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Albion Town

Orleans County, New York

Albion Town Hall is located at 3664 Clarendon Road, Albion NY 14411.
Phone: 585‑589‑7048.


Beginnings [1]

The Town of Albion was incorporated from Barre in 1875 and was named from the village of the same name, the county seat of Orleans County. The name is derived from that of the largest of the British Islands. One ancient writer (Agathemerus) calls the largest two of these islands Hibernia and Albion. Pliny says "the island of Great Britain was formerlly called Albion."

The Erie Canal traverses the northern part of the town. The principal streams are Otter Creek and Sandy Creek. The town was noted for its extensive quarries of Medina sandstone, a stratum that underlies nearly its whole area.

Originally the lands of the town were largely apportioned to settlers or purchasers by articles, which were negotiable, and in many instances these instruments were assigned several times before the purchase price was paid and deeds secured.

The first article for land in what is now the Town of Albion was recorded December 21, 1810; 100 acres conveyed to William McAllister. In 1822 at least 50 acres were transferred to Orrin White. The first deed given by the Holland Land Company in this town was given to Jacob Young, by original purchase in 1813.

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