Neighborhood Names Beginning with the Letter N

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  1. Naces Corner, Hilltown Twp, PA
  2. Naceville, West Rockhill Twp, PA
  3. Nanlyn Farms, Warwick Twp, PA
  4. Nantmeal Village Historic District, East Nantmeal Twp, PA
  5. Nantmeal Woods, East Nantmeal Twp, PA
  6. Naples Historic District, Naples City, FL
  7. Nappanee Eastside Historic District, Nappanee City, IN
  8. Narbrook Park Historic District, Narberth Boro, PA
  9. Narrowsville, Bridgeton Twp, PA
  10. Nashville Historic District, Nashua City, NH
  11. Nashville Historic District, Nashville Town, IN
  12. Nassau, Lawrence Twp, NJ
  13. Nassau II, Lawrence Twp, NJ
  14. Nassau Square, South Brunswick Twp, NJ
  15. Natchez On-Top-of-the-Hill Historic District, Natchez City, MS
  16. National Hall Historic District, Westport Town, CT
  17. National Road Corridor Historic District, Wheeling City, WV
  18. Natures Walk, Woolwich Twp, NJ
  19. Naubuc Avenue-Broad Street Historic District, East Hartford Town, CT
  20. Naugatuck Center Historic District, Naugatuck Boro, CT
  21. Navesink Historic District, Middletown Twp, NJ
  22. Navesink Pointe, Red Bank Boro, NJ
  23. Near Northside Historic District, Houston City, TX
  24. Near Westside Historic District, Elmira City, NY
  25. Nearwest Historic District, Decatur City, IL
  26. Nelmor Park, Douglass Twp, PA
  27. Neshaminy Cliffs, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  28. Neshaminy Falls, Montgomery Twp, PA
  29. Neshaminy Gardens, Warrington Twp, PA
  30. Neshaminy Heights, Middletown Twp, PA
  31. Neshaminy Hills, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  32. Neshaminy Pointe, Middletown Twp, PA
  33. Neshaminy Valley, Bensalem Twp, PA
  34. Neshaminy Woods, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  35. Neshanic Station Historic DIstrict, Branchburg Twp, NJ
  36. Netherwood, Louisville City, KY
  37. Netherwood, West Brandywine Twp, PA
  38. Nevel Meade Estates, Prospect City, KY
  39. New Berlin Historic District, New Berlin Village, NY
  40. New Britain Walk, New Britain Twp, PA
  41. New Brook Estates, Upper Chichester Twp, PA
  42. New Castle Historic District, New Castle City, DE
  43. New Daleville, Londonderry Twp, PA
  44. New Egypt, Plumsted Twp, NJ
  45. New Fair Oaks Historic District, Pasadena City, CA
  46. New Freedom Village, Berlin Boro, NJ
  47. New Galena, New Britain Twp, PA
  48. New Garden, New Garden Twp, PA
  49. New Geneva Historic District, Nicholson Twp, PA
  50. New Germantown, Toboyne Twp, PA
  51. New Hamburg, Delaware Twp, PA
  52. New Hamburg, Poughkeepsie Town, NY
  53. New Hanover Estates, New Hanover Twp, NJ
  54. New Haven, Newtown Twp, PA
  55. New Haven Green Historic District, New Haven City, CT
  56. New Haven Residential Historic District, New Haven City, MO
  57. New Helvetia Historic District, Sacramento City, CA
  58. New Hope Hills, Solebury Twp, PA
  59. New Ipswich Center Village Historic District, New Ipswich Town, NH
  60. New Kensington Downtown Historic District, New Kensington City, PA
  61. New Kingston Historic District, Middletown Town, NY
  62. New Kingstown, Silver Spring Twp, PA
  63. New Lebanon Center, New Lebanon Town, NY
  64. New Melle Lake Estates, Wentzville City, MO
  65. New Milford Center Historic District, New Milford Town, CT
  66. New Mills Village, Pemberton Boro, NJ
  67. New Preston Hill Historic District, Washington Town, CT
  68. New Salem, New Scotland Town, NY
  69. New Smithville, Weisenberg Twp, PA
  70. New South Hills, Westtown Twp, PA
