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Neighborhoods in
Shelby County Alabama

Quail RunPelham City35124
Valley StationPelham City35124
Alabaster GardensAlabaster_City  
AlabasterColumbiana City  
Amberley WoodsHelena City  
Ammersee LakesMontevallo City  
Apache RidgeAlabaster_City  
Applegate ManorAlabaster_City  
ArdenMontevallo City  
Ashley BrookHelena City  
Ashton WoodsChelsea Town  
Autumn CrestChelsea Town  
Autumn RidgeAlabaster_City60098
Autumn RidgeColumbiana City35051
Baileys Wall FarmChelsea Town  
BallantraePelham City  
Bay SpringsShelby  
Bear Creek RidgeChelsea Town  
Bear Creek RidgeSterrett  
Beaver CreekPelham City  
Bent CreekChelsea Town  
Bent TreeIndian Springs Village  
Bermuda HillsAlabaster_City  
Bermuda LakeAlabaster_City  
Braelinn VillageHelena City  
BrandywineHelena City  
Breckenridge ParkHelena City  
Brentwood HillsCalera City  
Briarcliff EstatesMontevallo City  
Bridlewood FarmsMontevallo City  
BridlewoodHelena City  
Brook ForestHelena City  
BrookshirePelham City  
Brush Creek FarmsColumbiana City  
Brynleigh EstatesChelsea Town  
Buck Creek LandingAlabaster_City  
Bulley Creek FarmsWilsonville Town  
Cahaba FallsHelena City  
Cahaba Manor TownhomesPelham City  
Cahaba Valley EstatesPelham City  
Calera CommonsCalera City  
Calloway CovePelham City  
Cambrian RidgePelham City  
Cambridge ParkMontevallo City  
Cambridge PointeAlabaster_City  
Camden CoveCalera City35040
Camden ParkCalera City  
Cameron WoodsChelsea Town  
Camp BranchAlabaster_City  
Canterbury EstatesMontevallo City  
Canyon ParkPelham City  
Carden CrestSterrett  
Carriage CreekChelsea Town  
Carriage HillAlabaster_City  
Carriage HillsMaylene  
Carrington CottagesCalera City  
CarringtonCalera City  
Cedar BendHelena City  
Cedar CovePelham City  
Cedar GroveMaylene  
Cedar MeadowsMaylene  
ChadwickHelena City  
Chancellors CrossingHarpersville Town  
Chanda TerracePelham City  
Chandalar CovePelham City  
ChandalarPelham City  
Chase CreekPelham City  
Chelsea EstatesChelsea Town  
Chelsea ForestColumbiana City  
Chelsea ParkChelsea Town  
Chelsea RidgeChelsea Town  
Chelsea RidgeColumbiana City  
Chelsea SquareWestover  
Chelsea StationChelsea Town  
ChesapeakeCalera City  
Chesser CottagesChelsea Town  
Chesser PlantationChelsea Town  
Chesser ReserveChelsea Town  
Chestnut ForestHelena City  
Chestnut GlenHelena City  
Chestnut OaksCalera City  
Cobblestone CornerColumbiana City  
Coles CoveShelby  
Colonial OaksMontevallo City  
Connie WootenShelby  
Coosa RiverShelby  
Cottage HillsVincent Town  
Cottages at StonehavenPelham City  
Cottages of SaratogaCalera City  
Country Club EstatesCalera City  
Country HillsMontevallo City  
Country ViewCalera City  
CountrysideChelsea Town  
Countrywood EstatesMontevallo City  
Courtyard ManorChelsea Town  
Creekview EstatesPelham City  
CreekwaterHelena City  
CrestmontPelham City  
Cross CreekMaylene  
Crossbrook FarmsChelsea Town  
CrosscreekPelham City  
Crystal LakeSterrett  
Cumberland CovesVincent Town  
DaventryCalera City  
DaventryCalera City  
Dearing DownsHelena City  
Deer Ridge LakesChelsea Town  
Deer SpringsPelham City  
Dogwood AcresAlabaster_City  
Dogwood ForestAlabaster_City  
Douglas MeadowsAlabaster_City  
DunstansCalera City  
Dunwar EstatesCalera City  
Eagle CovePelham City  
Emerald CoveChelsea Town  
Emerald LakePelham City  
Emerald ParcChelsea Town  
Emerald RidgeCalera City  
EnclaveCalera City  
Ericas PlaceCalera City  
FadoraWilsonville Town  
FairviewMontevallo City  
FairviewColumbiana City  
Fall AcresAlabaster_City  
Farmingdale EstatesHarpersville Town  
FarrisCalera City  
Fawn MeadowsWilsonville Town  
Fieldstone ParkHelena City  
Forest HillsAlabaster_City  
Forest LakesChelsea Town  
