Rhondda is a development of townhomes, twins and detached singles by the Hankin Group ca. 1976-1990. About 10% of the homes are twins, 5% detached singles, and 85% townhomes. Median age is ca. 1983.

Twins: these homes are located on Aberdare Lane, Llandovery Drive, and Merioneth Drive; interior living space ranges from 1,700-2,000 sq. ft. with a median of approximately 1,800 sq. ft.; median lot size is approximately one-fifth of an acre.

Detached singles: located on Brecknock Drive, Carmarthen Drive, Denbigh Lane, and Glamorgan Court; interior living space ranges from about 1,900-2,600 sq. ft. with a median of approximately 2,000 sq. ft. median lot size is slightly under one-third of an acre.

Townhomes: interior living space ranges from about 1,600 to more than 2,000 sq. ft. with a median of approximately 1,750 sq. ft.

Entry: North Ship Road onto Llandovery Road; Worthington Road onto Caernarvon Drive; Newcomen Road onto Carmarthen Drive.

Builder(s): Hankin Group



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Aberdare Lane • Brecknock Drive • Caernarvon Court • Carmarthen Court • Colverdale Court • Conway Court • Denbigh Lane • Glamorgen Court • Glen Ellyn Street • Gwynedd Court • Jones Court North • Kidwelly Court • Lampeter Court • Llandovery Drive • Merioneth Drive • Neyland Court • Old Mill Road • Pembroke Court • Penwyllt Court • Snowden Court • Talgrath Court • Towyn Court