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Neighborhoods in
Shelby County Tennessee

Sterling PlaceLakeland City38002
Annesdale Park Historic DistrictMemphis City38104
Glenview Historic DistrictMemphis City38106
Overton Parkway Historic DistrictMemphis City38104
Picardy Place Historic DistrictMemphis City38111
Shadowlawn Historic DistrictMemphis City38106
Shady Grove VillageMemphis City38120
Adams Avenue Historic DistrictMemphis City  
AintreeGermantown City  
Alcy BallMemphis City  
Aldens GateMemphis City  
Allenby LakesGermantown City  
Allenby MeadowsGermantown City  
Allenby WestfairGermantown City  
Aloy BallMemphis City  
Alta VistaMemphis City  
Annesdale-Snowden Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Ashley RidgeMemphis City  
Auburn RidgeMemphis City  
Audubon OaksMemphis City  
Audubon ParkMemphis City  
Audubon Square CondosMemphis City  
Audubon SquareMemphis City  
Autumn RidgeMemphis City38125
BalmoralMemphis City  
BarksdaleMemphis City  
Barton HeightsMemphis City  
Bavarian VillageGermantown City38138
Beale Street Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Bedford PlantationGermantown City  
Belle MeadeMemphis City  
BeltlineMemphis City  
Bennington ParkMemphis City  
Bentbrook HillsLakeland City38002
Bethel GroveMemphis City  
BinghamptonMemphis City  
Birnham WoodGermantown City38138
Blue Ridge ParkMemphis City  
Bluebird EstatesMemphis City  
Bolton EstatesMillington City  
Bremington PlaceMemphis City  
Bridge ForestGermantown City  
Bridges at GermantownGermantown City  
BrierwoodMemphis City  
BromleyMemphis City  
BrookchaseGermantown City  
Bruins PlantationMemphis City  
BrunswickMemphis City  
Buckingham FarmsMemphis City  
BurlingtonMemphis City  
Calvary CreekMemphis City  
Cambridge ManorLakeland City38002
Cane SparksMemphis City  
Canon GateGermantown City  
Carlton RidgeCordova  
Carters GroveGermantown City38138
Cartwright FarmdMillington City  
Carver HeightsMemphis City  
Cedar LakeMemphis City  
Cedar LakeGermantown City  
Cedar RIdgeGermantown City38138
Central Gardens Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Chapel CreekMemphis City  
Cherokee HeightsMemphis City  
Cherokee ParkMemphis City  
Chickasaw GardensMemphis City  
CleabornMemphis City  
College ParkMemphis City  
Colonial AcresMemphis City  
Colonial ViewMemphis City  
Cooper-Young Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Cordova ClubMemphis City  
CordovaMemphis City  
Coro LakeMemphis City  
Cotton PlantGermantown City  
Cotton Row Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Country SquareMillington City  
CountrywoodMemphis City  
Court Square Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Creekside ManorLakeland City38002
CrosstownMemphis City  
Davies PlantationMemphis City  
Delmar-Lema Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Devonshire GardensGermantown City  
Dogwood Creek SouthGermantown City38138
Dogwood CreekMemphis City  
Dogwood DownsGermantown City  
Dogwood GroveGermantown City  
Dogwood PlantationGermantown City  
Dogwood TrailsGermantown City  
DogwoodsGermantown City  
Dottie SparksMemphis City  
DowntownMemphis City  
DowntownMemphis City  
Duntreath EastGermantown City  
Duntreath Equus ParkGermantown City  
DuntreathGermantown City  
East AcresMillington City  
East Buntyn Historic DistrictMemphis City  
East GermantownMemphis City  
East MidtownMemphis City  
East ParkwayMemphis City  
East ShoresLakeland City38002
EastlawnMemphis City  
Eastwood ManorMemphis City  
EasviewMemphis City  
Elliston HeightsMemphis City  
Elpine GrayArlington Town38002
