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Perryville Town

Cecil County, Maryland

Perryville Town Hall is located at 515 Broad Street, Perryville, MD 21903.
Phone: 410-642-6066.


Located at easten edge of the Susquehanna River, Perryville [†] is a reflection of its historical link with the railroad industry. The town built environment is utilitarian consisting of the Conowingo Power transmissions lines, the Penn Railroad lines, the Baltimore and Ohio railroad lines, and Routes 7, 222 and 40. Together these links with the larger region create major potentials for further industrial and residential development in the Town.

Since Perryville's history dates back to the pre-Revolutionary war era, the Town has an aesthetic tie with the past through its several historic landmarks. The most noteworthy of the sites is Rodgers Tavern which is located on Route 7 and adjacent to the waterfront on the western side of Town. Rodgers Tavern is a three-story structure of stone and wood which dates back to 1745 when it was a stage coach tavern stop. George Washington visited the local landmark when he traveled the Old Post Road from his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia, to Philadelphia. This tavern is now owned by the Town of Perryville and is listed in the National Register.

Two other sites in Perryville are recognized as being of historic value to the community. Perry Point Mansion and the Ellersly Home are excellent examples of the 19th century architecture. Perry Point Mansion, a two-story structure built around 1800, is a fine example of late Georgian style architecture. Its structure and faŤade are in good condition. The Ellersly Home, built around 1840, is a one and one half story masonry building in the Greek Revival style architecture. Its structure is in poor condition and in need of repair.

The area surrounding Perryville has many examples of the historic developments that were influential in Perryville's growth. Principio Iron Furnace was an important part of Perryville's economy in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Principio Company was organized in 1714 by a group of English businessmen for the purpose of producing iron in the colonies. With the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, the property was confiscated and resold by the State of Maryland to an American based company. Principio Furnace is important for being the first iron furnace in Maryland giving impetus to the growth of an iron industry in the United States. The plant produced cannons which were used in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War. An 1836 Furnace now exists on the site along with over a dozen other supporting service buildings. Principio Iron Furnace is listed in the National Register.

Other architecturally significant structures of the early 19th century are located in the area surrounding Perryville. Some of the more important sites are: St. Mark's Church; the Brookland Home, a colonial log structure; and the Woodlands Home, a Greek Revival style structure.

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