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Wrightstown Twp, Bucks County, PA

Pineville straddles the border between Wrightstown and Buckingham Townships. It is located at the intersection of Township Line Rd and Durham Road (Route 413) a point where Pineville Rd and Pine Lane also converge. The post office (18946) continues operation as a non-delivery facility.

The Pineville Post Office was established in 1832 and its first postmaster was Samuel Tomlinson. A schoolhouse (long gone) was erected and operated here beginning in 1768 educating children from Buckingham, Upper Makefield and Wrightstown. Pineville served as a "center" of what was a surrounding, rich farming district. [1]

  1. Bucks County Planning Commission, The Villages of Bucks County: A Guidebook, 1987

Nearby Neighborhoods

Street Names
Durham Road • Pine Lane • Pineville Road