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Coupeville Town

Island County, Washington

Coupeville Town Hall is located at 4 NE Seventh Street, Coupeville, WA 98239.
Phone: 360‑678‑4461.


The Town of Coupeville is located in the central Whidbey Island area of Island County. Although now primarily a residential community, Coupeville has served as the commercial center for the surrounding residential area since its founding in 1853 (it was incorporated in 1910). The Town contains a little more than one square mile of area. Major geographic features include three major hills and the Penn Cove shoreline, which forms the Town's northern boundary. State Route 20 divides the Town's built environment into two distinct areas. The older commercial and residential areas lie north of the highway; schools and a newer commercial area lie south of the highway. [1]

The Town of Coupeville grew into the dominant port and commercial center for Whidbey Island. By 1883 Coupeville had hardware stores, drug stores, hotels, saloons, a blacksmith shop, a courthouse, schools, a post office and churches. Coupeville's growth was based on providing services to the farming community and exporting local goods. Steamships made daily trips to and from Seattle bringing mail and supplies to Coupeville, San de Fuca and Monroe's Landing on the north side of the cove, providing residents with a steady supply of goods and wares. [2]

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