Neighborhood Names Beginning with the Letter P

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  1. Pacific Mobile Estates, Gilroy City, CA
  2. Packer Park, Philadelphia City, PA
  3. Paddington, Creedmoor City, NC
  4. Paddock, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  5. Paddock Farms, Haverford Twp, PA
  6. Paducah Northside Historic District, Paducah City, KY
  7. Painters Crossing, Chadds Ford Twp, PA
  8. Paletown, Richland Twp, PA
  9. Palisades, Orangetown Town, NY
  10. Palisado Avenue Historic District, Windsor Town, CT
  11. Palm Beach Farm, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  12. Palm Grove, Fort Pierce City, FL
  13. Palm Heights Historic District, Riverside City, CA
  14. Palmer Farm, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  15. Palmia, Mission Viejo City, CA
  16. Palomino Farms, Warrington Twp, PA
  17. Palomino Glen, Warrington Twp, PA
  18. Pamona Park, West Goshen Twp, PA
  19. Paoli, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  20. Paoli Gardens, Willistown Twp, PA
  21. Paoli Manor, Willistown Twp, PA
  22. Paoli Pointe, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  23. Paoli Woods, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  24. Paper Mill Woods, East Nottingham Twp, PA
  25. Papps Village, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  26. Paramont Estates, Prospect City, KY
  27. Pardoe, Findley Twp, PA
  28. Park at Vista Del Nor, San Antonio City, TX
  29. Park Edge Lane, Bethlehem Town, NY
  30. Park Estates, Maple Shade Twp, NJ
  31. Park Hill, Lawrence City, KS
  32. Park Hill Estates, East Rockhill Twp, PA
  33. Park Hills Historic District, Park Hills City, KY
  34. Park Lane Estates, Clifton Park Town, NY
  35. Park Manor, Cumru Twp, PA
  36. Park Mary Historic District, Lafayette City, IN
  37. Park Meadow, Bryan City, TX
  38. Park Meadow, Coppell City, TX
  39. Park Place, Bally Boro, PA
  40. Park Place, Chalfont Boro, PA
  41. Park Place, Cinnaminson Twp, NJ
  42. Park Place, East Bradford Twp, PA
  43. Park Place, East Bradford Twp, PA
  44. Park Place, Garner Town, NC
  45. Park Place, Horsham Twp, PA
  46. Park Place, Juneau City, AK
  47. Park Place, Lower Frederick Twp, PA
  48. Park Place, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  49. Park Place, Souderton Boro, PA
  50. Park Place at Garden State Park, Cherry Hill Twp, NJ
  51. Park Place Local Historic District, Lexington City, NC
  52. Park Place-Fairview Avenue Historic District, Wichita City, KS
  53. Park Ridge, Perkasie Boro, PA
  54. Park Ridge Estates, New Britain Twp, PA
  55. Park Slope Historic District, Brooklyn Boro, NY
  56. Park South, Albany City, NY
  57. Park South, Burlington Twp, NJ
  58. Park Springs Apartments, East Vincent Twp, PA
  59. Park Town Estates, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  60. Park View at Valley Forge, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  61. Park View Estates, Orland Park Village, IL
  62. Park West, Burlington Twp, NJ
  63. Park West, West Deptford Twp, NJ
  64. Park-to-Park Residential Historic District, Fort Madison City, IA
  65. Parkchester, West Goshen Twp, PA
  66. Parke Hollow, West Chester Boro, PA
  67. Parke Place, Washington Twp, NJ
  68. Parker Ford, East Coventry Twp, PA
  69. Parker Village, Eatontown Boro, NJ
  70. Parkersburg High School-Washington Avenue Historic District, Parkersburg City, WV
  71. Parkesburg Knoll, Parkesburg Boro, PA
  72. Parkhaven Historic District, Hattiesburg City, MS
  73. Parkland, Louisville City, KY
  74. Parkland, Middletown Twp, PA
  75. Parkland Estates, Friendship Village, WI
  76. Parklands, Upper Hanover Twp, PA
  77. Parkridge, Nether Providence Twp, PA
  78. Parkside East Historic District, Buffalo City, NY