ElysiumGermantown City  
Enclave EstatesGermantown City  
EnclaveGermantown City  
English MeadowsGermantown City  
Evergreen Historic DistrictMemphis City  
FairhillsMemphis City  
FairlawnMemphis City  
Fairway GlenMemphis City  
Fairway MeadowsLakeland City38002
Farmington EastGermantown City  
Farmington MeadowsGermantown City  
Farmington NorthGermantown City38138
Farmington SouthGermantown City  
Farmington TownhomesGermantown City  
FarmingtonGermantown City  
Farminton GatesGermantown City38138
Faronia FieldsMemphis City  
FiresideGermantown City38138
FishervilleMemphis City  
Foote HomesMemphis City  
Forest Bend AcresGermantown City  
Forest EstatesGermantown City  
Forest Hill CoveGermantown City  
Forest Hill EstatesGermantown City  
Forest Hill ManorGermantown City  
Forest Hill OaksGermantown City  
Forest Hill WoodsGermantown City  
Forest HillGermantown City  
Forest Ridge BromleyGermantown City  
ForestbrookGermantown City  
Fountain Court Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Fountain CourtMemphis City  
Fountain SquareGermantown City  
Fox ChaseMemphis City  
FoxcroftMemphis City  
FrayserMemphis City  
French FortMemphis City  
Galloway-Speedway Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Galway GreenGermantown City  
Gardens of OakleighGermantown City  
GardenviewMemphis City  
GardenwalkMemphis City  
Garner LakeLakeland City  
Garner WoodsGermantown City  
Gaslight SquareMemphis City  
Gaston Park Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Gayoso-Peabody Historic DistrictMemphis City  
GemstoneMemphis City  
Georgian HillsMemphis City  
Germantown EasrtGermantown City  
Germantown HeightsGermantown City  
Germantown ManorGermantown City  
Germantown MeadowsGermantown City38138
Germantown ParkGermantown City  
Germantown StationGermantown City  
Germantown TrailsGermantown City  
GermantownMemphis City  
Glen EchoGermantown City  
GlenaldenGermantown City  
Glenview ParkMemphis City  
GlenviewMemphis City  
Goodwyn Street Historic DistrictMemphis City  
GrahamwoodMemphis City  
Grays CreekMemphis City  
Green Meadows Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Green Meadows-Poplar Glen Historic DistrictMemphis City  
GreenfieldsGermantown City  
Greenlaw Addition Historic DistrictMemphis City  
GreenlawMemphis City  
GreentreesMemphis City  
Grove ParkGermantown City  
Gwynne HollowGermantown City  
Hain ParkMemphis City  
HamiltonMemphis City  
Harvest KnollMemphis City  
Hawkins MillMemphis City  
Hedge HillsMemphis City  
HedgemoorMemphis City  
Hein Park Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Heiskell FarmsMemphis City  
Herons RidgeLakeland City38002
Hidden GlenGermantown City  
High BridgeMemphis City  
High GateMemphis City  
High Point Terrace Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Highland heightsMemphis City  
HighlandsGermantown City  
Hobbits GelnGermantown City  
HolmesdaleMemphis City  
Hunters HollowMemphis City  
Hunters RidgeMemphis City  
Hunters RunGermantown City38138
Hunyington OakMemphis City  
Hyde OarkMemphis City  
Idlewild Historic DistrictMemphis City  
IdlewildMemphis City  
Idlewilde East End Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Imogene HeightsMemphis City  
Indian HillsMemphis City  
Indian MeadowsMillington City  
InglesideGermantown City  
Inwood FarmMemphis City  
Island ViewMemphis City  
Ivy CreekLakeland City38002
Jefferson SquareMemphis City  
Karrington WoodsMemphis City  
KendaleMemphis City  
Keswick EastMemphis City  
Kimbrough EstatesGermantown City  
Kimbrough ForestGermantown City  
