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Blythewood Town

Richland County, South Carolina

Blythewood Town Hall is located at 171 Langford Road, Blythewood, SC 29016.
Phone: 803‑754‑0501.


Even before its incorporation in 1879, Blythewood's existence was tied to a major thoroughfare. Historically, the railroad served as the lifeline for the town. Even the original name of Doko described the town's role as a "watering place" for the trains passing through the region. With the closing of the depot in 1968, and the completion of I-77 through Columbia, the interstate has replaced the railroad as the catalyst for development, and has had an even greater impact. Both the railroad and the interstate brought commercial development to the center, or "heart" of the town. Commercial activities, such as shops and restaurants, developed to serve not only the residents in the area but travelers who were passing through the town. The interstate has had a greater impact on the town since people can more easily commute to Columbia for work, as well as making travel to other destinations much more convenient. [1]

Blythewood is the mailing address for over 80 square miles of unincorporated Richland Coutnty. [2]

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