  79. Parkside Estates, Milford Twp, PA
  80. Parkside Historic District, Hartford City, CT
  81. Parkside Manor, Moore Twp, PA
  82. Parkside Ridge, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  83. Parkside Ridge, Solebury Twp, PA
  84. Parkside Trail, Clifton Park Town, NY
  85. Parkside West Historic District, Buffalo City, NY
  86. Parkview Addition, Coppell City, TX
  87. Parkview at Warrington, Warrington Twp, PA
  88. Parkview Heights, Ames City, IA
  89. Parkview Hills, Kalamazoo City, MI
  90. Parkview Historic District, St Louis City, MO
  91. Parkway Condominiums, Philadelphia City, PA
  92. Parkway Village, Ewing Twp, NJ
  93. Parkway Village, Louisville City, KY
  94. Parkway West, Manassas City, VA
  95. Parkwest, San Diego City, CA
  96. Parkwood, Philadelphia City, PA
  97. Parkwyn Village, Kalamazoo City, MI
  98. Parkwynne Estates, Marple Twp, PA
  99. Parrini Drive, Ontario Town, NY
  100. Parsonage Road Historic District, Cochecton Town, NY
  101. Parsons Glen, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  102. Partridge Glen, Cranberry Twp, PA
  103. Partridge Hall Preserve, Solebury Twp, PA
  104. Partridge Ridge, Pocatello City, ID
  105. Partridge Run, Voorhees Twp, NJ
  106. Pasadena Hills Historic District, Pasadena Hills City, MO
  107. Paseo Neighborhood Historic District, Oklahoma City, OK
  108. Passer, Springfield Twp, PA
  109. Passyunk Square, Philadelphia City, PA
  110. Pasture Point Historic District, Hampton City, VA
  111. Pastures Historic District, Albany City, NY
  112. Patria, Fulton Town, NY
  113. Patrick Henry Estates, Charles Town City, WV
  114. Patriot Place, Chalfont Boro, PA
  115. Patriots Glen, Elkton Town, MD
  116. Patriots Ridge, Plumstead Twp, PA
  117. Patterson Woods, Youngsville Town, NC
  118. Patton Historic District, Patton Boro, PA
  119. Patuxent Chase, Ellicott City, MD
  120. Pawtucketville, Lowell City, MA
  121. Paxon Chase, Marple Twp, PA
  122. Payson Historic District, Payson City, UT
  123. Peacedale, Elk Twp, PA
  124. Peach Glen, Winslow Twp, NJ
  125. Peach Ridge, Edgewater Park Twp, NJ
  126. Peach Ridge, Harrison Twp, NJ
  127. Peachtree, Clarksville City, TN
  128. Peachtree, Washington Twp, NJ
  129. Peachtree Point, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  130. Peake Farm, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  131. Pear Tree Village, Franconia Twp, PA
  132. Pearl Ridge, Raleigh City, NC
  133. Peaselburg Neighborhood Historic District, Covington City, KY
  134. Pebble Beach, Barnegat Twp, NJ
  135. Pebble Brook, Hatfield Twp, PA
  136. Pebble Creek, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  137. Pebble Creek, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  138. Pebble Creek North, Le Claire City, IA
  139. Pebble Creek South, Le Claire City, IA
  140. Pebble Hill, Doylestown Twp, PA
  141. Pebble Ridge Farms, Doylestown Twp, PA
  142. Pebble Ridge Farms, Towamencin Twp, PA
  143. Pecan Hollow, Coppell City, TX
  144. Pecan Ridge, Kernersville Town, NC
  145. Pecan Square, Addison City, TX
  146. Peddlers View, Solebury Twp, PA
  147. Pee Dee Avenue Historic District, Albemarle City, NC
  148. Peerless View Estates, Bedminster Twp, PA
  149. Pelham Green, Hatfield Twp, PA
  150. Pelican Place at Riverwinds, West Deptford Twp, NJ
  151. Pemberton Historic District, Pemberton Boro, NJ
  152. Pembroke Village Historic District, Bethlehem City, PA
  153. Pembrooke Place, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  154. Penbryn Farms, Winslow Twp, NJ
  155. Pendleton Ridge, Medford Twp, NJ
  156. Penfield, Haverford Twp, PA
  157. Penllyn, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  158. Penllyn Greene, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  159. Penn Brooke, Upper Gwynedd Twp, PA
