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Cherry Chase

Sunnyvale City, Santa Clara County, CA

Cherry Chase is a residential neighborhood comprised primarily of detached, single family homes. THe neighborhood was first developed in the early 1950s, though there are homes that have been built as late as 2013.

The neighborhood is generally bounded by South Bernardo Avenue, Blair Avenue, South Mary Avenue and West Remington Drive.

Street Names
Andover Drive • Bennington Drive • Bernardo Avenue South • Blair Avenue • Fig Avenue • Grape Avenue • Hazelnut Court • Heatherstone Way • Hickorynut Court • Hudson Way • Jamestown Drive • Knickerbocker Drive West • Lackawanna Court • Lafayette Drive • Lois Avenue • Lynn Way • Mango Avenue • Manhattan Court • Mary Avenue South • Melon Court • Merrimac Drive • Morningside Drive • Northumberland Drive • Parkington Avenue • Plymouth Drive • Ramona Avenue • Remington Drive West • Susan Way