Neighborhood Names Beginning with the Letter Y

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  1. Yacht Club Cove, Canandaigua City, NY
  2. Yalecrest Historic District, Salt Lake City, UT
  3. Yanceyville Historic District, Yanceyville Town, NC
  4. Yantic Falls Historic District, Norwich City, CT
  5. Yardley Commons, Yardley Boro, PA
  6. Yardley Corners, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  7. Yardley Court, Indianapolis City, IN
  8. Yardley Crest, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  9. Yardley Estates, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  10. Yardley Farms, Falls Twp, PA
  11. Yardley Hills, Prince Frederick, MD
  12. Yardley Historic District, Yardley Boro, PA
  13. Yardley Hunt, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  14. Yardley Hunt Estates, West Friendship, MD
  15. Yardley Manor, Fort Wayne City, IN
  16. Yardley Manor, Old Bridge Twp, NJ
  17. Yardley Meadows, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  18. Yardley Oaks, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  19. Yardley Point, Yardley Boro, PA
  20. Yardley Preserve, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  21. Yardley Run, Lower Makefield Twp, PA
  22. Yardley Station, Yardley Boro, PA
  23. Yardley Terrace, Yardley Boro, PA
  24. Yardley Walk, Yardley Boro, PA
  25. Yardville Heights, Hamilton Twp, NJ
  26. Yarmouth, Upper Providence Twp, PA
  27. Yates County Courthouse Park District, Penn Yan Village, NY
  28. Yeagertown, Derry Twp, PA
  29. Yellow Creek Heights, Akron City, OH
  30. Yellowood, Bristol Twp, PA
  31. York Apartments, Shiloh Village, IL
  32. York Historic District, York City, SC
  33. York Historic District, York City, PA
  34. York-Chester Historic District, Gastonia City, NC
  35. Yorklynne Manor, Lower Merion Twp, PA
  36. Yorkshire Commons, Hatboro Boro, PA
  37. Yorkshire Commons, Hatfield Twp, PA
  38. Yorkshire Estates, Buckingham Twp, PA
  39. Yorkshire Estates, East Windsor Twp, NJ
  40. Yorkshire Meadows, Solebury Twp, PA
  41. Yorkshires of Blue Bell, Whitpain Twp, PA
  42. Yorktown, Kernersville Town, NC
  43. Yorktown, Upper Chichester Twp, PA
  44. Yorktown, Warwick Twp, PA
  45. Yorktown Crossing, Upper Chichester Twp, PA
  46. Yorktown Estates, Shiloh Village, IL
  47. Yorktown Green, Shiloh Village, IL
  48. Yorktown Historic District, Philadelphia CIty, PA
  49. Yorktown Historic District, Tulsa City, OK
  50. Yost Meadows, Moore Twp, PA
  51. Yost Woods, Moore Twp, PA
  52. Young Hickory, Troupsburg Town, NY