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Middletown Town

Frederick County, Maryland

The Middletown Municipal Center is located at 31 West Main Street, Middletown, MD 21769.
Phone: 301-371-6171.

Development in the Middletown Valley began about 1740 with English settlers. These were soon followed by German immigrants who came to dominate the Valley. The Town of Middletown was originally laid out by Michael Jesserong, who deeded building lots described as being in the Town of Middletown [†]. The origin of the name is unclear, perhaps owing to the central location of the Town in the valley between the Catoctin and Blue Ridge (or South) Mountains.


Middletown has experienced many historical events that occurred during our nation's development. In 1755 Colonel George Washington accompanied General Braddock on the old Indian Trail that ran through the valley on his way to Fort Cumberland. Westward expansion occurred on Main Street including the construction of the Old National Pike in 1806 and in 1896 Car 11 of the Frederick Middletown Railway made its first run to Middletown. The Civil War brought both armies passing through Town on their way to the battles of South Mountain and Antietam. In the aftermath of those battles, Middletown opened its churches and homes to care for the wounded. Confederate General Jubal Early held the Town for ransom as recreated in the past during the Heritage Days celebration.

Middletown was incorporated in 1834 with Jacob Hoffman serving as the first Burgess. In the early days, Middletown had large and thriving businesses owing a great deal to its location on the Old National Highway. At one time, Middletown was the voting place for the entire valley from the Mason-Dixon Line to the Potomac River. There were various trades and other business in addition to those serving the outlying agricultural area. Among the major businesses which were located in the Town were Hanover Shoe Company, the Valley Register Publishing Company, C.F. Main&Sons Ice Cream, Gladhill Furniture, Southern States Co‑op, the Granger's Mutual Insurance Company, the South Mountain Creamery, L.Z. Derr General Store, Shafer's Plumbing&Heating, American Store, Arnett's Grocery, and the Middletown Cannery. For a variety of reasons, most of these companies have closed.

Recent development trends in the Middletown area show development east and west of Town and continued low density residential development in the agricultural areas. Since 1969, the corporate limits of Middletown have changed through both annexation and de-annexation of properties. As of August 2007, the land area of Middletown is 712 acres larger than the 1969 corporate limits.

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