twp, PA
  660. Wingate Farms, Franklin Twp, PA
  661. Winners Circle, Montgomery Twp, PA
  662. Winnington Circle, Charlotte City, NC
  663. Winnisimet Farms, Tiverton Town, RI
  664. Winona Historic District, Norfolk City, VA
  665. Winsted Green Historic District, Winchester Town, CT
  666. Winter Woods, Port Orange City, FL
  667. Winterfield, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  668. Wintergreen, Evesham Twp, NJ
  669. Winterhaven Historic District, Tucson City, AZ
  670. Winterset Farms, Bethel Twp, PA
  671. Winterwood, Pocopson Twp, PA
  672. Wismer, Plumstead Twp, PA
  673. Wistarwood, Bristol Twp, PA
  674. Witherbee, Moriah Town, NY
  675. Witherington Heights, Northampton Twp, PA
  676. Wolcott Green Historic District, Wolcott Town, CT
  677. Wolcott Square Historic District, Wolcott Village, NY
  678. Wolf Creek, Dover City, DE
  679. Wolf Creek, Louisville City, KY
  680. Wolf Pen Woods, Prospect City, KY
  681. Wolfe Trace, New Albany City, IN
  682. Womelsdorf Historic District, Womelsdorf Boro, PA
  683. Wood Crest, Aurora Town, NY
  684. Wood Hollow, Montgomery Twp, PA
  685. Wood Lake, Northampton Twp, PA
  686. Wood Lark, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  687. Wood Streets Historic District, Riverside City, CA
  688. Woodbine Estates, Cranberry Twp, PA
  689. Woodbridge Green Historic District, Woodbridge Town, CT
  690. Woodbrook, Aston Twp, PA
  691. Woodbrook, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  692. Woodbrook, Montgomery Twp, PA
  693. Woodbrook, Upper Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  694. Woodbrook, Voorhees Twp, NJ
  695. Woodbrook Estates, Concord Twp, PA
  696. Woodbrook Estates, Doylestown Boro, PA
  697. Woodbrooke, West Brandywine Twp, PA
  698. Woodbury Gardens, Deptford Twp, NJ
  699. Woodbury Historic District 1, Woodbury Town, CT
  700. Woodbury Historic District 2, Woodbury Town, CT
  701. Woodchase, Farragut Town, TN
  702. Woodchase, Fuquay-Varina Town, NC
  703. Woodcliff, Springdale City, AR
  704. Woodcreek, Wimberley City, TX
  705. Woodcrest, Cherry Hill Twp, NJ
  706. Woodcrest, Kennett Twp, PA
  707. Woodcrest, Lambertville City, NJ
  708. Woodcrest Acres, Voorhees Twp, NJ
  709. Woodcrest Estates, East Coventry Twp, PA
  710. Woodcrest Hills, Springettsbury Twp, PA
  711. Wooded Glen, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  712. Wooded Ridge, Marlborough Twp, PA
  713. Woodfield, Buckingham Twp, PA
  714. Woodfield Estates, Warwick Twp, PA
  715. Woodford Hills, Avon Town, CT
  716. Woodgate, Lower Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  717. Woodgate, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  718. Woodgate, Upper Southampton Twp, PA
  719. Woodgreen, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  720. Woodhaven, Newport News City, VA
  721. Woodhaven Hills, Bensalem Twp, PA
  722. Woodhill, Doylestown Twp, PA
  723. Woodhill, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  724. Woodhill Farms, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  725. Woodhollow, Evesham Twp, NJ
  726. Woodin Oaks, Halfmoon Town, NY
  727. Woodlake, Evesham Twp, NJ
  728. Woodlake, Medford Twp, NJ
  729. Woodland Acres, Bethel Twp, PA
  730. Woodland Acres, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  731. Woodland Estates, East Norriton Twp, PA
  732. Woodland Estates, Lower Moreland Twp, PA
  733. Woodland Estates, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  734. Woodland Estates, Pittsford Town, NY
  735. Woodland Estates, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  736. Woodland Glen, Voorhees Twp, NJ
  737. Woodland Heights, Hudson Town, NH
  738. Woodland Heights Historic District, Houston City, TX
  739. Woodland Heights Historic District, Richmond City, VA
  740. Woodland Hills, Branford Town, CT
  741. Woodland Hills Country Club Estates, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  742. Woodland Hollow, Springfield Twp, PA
