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Lower Makefield Historic Landmarks Guide

Lower Makefield Twp, Bucks County, PA

In 1998 the Lower Makefield Township Historical Commission, through a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, published this guide as "A self-guided driving tour intended for Yardley-Makefield area residents to promote appreciation for our local architectural heritage and to inspire preservation efforts whenever possible."

The guide covers 50 of Lower Makefield's 250 historical sites and structures and includes 4 pull-out maps:

"In Lower Makefield, most land was allocated in long strips from the Delaware River and laid out on an east-west orientation. A family bought waterfront, alluvial meadow, rocky bank, and forested interior fields. Most parcels measured about 500 acres in this area. Early settlers utilized abandoned Indian fields, and Indian trails became their roads. The remnant Delawares (Lenni Lenape Indians) quickly vacated the area and disappeared from public records by the turn of the 18th century. Their centuries of occupation left few artifacts, but arrowheads, spear tips, scappers, stone axes, and pierced net weights may be found along Lower Makefields streams and riverbanks." [Source: Heinz, Helen, A History of Lower Makefield Township, Lower Makefield Township]

Local historical organizations include The Lower Makefield Historical Society, Township Historical Commission, and Historical Architectural Review Board. Contact the township for additional information: 1100 Edgewood Road, Yardley, PA 19067.

Landmarks included in the Guide