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Chesapeake City

Independent Cities, Virginia

Chesapeake City Hall is located at 306 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322.
Phone: 757‑382‑2489.


The City of Chesapeake [‡] is a diverse and rapidly growing community with a heritage deeply rooted in the history of our developing nation. The present City of Chesapeake was formed in 1963 through the consolidation of the City of South Norfolk and Norfolk County. Chesapeake's landmarks and communities have a long and diverse history that stretches back to the early days of the Colony of Virginia.

While most of the present City of Chesapeake retained its rural character throughout the early twentieth century, the northern section near the City of Norfolk began to develop as the suburb of South Norfolk. South Norfolk became an independent town in 1919, a city of the second class in 1922, and in 1950 it became a city of the first class. As noted above, in 1963, South Norfolk joined Norfolk County to become the new City of Chesapeake. Thus, Chesapeake is a combination of an old county, a city, and many villages and settlements.

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