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Mohawk Village

Herkimer County, New York

Mohawk Village Hall is located at 28 Columbia Street, Mohawk NY 13407.
Phone: 315‑866‑4312. The village was incorporated in 1852.

Beginnings [1]

The site of the village of Mohawk was first settled by the Palatines. The village is on the south side of the Erie Canal, on the Fulmer Creek, about half a mile north of its confluence with the Mohawk River. Prior to the end of the Revolution, there were few inhabitants other than the early German settlers. Following the War, settlers came in rapidly from Connecticut and the adjoining eastern States.

The first tavern in the village was built by Judge Gates in 1778. Through successive owners, it operated as a tavern until 1842 at which time it was converted into a dwelling. In 1825 Chester Tisdale built the American Hotel. The Mohawk House Hotel was built by Thomas Briggs in 1835.

Reuben Randall built a grist mill on Fulmer Creek about 1808. In 1813 Rudolph Davendorf built a grist mill and saw mill. About the same time, Solomon Ford erected a saw mill a little further up the creek.

The first blacksmith shop was built as early as 1808, first operated by a man name Crane who was succeeded by Adam Starling. For many years a plow factory located here was the only manufacturer of agricultural implements in this part of the county.

The Mohawk Foundry was established in 1843 by Chauncey Johnson. The Mohawk Valley Knitting Mills was incorporated in 1887. The Broomhall Milling and Malting Company was organized in 1891. The first brick house erected in the village was built by Josiah Osgood for Mrs. Stillwell. It was rebuilt by Elias Root.

The first resident physician, Dr. A. W. Bowen, came to town in 1828. The first postmaster was Samuel Miner, and the first mail carrier was a Mr. Luke, who travelled between Utica and Schenectady. The mail was delivered once each week if the weather and roads would permit.

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