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New Lisbon Town

Otsego County, New York

New Lisbon Town Hall is located at 908 County Road 16, Garrattsville, NY 13342.
Phone: 607‑965‑8508.

Beginnings [1]

The first European settlers began to arrive in the vicinity of New Lisbon around 1773. They came mostly from New England. The first settlers were Increase Thurston and Benjamin Lull who had settled in the southwestern portion of Town near the present day Town of Morris. The first settler in the vicinity of the hamlet of Garrattsville was Robert Garratt; the first settler in the hamlet of New Lisbon (formerly known as Noblesville) was Elnathan Noble; and the first settler in the hamlet of Stetsonville was John S. Stetson. Garrattsville was named after the Garratt family including sons John & William.

"Upon the organization of Otsego County in 1791, the territory in the present Town of New Lisbon comprised a portion of the Town of Otsego. In 1792 it was embraced in the present Town of Burlington; in 1797 was set off from Burlington as Pittsfield; and on April 7, 1806 organized as Lisbon. It retained the name until April 6, 1808, when it was changed to its present name of New Lisbon (Source: History of Otsego County 1740-1878)." The Town of New Lisbon lies within the interior of Otsego County. It is bounded by Edmeston and Burlington to the north; Morris and Pittsfield to the west; Morris and Laurens to the south; and Hartwick and Laurens to the east. The Butternut Creek and West Branch of the Otego Creek are the primary streams that define its geography.

Agriculture has always been the predominant industry within the Town of New Lisbon. The early settlers described the hills of the Town as arable or good for grazing and the gullies as rich and fertile for cultivation. As these farmsteads grew in number, so too did the population and demand for services and organizations to support the growing settlement community.

The hamlet of New Lisbon Centre (later Welcome) grew in the geographic center of Town. The hamlets of Lena and Fall Bridge grew along the West Branch of the Otego Creek. Over time, the farming community came together to form churches, schools and service organizations. The hamlets of Garrattsville and Noblesville were the largest centers with churches, post offices and government offices.

Robert Garratt's son, William, opened the first store in Garrattsville and served as its first Post Master. Captain Joseph Peck, who married Polly Noble a niece of Elnathan, opened the Hard & Peck Store in Noblesville. The Butternut and Otego Creeks were important sources of water power. By 1810, there were five grain mills, seven saw mills and a carding machine in New Lisbon. During this time, there was one Baptist meeting-house at New Lisbon Centre and seven schoolhouses located throughout the Town. By 1810, the population of the Town grew to 1,982 persons.

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