Neighborhood Names Beginning with the Letter U

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  1. Uhlerstown, Tinicum Twp, PA
  2. Uhlersville, Williams Twp, PA
  3. Unadilla Center, Unadilla Town, NY
  4. Unadilla Village Historic District, Unadilla Village, NY
  5. Union Avenue Historic District, Saratoga Springs City, NY
  6. Union City Historic District, Union City Boro, PA
  7. Union Green Historic District, Union Town, CT
  8. Union Hill Historic District, Richmond City, VA
  9. Union Mills, Broadalbin Town, NY
  10. Union Station, Lower Paxton Twp, PA
  11. Union Street Historic District, Poughkeepsie City, NY
  12. Union Street Historic District, Schenectady City, NY
  13. Union Village Historic District, Manchester Town, CT
  14. Uniontown Historic District, Uniontown City, PA
  15. Unionville, East Marlborough Twp, PA
  16. Unionville, New Scotland Town, NY
  17. Unionville, Union Twp, PA
  18. Unionville Historic District, Unionville Boro, PA
  19. United States Housing Corporation Historic District, New London City, CT
  20. University Courts Historic District, Bloomington City, IN
  21. University Heights, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  22. University Heights, Tempe City, AZ
  23. University Neighborhood Historic District, Columbia City, SC
  24. University Neighborhood Historic District, Salt Lake City, UT
  25. University Park, Lawrence Twp, NJ
  26. Upland Village, Pottstown Boro, PA
  27. Upper Albany Historic District, Hartford City, CT
  28. Upper Black Eddy, Bridgeton Twp, PA
  29. Upper Bluff Historic District, Joliet City, IL
  30. Upper Closter-Alpine Historic District, Alpine Boro, NJ
  31. Upper Hill, Springfield City, MA
  32. Upper Main Street Historic District, Ansonia City, CT
  33. Upper Mill Street Historic District, Poughkeepsie City, NY
  34. Upper Mountain Estates, Buckingham Twp, PA
  35. Upper Orchard, Middletown Twp, PA
  36. Upper State Street Historic District, New Haven City, CT
  37. Upriver Residential Historic District, Natchez City, MS
  38. Urbana Park, Brunswick City, GA
  39. Utah Copper Company Mine Superintendents House, Copperton Twp, UT
  40. Uwchlan Hunt, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  41. Uwchlan Springs, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  42. Uwchlan Woods, Uwchlan Twp, PA
  43. Uxbridge, Cherry Hill Twp, NJ