Glen Forest

Raleigh City, Wake County, NC

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The Glen Forest neighborhood is approximately 86 acres in size. It is located south of Glenwood Avenue, between the Crabtree Valley and Pleasant Valley areas... Single family detached residences are the only developed land use... The large lots, large front yard setbacks and the forested, hilly terrain are characteristic traits of the Glen Forest neighborhood. Main entrances of houses in the plan area are in the front of the houses. A few houses have a secondary entrance in the front or side of the house. One and a half stories is the average house height. Houses are placed with their fronts parallel to the street.

The park needs of the neighborhood are served by Glen Eden and Brookhaven neighborhood parks. Laurel Hill Community Park is nearby. The area contains no commercial land uses. The neighborhood is well served by retail centers in the immediate vicinity, particularly Crabtree Valley City Focus and Pleasant Valley Community Focus areas. Water and sewer service in the area is adequate, as is road paving. All streets within the neighborhood are classified as public residential streets. The neighborhood has excellent access due to its proximity to Glenwood Avenue and I-440.


  1. City of Raleigh North Carolina, Raleigh Comprehensive Plan, Glen Forest Neighborhood Plan, 2005,, accessed 09/2007.

Street Names
Deerwood Drive • Fairhill Drive • Glen Forest Drive • Glenwood Avenue • McAlister Place • Tanglewood Drive • Woodridge Drive

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