Park South

Albany City, Albany County, NY

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Neighborhood Overview [1]

Park South buildings are predominantly single-family attached and detached structures, mostly 2 and 3-stories in height. These structures offer a range of housing choices; predominantly single-family, two-family, and a few multifamily units. A few buildings are somewhat larger, serving commercial and multifamily uses. As such, Park South has the scale of an urbane, livable neighborhood consistent with traditional prewar settlement patterns.

The building stock, however, varies in condition, quality of architecture, and upkeep, especially when compared to Center Square, Hudson Park, and housing along Washington Park and Willett Street north of Lark Street facing Washington Park, as described on previous pages. Generally, the houses and lots are smaller and of a lesser architectural quality than those of adjacent neighborhoods; properties along Madison Avenue and Knox Street being the general exception. Park South enjoys good access to public transit and job centers such as University Heights and the downtown governmental offices. The neighborhood is within walking distance of many of these amenities.

Neighborhood identity is created by a unique place or a street that becomes the memorable image or "front door" to the neighborhood. In the case of Park South, Madison Avenue and New Scotland Avenue are the "front door." Madison Avenue suggests a relatively elegant, well-kept, and somewhat upscale locale while New Scotland suggests an unkempt, deteriorating and disenfranchised neighborhood; the message is mixed. Other interior neighborhood streets are also unkempt, contain, though not entirely, poor caliber of building stock, and are often littered with trash and loiterers; again, suggesting an undesirable and unsafe neighborhood. Equally important to the detracted image and desirability of the neighborhood is the real and perceived crime and social problems in the neighborhood.

  1. Park South Neighborhood Draft Plan, 2004, Albany Common Council* (lead agency); accessed April 2007,

*Note: The Albany Common Council is the legislative body that sets the governing policies of New York State's Capital city.

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Street Names
Dana Avenue • Knox Street • Lark Street • Madison Avenue • Morris Street • New Scotland Avenue • Robin Street

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