  160. Penn Colony, Moore Twp, PA
  161. Penn Crossing, Coatesville City, PA
  162. Penn Hall, Gregg Twp, PA
  163. Penn Oak, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  164. Penn Oak Manor, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  165. Penn Square, East Norriton Twp, PA
  166. Penn Valley Manor, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  167. Penn View Heights, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  168. Penn Village, Falls Twp, PA
  169. Penn Wynne, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  170. Penn Yan Historic District, Penn Yan Village, NY
  171. Penncrest, Middletown Twp, PA
  172. Pennell Manor, Aston Twp, PA
  173. Pennell Place, Middletown Twp, PA
  174. Pennfield, West Deptford Twp, NJ
  175. Pennfield Manor, Hatfield Twp, PA
  176. Pennington Crossing, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  177. Pennington Meadows, Atglen Boro, PA
  178. Pennington Point, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  179. Pennington Reserve, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  180. Pennland Farm, Bedminster Twp, PA
  181. Pennock Woods, Abington Twp, PA
  182. Pennridge Crossing, Perkasie Boro, PA
  183. Penns Dryland Estates, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  184. Penns Field at Farmview, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  185. Penns Grant, Concord Twp, PA
  186. Penns Grant, Falls Twp, PA
  187. Penns Greene, Penn Twp, PA
  188. Penns Manor, Kennett Twp, PA
  189. Penns Neck, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  190. Penns Park Historic District, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  191. Penns Place, Falls Twp, PA
  192. Penns Point, Falls Twp, PA
  193. Penns Preserve, Newtown Twp, PA
  194. Penns Preserve, Willistown Twp, PA
  195. Penns Wood, Warrington Twp, PA
  196. Pennsalt Historic District, Harrison Twp, PA
  197. Pennsbury Heights, Falls Twp, PA
  198. Pennsbury Heights, Pennsbury Twp, PA
  199. Pennsbury Walk, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  200. Pennsport, Philadelphia City, PA
  201. Pennswood, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  202. Pennswood Village, Middletown Twp, PA
  203. Pennwood, Westtown Twp, PA
  204. Pennwood Gardens, Montgomery Twp, PA
  205. Pennwyck, Malvern Boro, PA
  206. Pennwyn, Cumru Twp, PA
  207. Pennybridge Manor, Irvington Village, NY
  208. Pennypacker Park, Willingboro Twp, NJ
  209. Pennypacker Ridge, Schwenksville Boro, PA
  210. Penrose Walk, Warrington Twp, PA
  211. Peppermill, Cherry Hill Twp, NJ
  212. Peppertree, Washington Twp, NJ
  213. Pequot Colony Historic District, New London City, CT
  214. Perinton Meadows, Perinton Town, NY
  215. Perkasie Woods, Perkasie Boro, PA
  216. Perkins Addition Streetcar Suburb, Salt Lake City, UT
  217. Perkiomen Crossing, Upper Frederick Twp, PA
  218. Perkiomen Greene, Perkiomen Twp, PA
  219. Perkiomen Woods, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  220. Perkiomenville, Upper Frederick Twp, PA
  221. Perrin Historic District, Lafayette City, IN
  222. Perrine Corners, Worth Twp, PA
  223. Perry Homestead Historic District, Westerly Town, RI
  224. Pettigru Street Historic District, Greenville City, SC
  225. Petworth, City of Washington, DC
  226. Pharrsdale Historic District, Charlotte City, NC
  227. Pheasant Fields, Moorestown Twp, NJ
  228. Pheasant Knoll, Lower Frederick Twp, PA
  229. Pheasant Meadows, Twin Falls City, ID
  230. Pheasant Mere, Mount Laurel Twp, NJ
  231. Pheasant Pointe, Newtown Twp, PA
  232. Pheasant Ridge, Buckingham Twp, PA
  233. Pheasant Ridge, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  234. Pheasant Ridge Estates, Moore Twp, PA
