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Frankfort Village

Herkimer County, New York

Frankfort Village Hall is located at 110 Railroad Street, Frankfort, NY 13340.
Phone: 315‑895‑7651.

Beginnings [1]

It is believed that there was a grist mill and a saw mill on the creek just east of the site of Frankfort Village previous to the Revolution, which were both burned by the French and Indians in 1757. In 1794 John Hollister built another saw mill, and near it, on Moyer Creek, Adam I. Campbell built a grist mill in 1808. The first tavern was kept in 1795 by John Myers, about a mile and a half north of the present village. About 1816 Matthew and Michael Myers built a large ashery on the bank of the Mohawk River near the village. George W. Henry established a manufactory of cow bells in 1823. The Frankfort Furnace was established in 1819. The Frankfort Woolen Factory was built in 1807 by Joseph Inham and Joseph Collins. It was the first woolen factory in Herkimer County.

Doctor Caleb Budlong was the first physician in the town and village; he was one of the four persons who made up the first graduating class of Fairfield Medical College in 1817. The first attorney was Samuel Chapman.

In 1872 the Village of Frankfort was connected with Ilion by a street railroad, giving frequent and easy conneciton with that village, as well as with Mohawk and Herkimer by similar lines.

In 1807 there were only 7 houses within the limits of the present village. About 1810 Jacob Weaver opened a tavern here, and in 1814 Matthew and Michael Myers opened a store nearly opposite the woolen factory. In 1809 a grist mill was built and in 1811 a tannery was erected by a Mr. Griswold.

The building of the Erie Canal and the later opening of a railroad station in the northeast section of the Town of Frankfort, led to rapid development of both the town and the village.

The village was incorporated in 1863 and under the charter the first election was held in May, when the following persons were elected trustees: J. W. Bridenbecker, president along with A. W. Sheldon, Isaac Piper, M. Golden, and Samuel Z. Hoard. The village population in 1892 was about 2,800.

Frankfort Village was known for many years as the location of a large match making industry. This was first established by WIlliam Gates in 1844.

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