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Murray City

Salt Lake County, Utah

Murray City Hall is located at 5025 South State Street, Murray City, UT 84157.
Phone: 801‑264‑2648.


Originally known as South Cottonwood when a post office was opened in 1870, the name was changed to Murray in 1883. The name honors Eli Houston Murray [1843-1896], a Civil War General and Utah Territorial Governor from 1880 to 1886.

Murray has undergone four major periods of development. The first was a period of agrarian settlement lasting from 1848 to 1869. The second was an industrial boom following the coming of the railroad and the establishment of several smelters in the area. Though agriculture continued in Murray for some time, the agrarian economy was increasingly supplanted by industry and commerce. This period lasted from 1870 to 1931, the year the Great Depression reached Murray. This period also included the beginning of a community-building period after Murray's incorporation in 1902. The third period of development began with the depression and ended in 1950. The year 1950 marked the closure of the last smelter in the city, and also coincided with the transformation of the city from an independent industrial town to a bedroom community for nearby Salt Lake City. As the "hub of the Salt Lake Valley," the city's motto for many decades, Murray City's fourth, and last, period of development after 1950 has seen the steady increase in subdivision and retail development that currently characterizes most of the Salt Lake Valley's outlying communities. [1]

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