Kimbrough GreenGermantown City  
Kimbrough GroveGermantown City  
Kimbrough ParkGermantown City  
Kimbrough WoodsMemphis City  
Kingdom OaksMemphis City  
KingfisherMemphis City  
Kirby HillsGermantown City  
Kirby OaksMemphis City  
Kirby TraceMemphis City  
KlondykeMemphis City  
Kswick StornawayMemphis City  
Lake VillageMemphis City  
Lakeland EstatesLenoir City  
Lakes of Forest HillMemphis City  
Lakewood HillsMemphis City  
LansdowneGermantown City  
LaurelwoodMemphis City  
Lauren OaksGermantown City38138
LeewardGermantown City  
LeMoyne College Historic DistrictMemphis City  
LenoxMemphis City  
Levee OaksMemphis City  
Lovgview HeightsMemphis City  
LundeeMemphis City  
Macon BendMemphis City  
Madison-Monroe Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Magnolia OaksMemphis City  
Maint StreetMemphis City  
Mallard RidgeMemphis City  
Mallory HeightsMemphis City  
Maple GroveLakeland City38002
Masjid Al-NoorMemphis City  
Massey HillMemphis City  
McVay ManorGermantown City  
Meadow BrookMemphis City  
Meadows EndGermantown City  
Memphis HopeMemphis City  
Mendenhall EstatesMemphis City  
Messick BuntynMemphis City  
MidtownMemphis City  
Mimosa GardensGermantown City  
MimosaGermantown City  
Mitchell RoadMemphis City  
Montgomery PlazaMemphis City  
MooreGermantown City  
Morning WoodsMemphis City  
Mt Pisgah HeightsMemphis City  
Mt PisgahMemphis City  
Nashoba PlantationGermantown City  
Neshoba NorthGermantown City  
Normal Station Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Normal StationMemphis City  
NormandyMemphis City  
North MemphisMemphis City  
North Parkway ForestMemphis City  
NortheastMemphis City  
NottowayGermantown City  
Oak AcresMemphis City  
Oak ManorGermantown City  
Oak RunGermantown City38138
OakleighGermantown City  
OakshireMemphis City  
OakwoodLakeland City38002
Oates ManorMemphis City  
Old BinghamptonMemphis City  
Old Hicory HillMemphis City  
Old VillageGermantown City  
Olivers GroveLakeland City38002
Orange MoundMemphis City  
Park PlaceGermantown City  
Park TerraceMemphis City  
Paul Borda TowersMemphis City  
Peabody VanceMemphis City  
Pine Lake GasetteMemphis City  
Pinnacle PointMemphis City  
PinnacleGermantown City38138
Plantation HillsLakeland City38002
Plantation WoodsGermantown City  
Plaza Scenic GardensMemphis City  
Pleasant AcresMemphis City  
Pleasant PlaceMemphis City  
Pleasant RidgeMemphis City  
Poplar EstatesGermantown City38138
Poplar Glen Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Poplar GroveGermantown City  
Poplar HighlandMemphis City  
Poplar Ridge FarmsMemphis City  
PreserveGermantown City  
Radford RidgeGermantown City38138
Ragan FarmsMemphis City  
Raleigh RidgeMemphis City  
Raleigh TraceMemphis City  
RaleighMemphis City  
RangelineMemphis City  
Red AcresMemphis City  
Red OaksMemphis City  
Rhodes ViewMemphis City  
Richland AcresMemphis City  
Richmond ColonyMemphis City  
RichwoodMemphis City  
Ridgeway EstatesMemphis City  
River ParkGermantown City  
RiverchaseGermantown City  
Riverdale FarmsGermantown City  
RiveredgeMemphis City  
RivergroveGermantown City  
Riverside ParkGermantown City  
Riverview KansasMemphis City  
RiverviewMemphis City  
Rocky Woods EstatesMemphis City  
RoseleighMemphis City  
RoselleMemphis City  
RosemarkMemphis City  
RosemarkMillington City  
Rowan OakGermantown City  
Rozelle AnnesdaleMemphis City  
RugbyMemphis City  
Sanders RidgeGermantown City38138
Sanga GroveMemphis City  
Sanga PointeMemphis City  
Saratoga BlockMemphis City  
Scenic HillsMemphis City  
Sea Isle ParkMemphis City  
Shady CreekGermantown City  
