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University City

Saint Louis County, Missouri

University City administrative offices are located at 6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City, MO 63130
Phone: 314-862-6767

University City [†] is an inner-ring suburb on the western boundary of the City of St. Louis, Missouri. The City is located in St. Louis County. It ranks third and sixth with respect to total population and assessed valuation in St. Louis County. The City was founded by Edward Gardner Lewis and was incorporated in 1906.


The form of government established by Charter is Council-Manager. The City Council is the legislative and governing body of the City. It consists of six Council members and the Mayor, all of whom are elected by the residents of the City. Council members are elected from three wards to serve four-year staggered terms. The Mayor is elected at large and serves a four-year term. The City Council and Mayor appoint the City Manager and City Clerk, and enact legislation to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the City. The City Manager directly supervises all City government agencies and departments, except the Library, while also serving as chief advisor to the City Council.

The City is considered a residential community with a diverse population. There are approximately 35,000 residents (U.S. Census Bureau 2017) and 18,000 housing units in the City. The population density is 6,000 inhabitants per square mile. The area of the City is approximately 6 square miles.

The City provides a full range of municipal services for its citizens. These include public safety (police and fire), streets, sanitation (solid waste), culture and recreation, public improvements, community development, and general administrative services.

† RFQ, Comprehensive Master Plan Update, 2019, www.ucitymo.org, accessed October, 2019.

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