  235. Pheasant Run, Cinnaminson Twp, NJ
  236. Pheasant Run, Doylestown Twp, PA
  237. Pheasant Run, East Coventry Twp, PA
  238. Pheasant Run, East Pikeland Twp, PA
  239. Pheasant Run, Evesham Twp, NJ
  240. Pheasant Run, Northampton Twp, PA
  241. Pheasant Run, Whitpain Twp, PA
  242. Pheasant Run at Barnegat, Barnegat Twp, NJ
  243. Pheasant Run Estates, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  244. Pheasant Woods, Colchester Town, VT
  245. Pheasant Woods, Doylestown Twp, PA
  246. Philippi Historic District, Philippi City, WV
  247. Philipsburg Historic District, Philipsburg Boro, PA
  248. Phillips Court, Newtown Boro, PA
  249. Phillips Mill Historic District, Solebury Twp, PA
  250. Phillipsport, Mamakating Town, NY
  251. Phoebus Historic District, Hampton City, VA
  252. Picardy Place Historic District, Memphis City, TN
  253. Pickering Chase, Newtown Twp, PA
  254. Pickering Estates, Middletown Twp, PA
  255. Pickering Glen, Schuylkill Twp, PA
  256. Pickering Hill, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  257. Pickering Hunt Estates, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  258. Pickering Meadows, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  259. Pickering Pointe, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  260. Pickering Spring Farms, Upper Uwchlan Twp, PA
  261. Pickering Station, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  262. Pickering Valley Farms, Schuylkill Twp, PA
  263. Pickertown Knoll, Warrington Twp, PA
  264. Picket Post, Tredyffrin Twp, PA
  265. Pickwick Commons, New Albany City, IN
  266. Pigeon Hill, Aurora City, IL
  267. Pigeon Run, Bear, DE
  268. Pikeland Village, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  269. Pilgrim Gardens, Haverford Twp, PA
  270. Pilgrim Gardens, Upper Darby Twp, PA
  271. Pilgrims Landing, East Greenwich Twp, NJ
  272. Pill Hill Residential Historic District, Rochester City, MN
  273. Pilot Pines, Zebulon Town, NC
  274. Pin Oak Estates, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  275. Pin Oak Farms, East Goshen Twp, PA
  276. Pinckney I Historic District, Lawrence City, KS
  277. Pinckney II Historic District, Lawrence City, KS
  278. Pine Acres, Deptford Twp, NJ
  279. Pine Brook Farms, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  280. Pine Creek, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  281. Pine Creek Condos, Chalfont Boro, PA
  282. Pine Creek Valley, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  283. Pine Crest, Limerick Twp, PA
  284. Pine Crest, Montgomery Twp, PA
  285. Pine Forge, Douglass Twp, PA
  286. Pine Grove, Evesham Twp, NJ
  287. Pine Grove Historic District, Avon Town, CT
  288. Pine Grove Mills, Ferguson Twp, PA
  289. Pine Hall, Ferguson Twp, PA
  290. Pine Knoll, Lawrence Twp, NJ
  291. Pine Meadow, New Hartford Town, CT
  292. Pine Meadow Historic District, New Hartford Town, CT
  293. Pine Mill Estates, Doylestown Twp, PA
  294. Pine Pointe, Medford Twp, NJ
  295. Pine Ridge, Halfmoon Town, NY
  296. Pine Ridge, Shamong Twp, NJ
  297. Pine Ridge, Zanesville City, OH
  298. Pine Ridge Estates, Janesville City, WI
  299. Pine Ridge Estates, McKinney City, TX
  300. Pine Run, Northampton Twp, PA
  301. Pine Street Historic District, Montclair Twp, NJ
  302. Pine Summit, Pine Twp, PA
  303. Pine Tree, Limerick Twp, PA
  304. Pine Tree Farm, Doylestown Twp, PA
  305. Pine Tree Farms, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  306. Pine Tree Ridge, Montgomery Twp, PA
  307. Pine Valley Estates, Doylestown Twp, PA
  308. Pine Valley Farms, St Georges Hundred, DE
  309. Pine View Estates, Howell Twp, NJ
  310. Pine View Estates, Plymouth Town, CT
  311. Pinebrook, Hampden Twp, PA
  312. Pinebrook Manor, Cranberry Twp, PA