Forest LakesSterrett  
Forest ParkSterrett  
Forest RidgeAlabaster_City  
Forest RidgeChelsea Town  
Fox HavenHelena City  
Fox ValleyMaylene  
Georges SubdivisionAlabaster_City  
Glades of WhippoorwillCalera City  
Glen GateHelena City  
Glenstone CottagesChelsea Town  
Glynn HollowColumbiana City  
Golden MeadowsAlabaster_City  
Grande View EstatesAlabaster_City  
Grande View EstatesMaylene  
Grande ViewMaylene  
Green ValleyAlabaster_City  
Grey OaksPelham City  
Hampton SquareCalera City35040
Hanna FarmsVincent Town  
Harbor TowneHelena City  
Hargrave HillsHelena City  
Harvest RidgeAlabaster_City  
HayesburyPelham City  
Heather RidgePelham City  
Heritage LakesCalera City  
Heritage LakesColumbiana City  
Heritage TraceMontevallo City  
Hickory PointHelena City  
Hidden CreekPelham City  
Hidden ForestMontevallo City  
Hidden RidgeChelsea Town  
Hidden SpringsColumbiana City  
High HamptonPelham City  
High RidgePelham City  
Highland RidgeChelsea Town  
Holland LakesPelham City  
Holland PlacePelham City  
HomesteadWilsonville Town  
Hunter HillsChelsea Town  
Indian CrestIndian Springs Village  
Indian HighlandsMontevallo City  
Indian HillsPelham City  
Indianwood TerracePelham City  
IvanhoeCalera City  
Ivy BrookPelham City  
Jackson SquareHelena City  
Kensington PlaceCalera City  
KensingtonCalera City  
KinsaleCalera City  
Koslin FarmsCalera City  
Laceys GroveAlabaster_City  
Laceys GroveMaylene  
Lacoosa EstatesShelby  
Lake CameronWilsonville Town  
Lake ForestAlabaster_City  
Lake ForestMaylene  
Lake LouiseChelsea Town  
Lake Meadows EstatesShelby  
Lake ShechiMontevallo City  
Lake TerraceAlabaster_City  
Lakes at Hidden ForestMontevallo City  
Lakewood EstatesCalera City  
Lakewood EstatesWilsonville Town  
LakewoodChelsea Town  
Laurel CliffsPelham City  
Laurel LakesHelena City  
Laurel WoodsHelena City  
Lay LakeShelby  
Lime CreekChelsea Town  
LimestoneCalera City  
Long BranchCalera City  
Long Leaf LakeHelena City  
LuquireColumbiana City  
Mackenzie ManorCalera City  
Magnolia MeadowsColumbiana City  
Mallard PointeCalera City  
MarengoCalera City  
McGahaWilsonville Town  
McMahon HighlandsCalera City  
MeadowgreenMontevallo City  
Meadowlake FarmsCalera City  
Meriweather MeadowsCalera City  
MeriweatherCalera City  
Montalla AcresCalera City  
Montalla AcresMontevallo City  
Monte BelloMontevallo City  
Monte TierraAlabaster_City  
MontevalloMontevallo City  
Mooney EstatesColumbiana City  
Mountain Cove EstatesIndian Springs Village  
Mountain LakeAlabaster_City  
Mountain View EstatesAlabaster_City  
Mountain View EstatesMaylene  
Navajo HillsAlabaster_City  
Navajo PinesAlabaster_City  
Norwick ForestAlabaster_City  
NottinghamCalera City  
O Kelly PlaceColumbiana City  
Oak BrookHelena City  
Oak HarbourWilsonville Town  
Oak HillMontevallo City  
Oak Mountain EstatesPelham City  
Oakbrooke EstatesAlabaster_City  
Oaklyn HillsChelsea Town  
Oaklyn HillsPelham City  
Oakwood VillageAlabaster_City  
OharaChelsea Town  
Old CahabaHelena City  
Old IvyCalera City  
Olde Towne ForestAlabaster_City  
Oldham StationPelham City  
OwensColumbiana City  
Panther RidgePelham City  
Paradise CoveWilsonville Town  
Paradise PointColumbiana City  
Park ForestAlabaster_City  
Park PlaceAlabaster_City  
ParksideHelena City  
Parkview TownhomesPelham City  
Patriot PointMontevallo City  
Pea RidgeMontevallo City  
Pearce AcresMontevallo City  
Pecan GroveHelena City  
Penhale ParkHelena City  
Perkins LandingColumbiana City  
Perry EstatesWilsonville Town  
Pine Grove VillageShelby  
Pine HillVincent Town  
Pioneer LakeSterrett  
Plantation SouthHelena City  
Polo CrossingsChelsea Town  
Polo FarmsCalera City  
Prescott PlaceHelena City  
ProvidenceCalera City  