  743. Woodland Manor, Brecknock Twp, PA
  744. Woodland Manor, Morrisville Boro, PA
  745. Woodland Park, Haverhill City, MA
  746. Woodland Park Historic District, Saint Paul City, MN
  747. Woodland Ridge, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  748. Woodland Ridge, Stockbridge City, GA
  749. Woodland Run, Harrison Twp, NJ
  750. Woodland Terrace, Philadelphia City, PA
  751. Woodland View Estates, West Sadsbury Twp, PA
  752. Woodlands, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  753. Woodlands, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  754. Woodlands, Warrington Twp, PA
  755. Woodlands, West Whiteland Twp, PA
  756. Woodlands at Bryn Mawr, Radnor Twp, PA
  757. Woodlands at Hamilton, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  758. Woodlands at Warwick, Warwick Twp, PA
  759. Woodlark Farm, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  760. Woodlawn Historic District, Natchez City, MS
  761. Woodlea, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  762. Woodledge, Tewksbury Twp, NJ
  763. Woodleigh, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  764. Woodlyn, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  765. Woodlyn Crossing, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  766. Woodlyn West, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  767. Woodmere, Haverford Twp, PA
  768. Woodmill Pond, Gloucester Twp, NJ
  769. Woodmont, East Caln Twp, PA
  770. Woodmont, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  771. Woodmont, Lower Moreland Twp, PA
  772. Woodmont North, East Caln Twp, PA
  773. Woodridge, Doylestown Twp, PA
  774. Woodridge, Medford Twp, NJ
  775. Woodridge, South Coventry Twp, PA
  776. Woodridge, Wylie City, TX
  777. Woodridge East, Bensalem Twp, PA
  778. Woodruff Lake, Simpsonville City, SC
  779. Woodruff Place, Indianapolis City, IN
  780. Woods at Big Bear Farms, Powell City, OH
  781. Woods at Cranbury, Cranbury Twp, NJ
  782. Woods at Cream Ridge, Upper Freehold Twp, NJ
  783. Woods at Greentree, Washington Twp, NJ
  784. Woods at Gwynedd Valley, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  785. Woods at Harrison, Harrison Twp, NJ
  786. Woods at Hunters Run, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  787. Woods at Locust Curve, Delaware City, OH
  788. Woods at Makefield, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  789. Woods at Millbrook, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  790. Woods at Naamans, Bethel Twp, PA
  791. Woods at Northampton, Northampton Twp, PA
  792. Woods at Rock Raymond, Caln Twp, PA
  793. Woods at Sprogels Run, Lower Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  794. Woods at Washington, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  795. Woods Edge, Amity Twp, PA
  796. Woods Edge, Gloucester Twp, NJ
  797. Woods Edge, Manor Twp, PA
  798. Woods Edge, Montgomery Twp, NJ
  799. Woods Edge, Richland Twp, PA
  800. Woods Edge, Upper Makefield Twp, PA
  801. Woods Edge, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  802. Woods of Ashbridge, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  803. Woods of Indian Run, Dublin City, OH
  804. Woods of Langford, Marple Twp, PA
  805. Woods of Neshaminy, Bensalem Twp, PA
  806. Woods of Pebble Hill, Doylestown Twp, PA
  807. Woods of Sandy Ridge, Doylestown Twp, PA
  808. Woods of Saxony, Newtown Twp, PA
  809. Woods of Shavano, San Antonio City, TX
  810. Woods of Washington, Washington Twp, NJ
  811. Woods Plantation, Zebulon Town, NC
  812. Woodsdale, Garner Town, NC
  813. Woodsfield, Violet Twp, OH
  814. Woodshire, Wendell Town, NC
  815. Woodside, Robbinsville Twp, NJ
  816. Woodside Common, Milford Town, NH
  817. Woodside Knolls, Wallkill Town, NY
  818. Woodside Village, Upper Dublin Twp, PA
  819. Woodspring Meadows, West Rockhill Twp, PA
  820. Woodstock Hill Historic District, Woodstock Town, CT