  71. New Vernon, New Vernon Twp, PA
  72. New Vernon Historic District, Harding Twp, NJ
  73. Newbrook Heights, New Milford Town, CT
  74. Newburg Court, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  75. Newburg East, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  76. Newburg Estates, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  77. Newburg Manor, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  78. Newfane Village Historic District, Newfane Village, VT
  79. Newington Center Historic District, Newington Town, NH
  80. Newington Junction North Historic District, Newington Town, CT
  81. Newington Junction South Historic District, Newington Town, CT
  82. Newington Junction West Historic District, Newington Town, CT
  83. Newlin Greene, Newlin Twp, PA
  84. Newlinville, East Fallowfield Twp, PA
  85. Newport, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  86. Newport Historic District, Newport Boro, PA
  87. Newport Village, Atglen Boro, PA
  88. Newport Village, Bristol Twp, PA
  89. Newportville, Bristol Twp, PA
  90. Newportville Manor, Bristol Twp, PA
  91. Newton Historic District, Woodbury City, NJ
  92. Newton Lake, Haddon Twp, NJ
  93. Newtons Landing, Delanco Twp, NJ
  94. Newtonville Historic District, Newton City, MA
  95. Newtown Borough Historic District, Newtown Boro, CT
  96. Newtown Commons, Washington Twp, NJ
  97. Newtown Crossing, Newtown Twp, PA
  98. Newtown Estates, Newtown Twp, PA
  99. Newtown Gardens, Middletown Twp, PA
  100. Newtown Gate, Newtown Twp, PA
  101. Newtown Grant, Newtown Twp, PA
  102. Newtown Grant Condos, Newtown Twp, PA
  103. Newtown Grant Singles, Newtown Twp, PA
  104. Newtown Grant Townhomes, Newtown Twp, PA
  105. Newtown Heights, Newtown Twp, PA
  106. Newtown Historic District, Newtown Boro, PA
  107. Newtown Historic District, Salisbury City, MD
  108. Newtown Historic District, Staunton City, VA
  109. Newtown Hunt, Newtown Twp, PA
  110. Newtown Meadows, Newtown Twp, PA
  111. Newtown Place, Newtown Twp, PA
  112. Newtown Ridge, Newtown Twp, PA
  113. Newtown Station, Newtown Boro, PA
  114. Newtown Walk, Newtown Twp, PA
  115. Newville, New Britain Twp, PA
  116. Nicholas Biddle Estate, Bensalem Twp, PA
  117. Nichols Farms Historic District, Darien Town, CT
  118. Nicholson Square, Manheim Twp, PA
  119. Ninth Street Hill Historic District, Lafayette City, IN
  120. Nitta Yuma Historic District, Louisville City, KY
  121. Niven View, London Britain Twp, PA
  122. Noank Historic District, Groton Town, CT
  123. Nob Hill, Newtown Twp, PA
  124. Nob Hill, Perkasie Boro, PA
  125. Nob Hill, Wallace City, ID
  126. Nob Hill, West Conshohocken Boro, PA
  127. Nob Hill Homes, Washington Twp, NJ
  128. Nobb Hill, East Bradford Twp, PA
  129. Noble, Abington Twp, PA
  130. Noblewood, Norristown Boro, PA
  131. Nokomis Knoll Residential Historic District, Minneapolis City, MN
  132. Nolans Ridge, Mount Arlington Boro, NJ
  133. Nole Vu, Nockamixon Twp, PA
  134. Norfield Historic District, Weston Town, CT
  135. Norfolk Historic District, Norfolk Town, CT
  136. Norgate, Lawrence Twp, NJ
  137. Norhill Historic District, Houston City, TX
  138. Normandy, Philadelphia City, PA
  139. Normandy at Blue Bell, Whitpain Twp, PA
  140. Norriton Woods, East Norriton Twp, PA
  141. North Anderson Historic District, Anderson City, SC
  142. North Blenheim Historic District, Blenheim Town, NY
  143. North Branch, Plumstead Twp, PA
  144. North Branford Center Historic District, North Branford Town, CT
