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Deer Creek Township

Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Deer Creek Township Municipal Building is located at 889 Milledgeville Road, Hadley PA 16130.
Phone: 724‑253‑4639.

Beginnings [1]

In that part of the old Sandy Creek Township which in 1851 became Deer Creek the first settlements were made somewhat later. Aaron Boylan and David Caldwell are said to have settled there about 1800. Israel Tuttle was founder of a prominent family there in 1804.

In the old Sandy Creek Township originated considerable litigation over land titles. The actual settler and the settler under a warrant sometimes came into collision, and very frequently justice was decided by resort to primitive arbitration or by "bluffing." If a settler allowed the fire to go out in his hearth during his absence, his homestead became, according to the usages of the time, liable to appropriation by a newcomer. Occasionally a case got into the courts and thus became matter of permanent record, but as a rule the differences among the pioneers were settled by the nearest and most convenient tribunals, either legal or arbitrary, and only neighborhood tradition preserved their memory.

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