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Most-Popular Neighborhood Street Names

The most popular and common street names occurring within residential neighborhoods and historic districts on Living Places.

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# of

Street Name
312Main Street
141Church Street
100Main Street North
87Main Street South
81High Street
78Elm Street
77Main Street West
77Washington Street
75Main Street East
73Walnut Street
722nd Street
70Park Avenue
68Chestnut Street
66Maple Avenue
65Broad Street
64Maple Street
63Center Street
58Oak Street
57Pine Street
56Water Street
54River Road
53South Street
52Union Street
50Market Street
49Court Street
49Park Street
483rd Street
48North Street
48Washington Avenue
47Prospect Street
47Spring Street
45Central Avenue
45Franklin Street
45Highland Avenue
45Mill Street
45School Street
44Cherry Street
43Front Street
411st Street
414th Street
41State Street
41West Street
40Cedar Street
39Jefferson Street
38Bridge Street
36Madison Avenue
36Park Place
34Jackson Street
33Locust Street
33Pearl Street
33Pennsylvania Avenue
33Pleasant Street
33Spruce Street
325th Street
32Adams Street
32Madison Street
32Meadow Lane
31Academy Street
31Grove Street
30East Street
30Ridge Road
29Jefferson Avenue
29River Street
2811th Street
2812th Street
289th Street
28Dogwood Drive
272nd Avenue
274th Street West
275th Avenue
277th Street
27Elizabeth Street
27Hill Street
27Lincoln Avenue
27Lincoln Street
2610th Street
26Church Road
26Green Street
26Route 1
26Route 30
26Virginia Avenue
253rd Street West
256th Street
25Brookside Drive
25Charles Street
25Delaware Avenue
25Liberty Street
25Monroe Street
25Summit Avenue
25Valley Road
2413th Street
24College Street
24Colonial Drive
24Hickory Lane
24Sunset Drive
24Vine Street
233rd Avenue
23Cherry Lane
23Prospect Avenue
23Winding Way
23Woodland Drive
221st Avenue
222nd Street West
225th Street North
228th Street
22Clinton Street
22Division Street
22Fairway Drive
22Harrison Street
22Hillside Avenue
22Lake Street
22Mill Road
22New Street
22Primrose Lane
22Railroad Avenue
22Railroad Street
22Route 32
22Route 6
22Sherwood Drive
214th Avenue
216th Street West
21Beech Street
21Lafayette Avenue
21Laurel Street
21Oak Lane
21Park Drive
21Penn Street
21Riverside Drive
21Willow Street
204th Street North
20Front Street North
20Grant Street
20Highland Drive
20Hillcrest Drive
20Laurel Lane
20Poplar Street
20Route 29
20Warren Street
20Williams Street
192nd Street East
195th Street West
196th Avenue
196th Street North
197th Avenue
197th Street East
19Berkshire Drive
19Cambridge Drive
19Circle Drive
19Clark Street
19Dogwood Lane
19Durham Road
19George Street
19Heather Lane
19Holly Drive
19King Street
19Linden Street
19Mulberry Street
19Ridge Avenue
19Route 10
19Walnut Avenue
18Arch Street
18Cambridge Court
18Canal Street
18Cedar Lane
18Creek Road
18Deerfield Drive
18Elm Avenue
18Essex Court
18Franklin Avenue
18Fulton Street
18Hillside Drive
18James Street
18John Street
18Lafayette Street
18Lake Avenue
18Lakeview Drive
18Locust Lane
18Magnolia Avenue
18Myrtle Avenue
18Oxford Court
18Smith Street
18Surrey Lane
18William Street
18Woodland Avenue
18York Road
173rd Street East
176th Street East
178th Street East
178th Street West
17Aspen Court
17Bank Street
17Buckingham Drive
17Carriage Drive
17Cedar Avenue
17Colonial Avenue
17Columbia Street
17Country Club Drive
17Forest Drive
17Garden Street
17Glenwood Avenue
17Grant Avenue
17Hamilton Street
17Lilac Lane
17Linden Avenue
17Madison Court
17Maple Lane
17Oak Avenue
17Olive Street
17Orange Street
17Route 9
17Shady Lane
17Valley View Drive
17Windsor Court
1612th Street East
162nd Street North
163rd Street North
165th Street South
169th Street West
16Ann Street
16Arlington Avenue
16Canterbury Court
16Cardinal Drive
16Chestnut Avenue
16College Avenue
16Devon Road
16Euclid Avenue
16Fairview Avenue
16Garfield Avenue
16Grand Avenue
16Heritage Drive
16Hilltop Road
16Magnolia Court
16Magnolia Drive
16Orchard Street
16Rosewood Drive
16Route 11
16Route 20
16Skyline Drive
16Summit Street
16Wall Street
154th Street East
15Beechwood Drive
15Belmont Avenue
15Canterbury Road
15Church Street North
15Clay Street
15Cleveland Street
15Cottage Street
15Elmwood Avenue
15Grove Avenue
15Henry Street
15Hickory Street
15Howard Street
15Laurel Drive
15Magnolia Street
15Mechanic Street
15Overlook Drive
15Race Street
15Route 4
15Route 41
15Route 70
15Sunset Avenue
15Sycamore Drive
15Village Drive
15Willow Lane
15Windsor Drive
15Wood Street

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