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Mt Angel City

Marion County, Oregon

The Mt. Angel City hall is located at 5 Garfield Street, Mt. Angel, OR 97362.
Phone: 503‑845‑9291.

Mt. Angel was named Filmore when fifteen German-Catholic pioneer families settled within a seven mile radius of the Low Butte now known as Mt. Angel in 1883. The town which consisted of little more than a railroad station was renamed Mt. Angel after the motherhouse in Engelberg, Switzerland. The town remains predominately Catholic. In 1908 it was decided to build a new and substantial church of concrete to replace the earlier wooden structure. The architect, Mr. Engelbert Gier, a local parishioner, designed the building and supervised its construction. When finished, the church measured 180 feet in length, 94 feet in width at the transept and featured a tower 185 feet in height. At its completion it was said to have been the grandest church in the Northwest. [1]

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