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Cadwalader Park

Trenton City, Mercer County, NJ

Serene, attractive, and seductive Cadwalader Park, a 100 acre expanse bordering the northern edge of Cadwalader Heights and the southern boundary of Hiltonia, envelopes the Ellarslie Mansion, home of the Museum owned and operated by the City of Trenton. A pamphlet [1] available at the museum informs the reader: "Ellarslie Mansion, home of the Trenton City Museum, was originally conceived circa 1848 as a summer residence for wealthy Philadelphia Industrialist, Henry McCall. Later in the century, the Italianate-style residence and over 100 acres surrounding it, were purchased by the City of Trenton for a park. Noted landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted sculpted rolling hills and rural vistas for City residents to enjoy. Today, visitors to the mansion enjoy the Museum's extensive collection of Trenton pottery, 19th century industrial artifacts as well as changing exhibits featuring regional artists and local history.

  1. Trenton City Museum at Historic Ellarslie Mansion, 609-989-3632; www.ellarslie.org

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