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Greenport Village

Suffolk County, New York

Greenport Village Hall is located at 236 3rd Street, Greenport NY 11944.
Phone: 631‑477‑0248.

Beginnings [1]

Greenport was first settled in the late 17th century as part of the Town of Southold by former residents of Connecticut's New Haven Colony. Nearby Sterling Creek, its sheltered inlet relatively free from winter ice, attracted early settlers. The pre-Revolutionary settlement of Greenport was called Stirling, and included large farms and several inns frequented by travelers from Connecticut. The historical settlement is evident today in the names of Sterling Street, Sterling Avenue and Sterling Basin.

Agriculture was the area's economic mainstay until the third decade of the 19th century. The 1820 sale of the large (Captain David) Webb farm initiated a surge of land speculation, accelerated by the pre-1850 arrival of the Long Island Railroad's main line. Greenport, including old Sterling, became New York State's second incorporated village in 1832. By 1838 the present configuration of the village was nearly complete.

  1. See Greenport Village Historic District