  313. Pinebrooke Village, East Brandywine Twp, PA
  314. Pinecrest, Lower Southampton Twp, PA
  315. Pinehaven, Guilderland Town, NY
  316. Pinehurst, Cranberry Twp, PA
  317. Pinehurst, Gardendale City, AL
  318. Pinehurst Historic District, Pinehurst Village, NC
  319. Pinehurst Park, Garner Town, NC
  320. Pines Bridge Historic District, North Haven Town, CT
  321. Pineview, Davenport City, IA
  322. Pineview, Elkins City, WV
  323. Pineview, Zebulon Town, NC
  324. Pineville, Wrightstown Twp, PA
  325. Pinewood, Falls Twp, PA
  326. Pinewood, Tullytown Boro, PA
  327. Pinewood Circle, Belmont City, NC
  328. Pinewood Estates, Barnegat Twp, NJ
  329. Pineywoods, Stockbridge City, GA
  330. Pinnacle at Brandywine Greene, West Bradford Twp, PA
  331. Pioneer Heights, Winchester City, VA
  332. Pioneer Village Estates, Moore Twp, PA
  333. Piper Hills Estates, Shiloh Village, IL
  334. Pipers Run, Burlington Twp, NJ
  335. Pipersville, Bedminster Twp, PA
  336. Pitman Grove Historic District, Pitman Boro, NJ
  337. Pittsford Village Historic District, Pittsford Village, NY
  338. Pittstown Historic District, Franklin Twp, NJ
  339. Plainfield Street Historic District, Plainfield Town, CT
  340. Plainfield Woolen Company Mill, Plainfield Town, CT
  341. Planebrook, East Whiteland Twp, PA
  342. Plantsville Historic District, Southington Town, CT
  343. Plaza View, East Greenbush Town, NY
  344. Pleasant Grove, Westtown Twp, PA
  345. Pleasant Hill Residential Historic District, Marshfield City, WI
  346. Pleasant Hills, Lower Saucon Twp, PA
  347. Pleasant Meadows, Amity Twp, PA
  348. Pleasant Meadows, Hilltown Twp, PA
  349. Pleasant Run, New Hanover Twp, PA
  350. Pleasant Valley, Barkhamsted Town, CT
  351. Pleasant Valley, Springfield Twp, PA
  352. Pleasant Valley Homes, Franconia Twp, PA
  353. Pleasant View Acres, Mint Hill Town, NC
  354. Pleasant View Estates, Ridgefield Town, CT
  355. Pleasanthood, Montpelier City, VT
  356. Pleasantview Estates, Lower Pottsgrove Twp, PA
  357. Pleasureville Historic District, Springettsbury Twp, PA
  358. Plum Creek Estates, Bern Twp, PA
  359. Plum Run, East Bradford Twp, PA
  360. Plum Tree Estates, Washington Twp, NJ
  361. Plum Tree Village, East Bradford Twp, PA
  362. Plumadore Drive, Brunswick Town, NY
  363. Plumbridge, Bristol Twp, PA
  364. Plumbridge Road, Solebury Twp, PA
  365. Plumly Farms, Westtown Twp, PA
  366. Plumsock, Willistown Twp, PA
  367. Plumstead Chase, Plumstead Twp, PA
  368. Plumstead Preserve, Plumstead Twp, PA
  369. Plumstead Woods, Plumstead Twp, PA
  370. Plumsteadville, Plumstead Twp, PA
  371. Plumsted Point, Plumsted Twp, NJ
  372. Plymouth Center Historic District, Plymouth Town, CT
  373. Plymouth Hills, Plymouth Twp, PA
  374. Plymouth Hills Condominiums, Plymouth Twp, PA
  375. Plymouth Historic District, Plymouth Town, NH
  376. Plymouth Historic District, Plymouth Town, NC
  377. Plymouth Meadows, Plymouth Twp, PA
  378. Plymouth Meeting, Whitemarsh Twp, PA
  379. Plymouth Northside Historic District, Plymouth City, IN
  380. Plymouth Park, Little Rock City, AR
  381. Plymouth Park, Plymouth Twp, PA
  382. Plymouth Park Twins, Plymouth Twp, PA
  383. Plymouth Southside Historic District, Plymouth City, IN
  384. Plymouth Valley, Plymouth Twp, PA
  385. Pocopson, Pocopson Twp, PA
  386. Pocopson Creek Estates, Newlin Twp, PA
  387. Poets Walk, Cinnaminson Twp, NJ
  388. Poets Walk, Northampton Twp, PA
  389. Poinciana Flats, Cincinnati City, OH
  390. Point Chautauqua Historic District, Chautauqua Town, NY
  391. Point of Woods, Cherry Hill Twp, NJ
  392. Point Pleasant, Plumstead Twp, PA
  393. Point Pleasant Historic District, Point Pleasant City, WV
  394. Point Royal, Foxborough Town, MA
  395. Pointe Breeze, Philadelphia City, PA
