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Wrightstown Twp, Bucks County, PA

Photo: Home on Durham Road, Pineville.

Pineville Photo

Pineville straddles the border between Wrightstown and Buckingham Townships. It is located at the intersection of Township Line Rd and Durham Road (Route 413) a point where Pineville Rd and Pine Lane also converge. The post office (18946) continues operation as a non-delivery facility.

The Pineville Post Office was established in 1832 and its first postmaster was Samuel Tomlinson. A schoolhouse (long gone) was erected and operated here beginning in 1768 educating children from Buckingham, Upper Makefield and Wrightstown. Pineville served as a "center" of what was a surrounding, rich farming district. [1]

  1. Bucks County Planning Commission, The Villages of Bucks County: A Guidebook, 1987

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Street Names
Durham Road • Pine Lane • Pineville Road