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Cedar Hills City

Utah County, Utah

Cedar Hills City Hall is located at 10246 North Canyon Road, Cedar Hills, UT 84026.
Phone: 801‑785‑9668.


Cedar Hills sits on elevated hills and plateaus which provide striking vistas. A creek running through town, hillsides dotted with juniper and oak, orchards, and nicely landscaped neighborhoods add to the ambiance. The town is also in close proximity to majestic mountains and a beautiful canyon. For nearly 150 years the peacefulness and beauty of this setting has drawn small numbers of people to live here. Cedar Hills was incorporated in 1977.

The town was a venture by California developers. A 1976 press release read: "Never before has a town been totally engineered and developed with the future in mind before the first house was built! Most towns in America 'just happen...' Within a mile of American Fork Canyon, on a series of picturesque plateaus set against the Wasatch Mountains and overlooking Utah Valley, is another kind of town. One that did not 'just happen.' One planned down to the last fire hydrant before the first house foundation was ever poured. One built to accommodate a set number of people and to preserve a set amount of open space. One expressly engineered for the enrichment of human life. Cedar Hills—the whole idea is that people’s needs come first." [1]

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