  396. Pointe Mallard Estates, Decatur City, AL
  397. Pointe Mallard Townhomes, Decatur City, AL
  398. Polo Club, Lower Gwynedd Twp, PA
  399. Polo Run Apartments, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  400. Pomeroy, Sadsbury Twp, PA
  401. Pomeroy Heights, Sadsbury Twp, PA
  402. Pomeroy Heights, Sadsbury Twp, PA
  403. Pomfret Street Historic District, Pomfret Town, CT
  404. Pond Hill, North Greenbush Town, NY
  405. Pond Spring Village, Beacon Falls Town, CT
  406. Pond Vew Terrace, East Allen Twp, PA
  407. Pond View, Municipality of Princeton, NJ
  408. Ponds of Woodward, Kennett Twp, PA
  409. Pondview, Allentown Boro, NJ
  410. Poolville, Hamilton Town, NY
  411. Poplar Grove, Maple Shade Twp, NJ
  412. Poplar Hill, Clarksville City, TN
  413. Poplar Hill, West Pikeland Twp, PA
  414. Poplar Lawn Historic District, Petersburg City, VA
  415. Poplar Ridge, Fort Wayne City, IN
  416. Poplar Woods Estates, Goshen City, KY
  417. Poquetanuck Village Historic District, Preston Town, CT
  418. Port Colden Historic District, Washington Twp, NJ
  419. Port Jefferson Village Historic District, Port Jefferson Village, NY
  420. Port Murray Historic District, Mansfield Twp, NJ
  421. Port Penn, St Georges Hundred, DE
  422. Port Republic Historic District, Port Republic City, NJ
  423. Port Richmond, Philadelphia City, PA
  424. Portage Historic District, Portage Boro, PA
  425. Portage Park Bungalow Historic District, Chicago City, IL
  426. Portico Row, Philadelphia City, PA
  427. Portland Trailer Park, Upper Mount Bethel Twp, PA
  428. Post Hill Historic District, New London City, CT
  429. Poston Oaks, Jonesboro City, GA
  430. Potter Hollow, Rensselaerville Town, NY
  431. Potters Mills, Potter Twp, PA
  432. Potters Pond, Schuylkill Twp, PA
  433. Pottersville, Chester Town, NY
  434. Pottersville Historic District, Harrisville Town, NH
  435. Potts Mill Acres, Florence Twp, NJ
  436. Pottsgrove Manor, Pottstown Boro, PA
  437. Pottstown Landing, North Coventry Twp, PA
  438. Pottsville Downtown Historic District, Pottsville City, PA
  439. Potwin Place Historic District, Topeka City, KS
  440. Pound Ridge Historic District, Pound Ridge Town, NY
  441. Powder Mill, East Pikeland Twp, PA
  442. Powder Valley, Upper Milford Twp, PA
  443. Powderhorn, Schuylkill Twp, PA
  444. Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis City, MN
  445. Powells Mills, Lumberton Twp, NJ
  446. Powelton Village, Philadelphia City, PA
  447. Powhattan Village, Taunton City, MA
  448. Prancing Horse Farm, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  449. Pratt Historic District, Pratt Town, WV
  450. Prescott Farms, Warrington Twp, PA
  451. Preserve at Applebrook, East Goshen Twp, PA
  452. Preserve at Deer Crossing, West Rockhill Twp, PA
  453. Preserve at Fieldstone, Medford Twp, NJ
  454. Preserve at Hilltown, Hilltown Twp, PA
  455. Preserve at Little Mill, Evesham Twp, NJ
  456. Preserve at Meadow Run, Bordentown Twp, NJ
  457. Preserve at Meadowbrook, Abington Twp, PA
  458. Preserve at New Garden, New Garden Twp, PA
  459. Preserve at Salford, Salford Twp, PA
  460. Preserve at Skippack, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  461. Preserve at Skippack, Towamencin Twp, PA
  462. Preserve at Squire Cheney Farm, Thornbury Twp, PA
  463. Preserve at Tobi Hill, Honey Brook Twp, PA
  464. Presidential Estates, Douglass Twp, PA
  465. Presidential Estates, Duncanville City, TX
  466. Presidential Estates, Guilderland Town, NY
  467. Presidential Estates, Liberty Town, NY
  468. Presidential Estates, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  469. Presidential Estates, Lower Nazareth Twp, PA
  470. Presidential Estates, Quincy City, MA
  471. Presidential Estates, Wylie City, TX
