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Juniata County, Pennsylvania

County Courthouse is located at Bridge and Main Streets, Mifflintown PA 17059; phone: 717‑436‑7715.


Beginnings [1]

Formed March 2, 1831; name, from the Juniata River, was given by the original people who lived in this region, and who were obliterated by the Iroquois; root of word means "a stone." "Standing Stone" may be regarded as translation of "Onojutta-Haga" or the Juniata people. A mountainous country with many fertile valleys, situated between the Tuscarora and Blue Ridge Mountains, famous for its scenery, with the blue Juniata making a wide sweep. The old Pennsylvania canal followed its banks throughout its whole course. First settlers were mostly Scotch-Irish.

The old homestead of Francis Innis, one and a half stories, stone, east of McCoysville, is still in possession of descendants, now used as a spring house; his two children, captured by the Indians, were recovered among those delivered to Colonel Bouquet in 1764. Another old landmark, eight miles away, is the D. B. Esh house, on east Waterford Road, built by Mr. Graham in 1802; has an open stairway carved by hand. First road laid out in 1768, was from Sherman's Valley to Kishecoquelas Valley. The historic road between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, through the famous Jack's Narrows, over which stage coaches traveled, is now part of the William Penn Highway. Sites of Forts Binggham and Patterson will soon be marked by the General Thomas Mifflin Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. Chief industries, agriculture and manufactories.

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