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LaGrange Town

Dutchess County, New York

LaGrange Town Hall, 120 Stringham Road, LaGrangeville, NY 12540.
Phone: 845-452-1830.

Photo: Taconic Parkway. Photographed by User:Phillip Capper (own work), 2009, [cc-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons, accessed October, 2022.

The Town of LaGrange [†], located in the central western portion of Dutchess County, is comprised of a land area of approximately 40 square miles. Located in the heart of the Mid-Hudson Valley region, the Town has experienced substantial residential growth in the past decade. While many of New York State's metropolitan regions have been experiencing negative growth trends in recent years, the Hudson Valley area is growing, with some communities subject to intense growth pressures. Several of LaGrange's neighbors, including the Towns of Beekman to the south and Union Vale to the east experienced significant growth during the 1990s, with their populations increasing by 30.7% and 27.1%, respectively. LaGrange's growth rate, in comparison, was a somewhat more modest 12.5%, but still exceeded Dutchess County's overall growth rate of 7.9%.

The Towns of Pleasant Valley and Washington border LaGrange to the north; the Town of Union Vale is located to the east; the Towns of Beekman, East Fishkill, and Wappinger border LaGrange to the south; and the Town of Poughkeepsie shares the Town's western boundary. LaGrange is approximately twelve (12) miles west of the State of Connecticut, ten (10) miles east of the City of Poughkeepsie, eleven (11) miles east of the Hudson River, eighty (80) miles south of Albany, and seventy (70) miles north of New York City.

The Taconic State Parkway traverses the Town in a north-south direction, while the main artery of LaGrange, NYS Route 55, bisects the Town at its center, providing east-west access between the City of Poughkeepsie to the west and the Taconic State Parkway and beyond in the easterly direction. Other nearby interstate highways include Interstate 684, which is approximately twenty (20) miles southeast of the Town, and Interstate 84, which is approximately eight (8) miles southeast of Town. These highways are the primary thoroughfares between Dutchess County and Westchester County and the greater New York City metropolitan area.

The density of residential development varies throughout the Town, with more dense development occurring to the west of the Taconic State Parkway. There are substantial undeveloped areas to the east of the Taconic and in the northern part of the Town, primarily due to natural resource constraints.

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