Pumpkin Hollow LakeSterrett  
Quail EstatesWilsonville Town  
Quail RidgeHelena City35080
Reynolds AdditionMontevallo City  
Reynolds AdditionPelham City  
RidgecrestCalera City  
Ripple CreekMontevallo City  
Rising FawnChelsea Town  
RivercrestVincent Town  
RiverwoodsHelena City  
Rocky RidgeHelena City  
RossburgCalera City  
Royal OaksPelham City  
Royal PinesHelena City  
Royal PlaceAlabaster_City  
Saddle Lake FarmsAlabaster_City  
Saddle RidgeColumbiana City  
Saddle RunPelham City  
Savannah PointeCalera City  
Settlers CoveAlabaster_City  
Shadow OaksWilsonville Town  
Shady AcresMontevallo City  
Shady HillsCalera City  
Shalimar PointAlabaster_City  
Shelby FarmsAlabaster_City  
Shelby Forest EstatesChelsea Town  
Shelby ShoresShelby  
Shelby Spring FarmsCalera City  
Shelby SpringsCalera City  
Shelena EstatesHelena City  
Shiloh CreekCalera City  
Shire Valley FarmsChelsea Town  
Shoal Creek HighlandsMontevallo City  
Signal ValleyChelsea Town  
Siluria MillsAlabaster_City  
Silver CreekAlabaster_City  
Silver LakesHelena City  
Silver PointeMontevallo City  
SilverleafPelham City  
Sky RidgeChelsea Town  
Smokey Ridge EstatesAlabaster_City  
SomersetHelena City  
SommersbyPelham City  
South CrestHelena City  
South FortyAlabaster_City  
Southern HillsCalera City  
Southfield GardensAlabaster_City  
SouthhillsWilsonville Town  
Spring Creek HollowCalera City  
Spring CreekShelby  
Spring Gate EstatesAlabaster_City  
Stagecoach TraceAlabaster_City  
Sterling GateAlabaster_City  
Sterling GateMaylene  
Sterling LakesHelena City  
StillmeadowChelsea Town  
StillmeadowColumbiana City  
Stillwood EstatesColumbiana City  
StonebriarCalera City  
StonebrookHelena City  
StonecreekCalera City  
Stonehaven CottagesPelham City  
StonehavenPelham City  
Stoney MeadowsMaylene  
Stratford PlacePelham City  
Sugar CreekHelena City  
Sugar HillAlabaster_City  
Sugar OaksPelham City  
Summer BrookAlabaster_City  
SummerchaseCalera City  
SummersChelsea Town  
Summit Place at High RidgePelham City  
SunnydaleCalera City  
SunnydaleMontevallo City  
Sunset HillsVincent Town  
Sunset LakeChelsea Town  
SweetwaterCalera City  
Sydneys PlaceChelsea Town  
Tanyard Branch EstatesHarpersville Town  
TaraChelsea Town  
The Cottages at FieldstownPelham City  
The GardensAlabaster_City  
The Glades of WhipporwillCalera City  
The GroveAlabaster_City  
The HeightsCalera City  
The MeadowsAlabaster_City  
The WillowsCalera City  
The WoodlandsHelena City  
Timber ParkHelena City  
TimberlakeHelena City  
TimberlineCalera City  
Treadwell IslandVincent Town  
Triple SpringsColumbiana City  
Twelve OaksHelena City  
Twin OaksChelsea Town  
Valley CovePelham City  
Valley ForgeAlabaster_City  
Valley Grande FarmsMontevallo City  
Valleydale EstatesPelham City  
Villages Of WestoverSterrett  
Walnut GlenWilsonville Town  
Walters CoveWilsonville Town  
Waterford CoveCalera City  
Waterford HighlandsCalera City  
Waterford VillageCalera City  
WaterfordCalera City  
WaterstoneCalera City  
Weatherly HighlandsPelham City  
WeatherlyPelham City  
Whispering PinesHelena City  
Whites SubdivisionWilsonville Town  
Wildewood VillagePelham City  
Wildwood EstatesWilsonville Town  
Wildwood ShoresShelby  
Willow BranchChelsea Town  
Willow CoveCalera City  
Willow CreekAlabaster_City  
Willow GlenAlabaster_City  
Willow OaksWilsonville Town  
Willow OaksWestover  
Willow PointAlabaster_City  
WilsonMontevallo City  
Windsor RidgePelham City  
WindstoneChelsea Town  
Windy OaksAlabaster_City  
Windy OaksMaylene  
WooddalePelham City  
Woodland HillsMaylene  
WoodridgePelham City  
WoodvaleHelena City  
WyndhamHelena City  
Yellowleaf EstatesChelsea Town  
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