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Edinburg Town

Saratoga County, New York

Edinburg Town Hall is located at 45 Military Road, Edinburg NY 12134.
Phone: 518‑863‑2034. Edinburg was incorporated in 1801 from the Town of Providence.



The Town of Edinburg was first settled during the 1790s. A cluster of dwellings and small manufacturing shops soon grew up at Beecher Hollow, where settlers erected a dam across Beecher's Creek near its confluence with the Sacandaga River. The dam furnished power to local industries for nearly a century. Despite a promising start, Beecher Hollow gradually declined as a community. During the early 1880s, a series of devastating fires destroyed the mills, forcing more than half the local population to relocate. A massive state reservoir project begun in the 1920s further curtailed growth in small communities of the Sacandaga watershed. The Conklingville dam completed in 1930 flooded the Sacandaga River valley, eliminating much of the region's agriculture and timber-based industry.

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