Copy Harry Rus Warne, Architect [1872-1954]

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Harry Rus Warne

Harry Rus Warne, Architect [1872-1954]

H. Rus Warne was a prominent architect who went to Charleston from Parkersburg in the late 1910s. He became one of the most important professional architects in the formative stages of the architectural profession in West Virginia and was an organizer of architects in the state, helping to form the first state chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Warne established one of the state's most prominent firms, Warne-Tucker-Patteson, in the 1920s. That firm eventually became Warne-Tucker-Silling in the late 1920s or early 1930s. The firm was responsible for some of the finest buildings in the state, and Warne was one of few professional architects whose buildings can be found in all parts of the State, although he did comparatively little work in the northern and eastern panhandles because there were other well-established architects in those areas.

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