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Muncy Valley Pennsylvania

Farm in Muncy Township, Lycoming County, PA

Photo: Farm in Muncy Township, Lycoming County, PA. Photographed by User:Nicholas (own work), 2010, [cc-by-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons, accessed October, 2015.

Muncy Creek empties into the Susquehanna River at Muncy Borough, Lycoming County. On the opposite (western) side of the River is the terminus of Bald Eagle Mountain. The "Muncy Valley" is, essentially, the watershed of Muncy Creek, and its tributary, Little Muncy Creek, lying in western Lycoming and southern Sullivan Counties.

The Muncy Valley: Snap-Shots of Scenery, Geology, and History is a little book published in 1909 by J. M. M. Gernerd, Muncy PA; the title page says "Price 25 Cents" and in parentheses, Postage 3 cents; it was published (printed?) by: Press of the Gazette and Bulletin, Williamsport, PA.

On a genealogy site we found the name J. M. M. Gernerd listed as a "musician" on a roster of Lycoming County Civil War Veterans, 14th Regiment.

In the Preface Mr. (or is it Ms. or Mrs.?) Gernerd very politely, 1909-style I suppose, chides anyone too "cheap" to buy the book.

Gernerd was also one-time editor of "The Now and Then," magazine of the Muncy Historical Society.


A want that has often been felt is a concise, handy, and inexpensive publication describing the principal natural features of Muncy Valley and its surroundings, with a few brief notes of local history. The design of this booklet is to meet the want. It does not pretend to be a complete and connected description, — and it may lack much as a mere syllabus, — but it hopes to be of service in awakening interest in our beautiful valley, and in heightening appreciation of its attractions and advantages. The snap-shots will also prove that, to do justice to the abundant material at hand, a much more expensive and pretentious book would be necessary. As the price of this is only a quarter, the critic would be severe indeed who would give it no quarter.

Muncy, Pa., May 1, 1909.

We found this book to be entertaining and instructive on a number of levels including the early 20th century style of writing and vocabulary, factual coverage, and descriptive narrative. In an attempt to allow discover by a those of varying interests, we have divided it into web pages by section; see Contents in the navigation column (left) to view sections, in sequence or at random as may be your pleasure.

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