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Springs and Streams

Three streams — Turkey Run, Berger's Run, and Black Hole Creek — issue from the southern slope of the Bald Eagle, between the end of the mountain and the Turnpike Gap, and flow southward to unite with the Susquehanna. This is an indication of an abundance of pure mountain water. And there is no danger of its ever being contaminated with farm drainage. From the gap to the terminus there must be at least from ten to fifteen square miles of surface, which from its nature, its trees and rocks, is well calculated to collect and hold much of the rain that falls upon it. Some years ago I visited a fine spring-known as the "Chestnut Spring" — that appeared to be not much more than 100 feet from the broad and almost level summit, and at the time heard of other springs on the same gentle south slope. The house on the Mensch estate is supplied through a pipe from one. It is also said that there is a strong spring on the north side of the mountain, some distance from the end, that would be available if ever wanted. Years ago, when the Water Cure system was attracting much attention, the remark was often made that here is a superb location for a sanitarium. Pure water ranks with pure air as a necessity.

"Cold water! let thy praise be sung by every son of earth;
Yet all the pens of wisest scribes can never tell thy worth."

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