  145. North Broad Street Historic District, Newark City, NJ
  146. North Broad Street Historic District, Norwich City, NY
  147. North Broad Street Residential Historic District, Winder City, GA
  148. North Broadalbin, Broadalbin Town, NY
  149. North Broadway Street Historic District, De Pere City, WI
  150. North Charlotte Historic District, Charlotte City, NC
  151. North Chase, Concord Twp, PA
  152. North Cherry Street Historic District, Kernersville Town, NC
  153. North Cherry Street Historic District, Winston-Salem City, NC
  154. North College Street Residential Historic District, Statesboro City, GA
  155. North Cove Historic District, Old Saybrook Town, CT
  156. North Creek, Southaven City, MS
  157. North Creek Mills, London Britain Twp, PA
  158. North Delmorr, Morrisville Boro, PA
  159. North Douglas Historic District, Douglas City, WY
  160. North East Historic District, North East Boro, PA
  161. North Fifth Street Rowhouses, Hudson City, NY
  162. North Franklin Street Historic District, Tampa City, FL
  163. North Grand Avenue Residential Historic District, Spencer City, IA
  164. North Grant Boulevard Historic District, Milwaukee City, WI
  165. North Grove Street Historic District, Tarrytown Village, NY
  166. North Hill Historic District, New Castle City, PA
  167. North Hills, Abington Twp, PA
  168. North Hills, Norristown Boro, PA
  169. North Hills, Raleigh City, NC
  170. North Hills, West Goshen Twp, PA
  171. North Java, Java Town, NY
  172. North Liberty, Liberty Twp, PA
  173. North Long Street-Park Avenue Historic District, Salisbury City, NC
  174. North Main Avenue Historic District, Newton City, NC
  175. North Main Street Bungalow Historic District, Oshkosh City, WI
  176. North Main Street Historic District, Canandaigua City, NY
  177. North Main Street Historic District, Graham City, NC
  178. North Main Street Historic District, Mocksville Town, NC
  179. North Main Street Historic District, Moravia Village, NY
  180. North Main Street Historic District, Salisbury City, NC
  181. North Main Street Historic District, Southampton Village, NY
  182. North Memphis Street Historic District, Holly Springs City, MS
  183. North Michigan Avenue Historic District, Saginaw City, MI
  184. North Milford Historic District, Milford City, DE
  185. North Panola Street Historic District, Senatobia City, MS
  186. North Park, Falls Twp, PA
  187. North Park Estates, Paris City, TX
  188. North Park Street Historic District, Senatobia City, MS
  189. North Point Hollow, Toms River Twp, NJ
  190. North Pointe, Franklin City, KY
  191. North Pointe, Solebury Twp, PA
  192. North Pointe, St Louis City, MO
  193. North Portal Estates, City of Washington, DC
  194. North Rhode Island Street Historic District, Lawrence City, KS
  195. North Ridge, Mocksville Town, NC
  196. North Riding, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  197. North Russell, Russell Town, NY
  198. North Salina Street Historic District, Syracuse City, NY
  199. North Side Historic District, Oil City, PA
  200. North Sixth Street Historic District, Harrisburg City, PA
  201. North Smithfield Historic District, Smithfield Town, NC
  202. North Stonington Village Historic District, North Stonington Town, CT
  203. North Third Avenue Historic District, Siler City Town, NC
  204. North Third Street Historic District, Louisiana City, MO
  205. North Union Street Historic District, Concord City, NC
  206. North University Park Historic District, Los Angeles City, CA
  207. North Village Historic District, Lancaster Town, MA