  821. Woodstone, Lehigh Twp, PA
  822. Woodstream, Buckingham Twp, PA
  823. Woodstream, Evesham Twp, NJ
  824. Woodstream, Northampton Twp, PA
  825. Woodstream, Ridley Twp, PA
  826. Woodstream, Winslow Twp, NJ
  827. Woodview, Trumbauersville Boro, PA
  828. Woodview Estates, Howell Twp, NJ
  829. Woodward, Haines Twp, PA
  830. Woodward Hills, Brentwood City, TN
  831. Woodwind Estates, Canton Twp, MI
  832. Woodwind I, Plano City, IL
  833. Woodwinds, Hatboro Boro, PA
  834. Woolman Lake, Mount Holly Twp, NJ
  835. Wooster Square Historic District, New Haven City, CT
  836. Wootons, Covington City, KY
  837. Worcester Acres, Worcester Twp, PA
  838. Worcester Historic District, Worcester Town, NY
  839. Worington Commons, Willistown Twp, PA
  840. Wormansville, Tinicum Twp, PA
  841. Worthington Mill, Northampton Twp, PA
  842. Worthington Ridge Historic District, Berlin Town, CT
  843. Worthington Terrace, North Greenbush Town, NY
  844. Woxall, Upper Salford Twp, PA
  845. Wrenfield, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  846. Wrenfield, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  847. Wrenfield, Washington Twp, NJ
  848. Wrenwood, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  849. Wrights Crossing, Jonesboro City, GA
  850. Wrightstown, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  851. Wrightstown Hunt, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  852. Wrightsville, Upper Freehold Twp, NJ
  853. Wrightsville Historic District, Wrightsville Boro, PA
  854. Wunnershee Ackers, Moore Twp, PA
  855. Wyalusing Borough Historic District, Wyalusing Boro, PA
  856. Wychwood Glenn, Middletown Twp, PA
  857. Wyckfield, East Whiteland Twp, PA
  858. Wyckford Commons Perkasie, Perkasie Boro, PA
  859. Wyckford Commons Sellersville, Sellersville Boro, PA
  860. Wyckoffs Mill, Hightstown Boro, NJ
  861. Wycombe, Buckingham Twp, PA
  862. Wye Oak, Gloucester Twp, NJ
  863. Wyebrooke, West Nantmeal Twp, PA
  864. Wyllpen Farm, East Goshen Twp, PA
  865. Wynbrooke, Raleigh City, NC
  866. Wyncote, Cheltenham Twp, PA
  867. Wyncrest, Clifton Park Town, NY
  868. Wyncroft, Middletown Twp, PA
  869. Wyndam Hill, Winslow Twp, NJ
  870. Wyndam Hills, East Nottingham Twp, PA
  871. Wyndham, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  872. Wyndham, New Britain Twp, PA
  873. Wyndham Farm, Greenwich Twp, NJ
  874. Wyndham Hall, Farragut Town, TN
  875. Wyndham Hills, Sun Prairie City, WI
  876. Wyndham Place, Louisville City, KY
  877. Wyndham Terrace, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  878. Wyndham Woods, Hatfield Twp, PA
  879. Wyndham Woods, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  880. Wyndmoor Estates, Abington Twp, PA
  881. Wyndsor Reach, Windsor Twp, PA
  882. Wynfield Lane, Solebury Twp, PA
  883. Wyngate, Burlington Twp, NJ
  884. Wyngate, Cheltenham Twp, PA
  885. Wyngate at Medford, Medford Twp, NJ
  886. Wynmere, Horsham Twp, PA
  887. Wynmere Downs, Horsham Twp, PA
  888. Wynmere Hunt, Horsham Twp, PA
  889. Wynmont, Narberth Boro, PA
  890. Wynne Field Estates, Hilltown Twp, PA
  891. Wynnebrook Manor, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  892. Wynnefield, Bear, DE
  893. Wynnefield, Freehold Twp, NJ
  894. Wynnefield Heights, Philadelphia City, PA
  895. Wynnewood, Gibbsboro Boro, NJ
  896. Wynnewood, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  897. Wynnewood, West Brandywine Twp, PA
  898. Wynnewood Estates, Cranbury Twp, NJ
  899. Wynnewood Manor, Ewing Twp, NJ
  900. Wynnewood Plaza, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  901. Wynnmere, Rutland Town, VT
  902. Wynnwood, Brandywine Hundred, DE
  903. Wynrush, Knoxville City, TN
  904. Wynterhall, Dunwoody City, GA
  905. Wyntree Estates, Worcester Twp, PA
  906. Wynwood Estates, Montgomery Twp, PA
  907. Wyoming Village Historic District, Wyoming Village, NY
  908. Wytheburn, East Caln Twp, PA