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Mansfield Twp, Burlington County, NJ

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Kinkora is on Route 130 and Hedding Road. The name Kinkora, although common in Ireland, is thought to actually come from a corruption of Quinkoringh, the Indian name for the area. This hamlet was formerly the rail terminal for the Kinkora branch of the Amboy Division, operated by the United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company. This railroad line connected Burlington to Bordentown, with a spur running from Columbus to what is now Fort Dix. Milk was loaded at the Columbus station, and ice from Crystal Lake was loaded at the Kinkora station, both bound for Philadelphia and New York.

The railroads also took Mansfield children to high school in Burlington and Bordentown until the introduction of buses shortly after World War II. Mansfield built its own high school in 1970, which is a regional high school for Mansfield, Springfield, Chesterfield, and North Hanover townships, as well as Maguire Air Force Base.

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