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Wakefield Town

Carroll County, New Hampshire

Wakefield Town Hall is located at 2 High Street, Sanbornville, NH 03872.
Phone: 603‑522‑6205.


Beginnings [1]

First settled during the second half of the 18th century, the town was incorporated in 1774 by Governor John Wentworth. The original town center was located at Wakefield Corner, just north of Sanbornville, and included the town's civic, educational, and cultural institutions and commercial establishments — schoolhouse, church, post office, library, town house, and several stores. A group of large farmhouses clustered along the top of the ridge, also. At the same time several small villages developed around the outlets of the numerous small lakes and pond scattered around the 44.8 square mile town, including the present day Sanbornville. The present center of Sanbornville, just west of the northwest end of Lovell's Pond (now Lovell Lake) appears on a ca. 1800 map at the intersection of roads from the southeast along the lower edge of the lake running north, with a road to the northeast toward Effingham to the west, across the town line. Corn and saw mills were located on the brook below the outlet of Lovell's Pond near its confluence with the west branch of the Salmon Falls River, just west of the present village center.

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