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Bridgeton Twp, Bucks County, PA

Narrowsville was named for the 3-mile formation of crescent-shaped cliffs, about 500 ft high, encroaching on the Delaware River and Canal spanning the boundary of Nockamixon and Bridgeton townships. The beauty of the area remains, but is apparently less renowned than prior to the 1830s when rocks and trees we blasted away to make room to squeeze through the new Canal.

Folklore claims that buildings near the cliff did not have direct sunlight for weeks at a time during winter months.

Narrows Creek forms the northeastern boundary between Bridgeton and Nockamixon.

Where once was a hamlet, now remains little more than the Indian Rock Inn (circa 1812), a popular Inn and restaurant. Promotional material for the Inn states: "Because of the extreme geography of our location, the view from your room is unique among the Inns of Bucks County. Every room comes with a river view that is striking in any season."

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Street Names
Narrows Hill Road • River Road • Route 32