  472. Presidential Hill, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  473. Preston City Historic District, Preston Town, CT
  474. Preston Court, Red Hill Boro, PA
  475. Preston Court, Wilton Town, NY
  476. Preston Forest, Kingsport City, TN
  477. Preston Hollow, Rensselaerville Town, NY
  478. Preston Meadows, Dallas City, TX
  479. Prestwick Place, Farragut Town, TN
  480. Prestwicke, Wake Forest Town, NC
  481. Price Road, Lower Salford Twp, PA
  482. Pricetown, Ruscombmanor Twp, PA
  483. Primrose Lane, Babylon Town, NY
  484. Primrose Village, Ewing Twp, NJ
  485. Princeton Chase, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  486. Princeton East, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  487. Princeton Estates, Brandywine Hundred, DE
  488. Princeton Farms, Hopewell Twp, NJ
  489. Princeton Greens, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  490. Princeton Hills, Brentwood City, TN
  491. Princeton Ivy Estates, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  492. Princeton Manor, South Brunswick Twp, NJ
  493. Princeton Manor, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  494. Princeton Oaks, West Windsor Twp, NJ
  495. Princeton Park, Rowlett City, TX
  496. Princeton Windrows, Plainsboro Twp, NJ
  497. Professorville Historic District, Palo Alto City, CA
  498. Promenade Harbor, Rockwall City, TX
  499. Prospect Avenue Historic District, Hartford City, CT
  500. Prospect Farm, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  501. Prospect Green Historic District, Prospect Town, CT
  502. Prospect Heights, Ewing Twp, NJ
  503. Prospect Hill Historic District, New Haven City, CT
  504. Prospect Hill Historic District, Windham Town, CT
  505. Prospect Manor, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  506. Prospect Park South Historic District, Brooklyn Boro, NY
  507. Prospect Road, Winslow Twp, NJ
  508. Prospect Street Historic District, New London City, CT
  509. Prospectville, Horsham Twp, PA
  510. Providence, West Rockhill Twp, PA
  511. Providence at Heritage Shores, Bridgeville Town, DE
  512. Providence Chase, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  513. Providence Corner, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  514. Providence Crossing, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  515. Providence Crossing, Smyrna Town, DE
  516. Providence Estates, Upper Freehold Twp, NJ
  517. Providence Greene, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  518. Providence Hill, East Fallowfield Twp, PA
  519. Providence Hunt, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  520. Providence Knoll, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  521. Providence Lea, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  522. Providence Meadows, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  523. Providence Oaks, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  524. Providence Place, Lower Providence Twp, PA
  525. Providence Place, Morrisville Town, NC
  526. Providence Pointe, Wentzville City, MO
  527. Providence Ridge, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  528. Providence View, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  529. Proximity Park Historic District, Asheville City, NC
  530. Pruchnick Estates, New Milford Town, CT
  531. Pruddentown Historic District, Morris Twp, NJ
  532. Public Square Historic District, Watertown City, NY
  533. Puddletown, New Hartford Town, CT
  534. Pughtown, South Coventry Twp, PA
  535. Pulaski Village Historic District, Pulaski Village, NY
  536. Pullen, Haycock Twp, PA
  537. Pultneyville Historic District, Williamson Town, NY
  538. Putnam Heights Historic District, Oklahoma City, OK
  539. Putnam Hill Historic District, Greenwich Town, CT