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Belview Heights Historic District

Birmingham City, Jefferson County, AL

The Corey Land Company, a group of prominent local businessmen headed by Robert Jemison, Jr., developed Belview Heights as a neighborhood for the professional employees of U.S. Steel in the 1910s. Extending the grid system being used in Ensley over the topography of the 30 square block area, Jemison created a neighborhood of rolling streets and avenues, occasional steeply pitched lots, and captivating views. In 1915, the City of Birmingham set the architectural tone for Belview Heights when it erected a Tudor Revival style fire station at the corner of Avenue Q and 44th Street, the eastern edge of the neighborhood. In the 1920s, the neighborhood saw the biggest boom in residential construction. Scores of Tudor Revival style dwellings began overshadowing the Bungalow/Craftsman, Minimal Traditional, and Spanish Revival homes built in the area. Even during the depths of the Great Depression, Belview Heights remained a popular residential neighborhood and home construction remained steady until the advent of World War II. The Belview Heights Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. [1]

  1. From a plaque erected in the neighborhood by the Alabama Historical Commission.

Street Names
38th Street • 39th Place • 39th Street Ensley • 40th Alley • 40th Street Ensley • 41st Alley • 41st Street • 43rd Alley • 43rd Place • 43rd Street Ensley • 44th Alley • 44th Street • 45th Alley • 45th Street • 46th Alley • 46th Street • 47th Alley • 47th Street • 48th Place • 48th Street • 49th Street • 50th Street • 51st Street • 52nd Street • 53rd Street • 54th Street • 55th Street • 56th Street • 57th Alley • 57th Street • 58th Street • 59th Street • 60th Street • 61st Street West • Avenue H • Avenue I • Avenue J • Avenue K • Avenue L • Avenue M • Avenue N • Avenue O • Avenue P • Avenue Q • Bessemer Road • Court G • Court H • Court I • Court J • Court K • Court M • Court O • Franklin Alley • Martin Avenue • Monte Sano Road • Pike Alley • Pike Road • Ridgeway Alley • Route 11 • Route 5 • Route 7 • Terrace M • Valley Road Alley • Vinesville Road • Warrior Road