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Lunenburg Town

Worcester County, Massachusetts

Lunenburg Town Hall is located at 17 Main Street, Lunenburg, MA 01462.
Phone: 978‑582‑4130.

Incorporated in 1728, the Town of Lunenburg [1] is located in northern Worcester County in north central Massachusetts, approximately forty-three (43) miles northwest of Boston and twenty-seven (27) miles north of Worcester. Lunenburg is bordered by the City of Fitchburg and the Town of Ashby to the west; the City of Leominster and the Town of Lancaster to the south; and the Towns of Shirley to the east and Townsend to the north. Lunenburg is approximately twenty-eight (28) square miles in size, of which approximately twenty-six (26) square miles is land and the remainder water. Two numbered highways serve the Town. They are Route 13 (Electric Avenue and Chase Road) and Route 2A (Massachusetts Avenue), which provide access to and from surrounding communities. Regional access is available from the superhighways Route 2 and Interstate 190, through Leominster and Fitchburg. These highways also connect Lunenburg with regional employment sites and shopping centers and facilitate outward migration from other communities to Lunenburg. There are over one hundred (100) miles of Town roads, and six (6) miles of State Route 2A in Lunenburg.

Lunenburg has a semi-rural character with rolling hills, orchards, lakes and a traditional town center with the Town Hall, schools, library, church, teen and elderly centers and limited retail activity. Dwellings are primarily single-family residences on large lots. Major concentrations of residential development are in the Town Center, Whalom Lake, Lake Shirley, and the Hickory Hills Lake areas, where medium-density residential development or dwellings on lots of less than one acre exist. The lake areas have a concentration of seasonal homes, the majority of which now have been converted to year-round housing. Newer subdivisions are generally small with large lots and are scattered throughout the Town, creating a sense of sprawl. Non-residential uses occur primarily in the southwest portion of Town in the Baker Station area, and along Massachusetts Avenue and Chase Road. These areas are along the major thoroughfares Route 2A and Route 13, and are typical convenience and highway-type uses such as automotive service and sales, a major box store and variety stores, and restaurants. Industrial uses are limited to the southwest and southeast areas of Town, and represent a minor portion of the total land area. There are still a few active farms in Town.

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