  208. North Walnut Street CIrca 1921 Home, West Chester Boro, PA
  209. North Washington Historic District, Brownsville City, TN
  210. North Wayne Historic District, Radnor Twp, PA
  211. North Weber Street-Wahsatch Avenue Historic Residential District, Colorado Springs City, CO
  212. North Windham, Windham Town, CT
  213. North Woods, Colchester Town, CT
  214. Northampton Chase, Northampton Twp, PA
  215. Northampton Crest, Northampton Twp, PA
  216. Northampton Crossing, Northampton Twp, PA
  217. Northampton Estates, Northampton Twp, PA
  218. Northampton Hills, Northampton Twp, PA
  219. Northampton Hunt, Northampton Twp, PA
  220. Northampton Preserve, Northampton Twp, PA
  221. Northampton Ridge, Northampton Twp, PA
  222. Northbriar, Acton Town, MA
  223. Northbridge Crossing, Stockbridge City, GA
  224. Northbridge Station, Stockbridge City, GA
  225. Northbrook, Bethel Twp, PA
  226. Northbrook, Pocopson Twp, PA
  227. Northcrest, Brandywine Hundred, DE
  228. Northeast Residential Historic DIstrict, Lexington City, KY
  229. Northern Liberties Historic District, Philadelphia City, PA
  230. Northern View, Bear, DE
  231. Northfield, Clarkson Town, NY
  232. Northfield, Lambertville City, NJ
  233. Northfield, Louisville City, KY
  234. Northfield, Maryville City, TN
  235. Northfield Estates, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  236. Northford Center Historic District, North Branford Town, CT
  237. Northgate, Upper Hanover Twp, PA
  238. Northgate at Cranberry Estates, Perkiomen Twp, PA
  239. Northgate West, Clinton Twp, NJ
  240. Northridge, East Whiteland Twp, PA
  241. Northridge, Mohnton Boro, PA
  242. Northridge, Moore Twp, PA
  243. Northridge Estates, West Norriton Twp, PA
  244. Northridge Village, Phoenixville Boro, PA
  245. Northside Historic District, Elizabeth City, NC
  246. Northside Historic District, Waterford Town, NY
  247. Northside Historic District of Cream Brick Workers Cottages, Racine City, WI
  248. Northumberland Historic District, Northumberland Boro, PA
  249. Northville Historic District, Northville Village, NY
  250. Northway, Zebulon Town, NC
  251. Northwest Estates, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  252. Northwest York Historic District, York City, PA
  253. Northwood, Halfmoon Town, NY
  254. Northwood, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  255. Northwood, Philadelphia City, PA
  256. Northwoods, Cheltenham Twp, PA
  257. Northwoods, East Fallowfield Twp, PA
  258. Northwoods, Norwood Boro, NJ
  259. Northwoods, Radnor Twp, PA
  260. Northwoods, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  261. Northwoods, Upper Merion Twp, PA
  262. Northwyck, Fuquay-Varina Town, NC
  263. Norton Commons, Prospect City, KY
  264. Norton Village Historic District, Rochester City, NY
  265. Norwalk, Newtown Twp, PA
  266. Norways, Winslow Twp, NJ
  267. Norwichtown Historic District, Norwich City, CT
  268. Norwood Avenue Historic District, Cranston City, RI
  269. Norwood Boulevard Historic District, Birmingham City, AL
  270. Norwood House, Downingtown Boro, PA
  271. Norwood Park Historic District, Asheville City, NC
  272. Norwood Park Historic District, Chicago City, IL
  273. Notting Hill, Hernando City, MS
  274. Notting Hill Chase, Northampton Twp, PA
  275. Nottingham, Delaware City, OH
  276. Nottingham, West Nottingham Twp, PA
  277. Nottingham, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  278. Nottingham Estates, Southaven City, MS
  279. Nottingham Village, Bensalem Twp, PA
  280. Nystrom, Richmond City, CA