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Millcreek Township

Salt Lake County, Utah

Millcreek Township is an unincorporated community comprised of 4 major "sub" communities: Canyon Rim, East Mill Creek, Millcreek and Mount Olympus. Each community has its own Council which meets independently. These communities come under the governance of the Salt Lake County Mayor's Office which is located at 2001 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84109; phone 801‑468‑2500.


Millcreek is currently (August, 2011) an unincorporated community in Salt Lake County. A feasibility study for incorporation of Millcreek was completed in 2011.

Beginnings [1]

The first known settler in the Mill Creek Community was William Casper, a onetime member of the Mormon Battalion. He built a temporary dwelling on the north side of Mill Creek near 3600 South Highland Drive in 1848, but stayed only 1 month before moving on. However, Robert Gardner and his family moved to a site near Casper's first home and erected a saw mill. Later the same year, John Neff built a grist mill further east on Mill Creek and became an important supplier of flour to the pioneer community.

In 1849, the Latter Day Saints Church designated an area as the "Mill Creek Ward" which was later divided, the area to the east becoming the Big Cottonwood Ward. In 1866 ground was broken for a ward chapel at 600 East and 3900 South which is still in use today, many of its timbers still fastened by the original wooden pins.

Until the 1930s the Mill Creek Community consisted of country and farm houses dotting gravel roads with large, intervening agricultural parcels. During World War II it began its transition to a suburb.

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