Shady OaksMillington City  
Shelby ForestMemphis City  
Shelby ForestMillington City  
SkylakesMemphis City  
Sleepy HolowGermantown City  
Snowdon ClaybrookMemphis City  
SoulsvilleMemphis City  
South Bluffs Warehouse Historic DistrictMemphis City  
South GermantownMemphis City  
South LaureldaleMemphis City  
South Main Historic DistrictMemphis City  
South Main Street Historic DistrictMemphis City  
South MemphisMemphis City  
South Parkway-Heiskell Farm Historic DistrictMemphis City  
SoutheastMemphis City  
Southland HillsMemphis City  
Southwestern at Memphis Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Southwestern at Memphis Sorority Row Historic DistrictMemphis City  
SouthwindMemphis City  
Speedway Terrace Historic DistrictMemphis City  
SpringhillMemphis City  
Srthur RiggsGermantown City  
St AlbansGermantown City  
St JamesGermantown City  
St Paul Avenue Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Stage Park MeadowsMemphis City  
SteeplegateGermantown City  
StonebridgeLakeland City38002
Stonewall Place Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Strathmore Place Historic DistrictMemphis City  
SummerdaleMemphis City  
Sunset TraceMemphis City  
Sweet OaksMemphis City  
The CordovaMemphis City  
The HillGermantown City  
The OaksGermantown City  
Third Additon to Jackson Terrace Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Thornhill EstatesMillington City  
TimbersGermantown City  
Trafalgar VillageMemphis City  
Trigg SubdivisionMemphis City  
TriggMemphis City  
Turpins GlenGermantown City  
Twin OaksMemphis City  
Twin OaksMillington City  
University AreaMemphis City  
University LaneMemphis City  
UptownMemphis City  
Val VerdeGermantown City  
Valley ForgeMemphis City  
Vance-Pontotoc Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Victor KerrMemphis City  
Village at GermantownGermantown City  
Villages of BenningtonMemphis City  
Vineyards ApartmentsGermantown City  
VineyardsGermantown City  
ViningsGermantown City  
Vollintine Evergreen North Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Vollintine-Evergreen Historic DistrictMemphis City  
Walnut CreekMemphis City  
Walnut GardensMemphis City  
Walnut Grove ForestMemphis City  
Walnut Grove LakeMemphis City  
Walnut Grove WoodsMemphis City  
Walnut GroveMemphis City  
Walnut RidgeMemphis City  
Washington HeightsMemphis City  
Waverly CrossingGermantown City  
Waverly FarmsMillington City  
WaynokaMemphis City  
Wellington FarmsCollierville Town  
Wellington ShadowlawnMemphis City  
Wells-Arrington Historic DistrictMemphis City  
West EndMemphis City  
West JunctionMemphis City  
WesthavenMemphis City  
Westlawn GalvestonMemphis City  
WestminsterGermantown City  
WestrockGermantown City  
WestsideMemphis City  
Westwood MeadowsMemphis City  
Westwood ShoresMemphis City  
WestwoodMemphis City  
Whispering MeadowsMemphis City  
White OakMillington City  
WhitehavenMemphis City  
Whiteville AliceMemphis City  
WhitmarMemphis City  
Wildwood OaksGermantown City  
Williams GlenGermantown City  
Williamsburg ColonyMemphis City  
Wilsford PondGermantown City38138
Winchester Forest Hill EstatesGermantown City  
Winchester ParkMemphis City  
WindstoneGermantown City  
Windward SlopesLakeland City38002
Windyke AreaMemphis City  
WindykeMemphis City  
Wood ChaseMemphis City  
Wood CreekGermantown City38138
WoodbridgeLakeland City  
Woodland ParkLakeland City38002
WoodlandsGermantown City  
WoodshireGermantown City  
Worthington PlaceMemphis City  
Wright MeadowsMillington City  
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